What Is Another Way to Say “Working With”?

Looking for synonyms for working with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say working with.

  • Collaborating with
  • Partnering with
  • Teaming up with
  • Cooperating with
  • Joining forces with
  • Associating with
  • Coordinating with
  • Liaising with
  • Interacting with
  • In conjunction with
  • In collaboration with
  • Working alongside
  • Allied with
  • In partnership with
  • In alliance with
  • Engaging with
  • Networking with
  • In cooperation with
  • In league with
  • Synergizing with

Want to learn how to say working with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Collaborating with

Use “collaborating with” to describe working jointly on an activity or project.
Example: We are collaborating with another firm to enhance our research capabilities.

2. Partnering with

“Partnering with” is suitable for working together with another individual or group, especially in business.
Example: The company is partnering with local vendors for its new product line.

3. Teaming up with

Use “teaming up with” to describe joining another person or group to work together, especially for a shared goal.
Example: The marketing department is teaming up with sales to launch the new campaign.

4. Cooperating with

“Cooperating with” is used when working together with someone for a common purpose or benefit.
Example: The two organizations are cooperating with each other to promote environmental awareness.

5. Joining forces with

Use “joining forces with” to describe uniting or merging efforts with someone for a common goal.
Example: The two tech companies are joining forces to develop groundbreaking software.

6. Associating with

“Associating with” is suitable for connecting or being involved with a group or individual.
Example: She is associating with leading experts to advance her research.

7. Coordinating with

Use “coordinating with” to describe organizing an activity to work efficiently with someone or a group.
Example: We are coordinating with multiple departments to streamline the process.

8. Liaising with

“Liaising with” is used for establishing and maintaining communication for mutual understanding or cooperation.
Example: The project manager is liaising with clients to ensure their requirements are met.

9. Interacting with

Use “interacting with” to describe communicating or working together with someone.
Example: He regularly interacts with the product team to provide technical support.

10. In conjunction with

“In conjunction with” is suitable for working together with someone or something in combination.
Example: The seminar will be held in conjunction with the industry conference.

11. In collaboration with

Use “in collaboration with” to describe working together with someone, often in a creative endeavor.
Example: The study was conducted in collaboration with a renowned university.

12. Working alongside

“Working alongside” is used for working next to someone and collaborating closely.
Example: She is working alongside the engineer to solve the design issue.

13. Allied with

Use “allied with” to describe being united with someone in a common goal or cause.
Example: The organization is allied with various groups to promote social change.

14. In partnership with

“In partnership with” is suitable for working together with someone in a formal agreement or arrangement.
Example: The program is run in partnership with local communities.

15. In alliance with

Use “in alliance with” for being in an association with someone for mutual benefit.
Example: The company is in alliance with an advertising firm for its branding strategy.

16. Engaging with

“Engaging with” describes interacting with someone in a meaningful way.
Example: The CEO frequently engages with employees to understand their concerns.

17. Networking with

Use “networking with” to describe building professional relationships with others.
Example: She is networking with industry leaders at the conference.

18. In cooperation with

“In cooperation with” is used for working together with someone, often in a formal arrangement.
Example: The event was organized in cooperation with several sponsors.

19. In league with

Use “in league with” to describe being in a cooperative relationship with someone, often for a specific purpose.
Example: The researchers are in league with a technology firm to develop advanced analytics tools.

20. Synergizing with

“Synergizing with” is suitable for working together in a way that the combined effect is greater than the sum of individual efforts.
Example: By synergizing with the design team, we can enhance the overall user experience of our product.

Linda Brown