What Is Another Way to Say “Communication Skills”?

So, you want to explain that you have good communication skills on a resume, right?

Well, if you’re worried that communication skills in itself is a bit repetitive or generic, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will explain other ways to say communication skills to help spice up your CV!

8 Synonyms for “Communication Skills” on Your Resume

Perhaps these 8 synonyms will help you understand how to say communication skills on your resume:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal proficiency
  • Clear and effective communicator
  • Effective speaking skills
  • Articulation skills
  • Collaborative communication
  • Persuasive expression
  • Communication proficiency

1. Interpersonal Skills

For a really interesting buzzword in a job application, try interpersonal skills.

You can’t go wrong with it!

In fact, it’s a surefire way to boost the appeal of your application.

Cover letters that include the words interpersonal skills demonstrate good communication skills. They also show that you’re a great team player and willing to work with customers.

Therefore, it’s a well-rounded phrase that can’t be overlooked in your writing!

Also, these examples will help you with it:

I have excellent interpersonal skills, and I’m a very effective communicator. Therefore, I know I’m the right fit for this role.

My interpersonal skills help me to communicate effectively with customers. I know I can help them get to the bottom of their problems.

2. Verbal Proficiency

Try using verbal proficiency as another synonym for communication skills. It’s an interesting and unique outlook on the original phrase that shows you’re a good communicator.

This will be a great way to engage the recruiter who’s reading your application. It shows them that you care about communicating and know the best ways to go about it.

Here are some great examples to help you if you still need help:

I have good verbal proficiency as a teacher. I know the most effective ways to explain something to help students understand me.

As a verbal proficiency expert, I’m certain I can communicate any idea to anyone willing to listen.

3. Clear and Effective Communicator

For something a little simpler, try clear and effective communicator. It doesn’t get simpler than that, to be fair!

We recommend this when you don’t want your resume to sound waffly or overly complicated.

It ensures the reader knows what you’re talking about. By avoiding overly complicated language, it also makes you appear less pretentious and more approachable.

We also recommend exploring these examples:

Nursing has taught me how to be a clear and effective communicator. I know how to discuss problems with patience in a caring way.

I’m a clear and effective communicator. Therefore, this customer service role is a great fit for me.

4. Effective Speaking Skills

You may want to try effective speaking skills as another way to say communication skills on your resume.

It’s a simple way to engage the reader who’s looking through your application.

It shows them that you know how to communicate well. Generally, this applies to team situations or when handling customers that might need your assistance.

If you’re still unsure, these examples should clear things up:

My effective speaking skills set me apart from other candidates. I’m worthy of this position because of what I do.

As a trainer, I have to rely on my effective speaking skills. Otherwise, the people I train won’t understand what I’m trying to convey.

5. Articulation Skills

Feel free to include articulation skills as a formal synonym for communication skills.

Switching communication for articulation shows you’re happy to work with someone and communicate well with them.

If you articulate well, it means you know how to get your point across. This works wonders in team projects, as it suggests you know how to talk to people, even when they disagree with you.

So, try using it when you’re applying for a team-based job. It’s a great way to show that you’re already well-equipped to work on a team.

Check out these examples if you still need some help:

I’m a sales manager, so I have excellent articulation skills. It’s part of the reason people keep coming back to learn more.

My articulation skills set me apart from other candidates. I’m certain I can explain any situation to a worried customer.

6. Collaborative Communication

You may also use collaborative communication as another synonym for communication skills.

The key here comes from being collaborative. Generally, if you use this word, it means you work well on a team.

Teamwork is fundamental to a great number of jobs and positions.

Therefore, including a word like this in your resume is a surefire way to sell yourself.

We also recommend reviewing the following CV examples:

I pride myself on collaborative communication. That’s why I know I’m a good fit for a role so heavily focused on teamwork.

I’m good at collaborative communication. My former team relied on me to help them understand how to move forward.

7. Persuasive Expression

You can also try persuasive expression. This is a great choice if you’re effective at persuading people while communicating with them.

For instance, it could be quite useful when applying for a sales role.

After all, most sales jobs require you to persuade customers to buy products from their company. So, the more effective you are at this, the better you’ll be at sales.

Here are some great examples to help you understand more about it:

I’m good with persuasive expression. I often hold customer service positions because I’m the best at dealing with them.

My persuasive expression sets me apart from other candidates. I’m certain you’ll be impressed to learn what I can do.

8. Communication Proficiency

Finally, we recommend using communication proficiency. It’s a highly effective phrase that shows you’re well-versed in communicating effectively.

Generally, this means you work well with others.

It also suggests you can voice your opinions easily, which can help people to understand you better. This is a great trait to bring with you to any workplace.

You can also review these cover letter samples:

I have effective communication proficiency in the workplace. If there’s something I need to communicate with my peers, I do so.

I’m good with communication proficiency. Therefore, I know I’ll be a good fit for this team-based role.

Should You Say You Have Good “Communication Skills” on a Resume?

You should say you have good communication skills on your resume. It’s a strength that shows you’re able to work well with others and communicate well with customers.

Generally, this applies to many different working situations.

It’s a soft skill that helps to show you’re good with other people. Most jobs require you to have people skills and do things that demonstrate how good you are at working in a team.

It’s an important quality to bring with you to the workplace. So, we recommend including it in a cover letter to let your boss know what you can do.

You should review these CV samples to learn  how to say you are good at communicating:

I have good communication skills that I picked up from my time working in this office. I’m so proud of the work did for the team.

My verbal and written communication skills help me to understand more about people’s needs in the workplace.

George O'Connor