What Is Another Way to Say “Move On”?

Looking for synonyms for move on? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say move on.

  • Proceed
  • Advance
  • Progress
  • Continue
  • Go forward
  • Push forward
  • Forge ahead
  • Make headway
  • Press on
  • Plow ahead
  • March on
  • Journey on
  • Carry on
  • Sail forward
  • Traverse
  • Shift
  • Step forward
  • Develop
  • Evolve
  • Transition

Want to learn how to say move on professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Proceed

Used to indicate moving forward, especially after a pause or interruption.

Example: “After the brief interruption, the speaker asked everyone to proceed with the meeting.”

2. Advance

Appropriate for moving forward in a purposeful way, often used in a career or project context.

Example: “The team is looking for ways to advance the current project more rapidly.”

3. Progress

Used when making forward movement or development, especially towards a goal.

Example: “We are tracking the progress of the new initiative closely.”

4. Continue

Appropriate for carrying on with an action or process.

Example: “The company will continue to invest in renewable energy sources.”

5. Go Forward

Used to describe the act of moving ahead with plans or actions.

Example: “We’ve decided to go forward with the expansion plan.”

6. Push Forward

Appropriate for advancing something with effort or determination.

Example: “Despite challenges, the team must push forward to meet the deadline.”

7. Forge Ahead

Used to indicate moving forward with strength or perseverance.

Example: “The research department is forging ahead with its innovative approach.”

8. Make Headway

Appropriate for making progress, especially in difficult circumstances.

Example: “We are making headway in the negotiations with the new suppliers.”

9. Press On

Used to continue an action firmly or steadily.

Example: “We must press on with the marketing campaign despite the budget cuts.”

10. Plow Ahead

Appropriate for continuing with something vigorously or obstinately.

Example: “The development team decided to plow ahead with the original design.”

11. March On

Used to imply resolute progression in a task or movement.

Example: “The employees marched on with their plans for unionization.”

12. Journey On

Appropriate for continuing a journey or process.

Example: “The sales team journeyed on to the next region for their promotional tour.”

13. Carry On

Used for continuing an activity or task.

Example: “Carry on with the current strategy until you receive further instructions.”

14. Sail Forward

Appropriate for moving smoothly and confidently forward.

Example: “The new manager helped the team sail forward through the transition period.”

15. Traverse

Used for moving through, across, or over an area or period of time.

Example: “The company has successfully traversed several economic downturns.”

16. Shift

Appropriate for changing the focus, position, or direction of something.

Example: “The industry will need to shift towards more sustainable practices.”

17. Step Forward

Used when taking action or making progress, often in a leadership or initiative context.

Example: “A few team members stepped forward with innovative solutions.”

18. Develop

Appropriate for evolving or advancing in stages.

Example: “The project has continued to develop despite early setbacks.”

19. Evolve

Used to indicate gradual development or change.

Example: “Our business model needs to evolve to stay competitive.”

20. Transition

Appropriate for a process of changing from one state or condition to another.

Example: “The company is in the process of transitioning to a fully remote workforce.”

Linda Brown