What Is Another Way to Say “Business Plan”?

Looking for synonyms for business plan? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say business plan.

  • Business strategy
  • Business model
  • Strategic plan
  • Market strategy
  • Business blueprint
  • Operational plan
  • Business proposal
  • Corporate plan
  • Growth plan
  • Business roadmap
  • Financial plan
  • Investment strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Expansion plan
  • Revenue model
  • Business scheme
  • Company strategy
  • Business outline
  • Business framework
  • Strategic business plan

Want to learn how to say business plan professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Business Strategy

Used to describe the overarching approach a business will take to achieve its goals.
Example: “Our business strategy focuses on digital transformation to enhance customer experiences.”

2. Business Model

Refers to the plan for the successful operation of a business, identifying revenue sources, customer base, products, and details of financing.
Example: “The start-up’s business model is based on a subscription service that provides exclusive access to premium content.”

3. Strategic Plan

A document that outlines how a company will achieve its objectives, typically over a three- to five-year period.
Example: “The board reviewed the strategic plan to ensure alignment with the company’s long-term vision.”

4. Market Strategy

Focuses specifically on the actions a business will take to attract customers and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.
Example: “Our market strategy includes a mix of online advertising and community engagement to build brand awareness.”

5. Business Blueprint

A detailed plan outlining the company’s structure, products, marketing strategy, and more, acting as a roadmap for business operations.
Example: “The entrepreneur drafted a business blueprint to secure funding from investors.”

6. Operational Plan

Details the day-to-day operations required to run a company, including production, inventory, and staffing requirements.
Example: “The operational plan was updated to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process.”

7. Business Proposal

A document designed to persuade an organization or individual to buy a product or service or to make a partnership or investment.
Example: “The business proposal was submitted to the city council to outline the benefits of the new public transportation initiative.”

8. Corporate Plan

A comprehensive document that outlines an organization’s objectives and the strategies it will use to achieve them, usually in a corporate context.
Example: “The annual corporate plan lays out the company’s priorities for increasing market share and enhancing shareholder value.”

9. Growth Plan

A strategy for how a business will scale its operations and increase its size and customer base.
Example: “The growth plan includes entering two new international markets within the next year.”

10. Business Roadmap

A visual representation of the strategic direction and key objectives of a company over time.
Example: “The business roadmap presented to the team highlighted milestones for product development and market expansion.”

11. Financial Plan

Outlines the business’s financial goals and how it plans to achieve them, including projections for income, expenses, and funding.
Example: “The financial plan projects a 20% increase in revenue over the next fiscal year through diversification of our service offerings.”

12. Investment Strategy

A plan for how a business will allocate its resources to achieve financial growth and sustainability.
Example: “Our investment strategy includes a mix of short-term stocks and long-term bonds to finance future expansion.”

13. Marketing Plan

Details a business’s strategy for promoting its products or services to reach its target market.
Example: “The marketing plan focuses on digital channels to engage with our younger demographic more effectively.”

14. Expansion Plan

Outlines how a business intends to grow, including entering new markets, increasing product lines, or acquiring other businesses.
Example: “The expansion plan details the steps for opening additional retail locations in three new states.”

15. Revenue Model

Describes how a business generates income, including the specifics of pricing, sales, and marketing strategies.
Example: “Our revenue model relies on a combination of direct sales and membership fees to ensure steady cash flow.”

16. Business Scheme

A structured plan of business objectives and the means to achieve them, often used in contexts where the plan involves complex or innovative ideas.
Example: “The business scheme was developed to revolutionize the way we approach renewable energy solutions.”

17. Company Strategy

The overall plan for a company that includes goals, principles, and tactics for achieving growth and success.
Example: “The company strategy was revised to focus more on sustainability and eco-friendly practices.”

18. Business Outline

A brief overview of the business’s objectives, strategies, and operations.
Example: “The business outline was used in the pitch to potential investors to summarize the company’s direction and goals.”

19. Business Framework

A structure that provides an organized way to think about how a business operates and achieves its objectives.
Example: “We’re implementing a new business framework to improve cross-departmental collaboration and efficiency.”

20. Strategic Business Plan

A detailed document that integrates strategic planning with business planning, focusing on achieving long-term objectives.
Example: “The strategic business plan was developed to guide the company through its next phase of growth, emphasizing innovation and global expansion.”

Linda Brown