What Is Another Way to Say “Deal With”?

Looking for synonyms for deal with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say deal with.

  • Address
  • Manage
  • Handle
  • Tackle
  • Confront
  • Attend to
  • Cope with
  • Grapple with
  • Contend with
  • Engage with
  • Resolve
  • Take care of
  • Face
  • Negotiate
  • Overcome
  • Approach
  • Work on
  • Respond to
  • Deal with the issue of
  • Take on

Want to learn how to say deal with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Address

Used to tackle an issue or challenge directly and formally.

  • Example: The manager will address the communication issues in the next team meeting.

2. Manage

Refers to handling situations or problems, often in a professional context.

  • Example: She manages client complaints efficiently and effectively.

3. Handle

Indicates dealing with a situation or problem competently.

  • Example: Our customer service team is trained to handle all types of inquiries.

4. Tackle

Implies an active, energetic approach to dealing with a problem or task.

  • Example: We need to tackle the budget shortfall before the end of this quarter.

5. Confront

Suggests facing a challenging or difficult situation head-on.

  • Example: The CEO had to confront the ethical dilemmas involved in the business decision.

6. Attend to

Refers to taking care of something or dealing with it in detail.

  • Example: The technician is attending to the software issue as we speak.

7. Cope with

Implies managing to deal with a difficult situation.

  • Example: Employees are trained to cope with high-pressure environments.

8. Grapple with

Suggests a struggle or challenge in dealing with complex issues.

  • Example: The team is grappling with the new regulations affecting the project.

9. Contend with

Indicates dealing with something difficult or challenging.

  • Example: The company is contending with increased competition in the market.

10. Engage with

Refers to becoming involved with and addressing an issue.

  • Example: Our department is engaging with the latest changes in technology.

11. Resolve

Implies finding a solution to a problem or dispute.

  • Example: The board members worked to resolve the disagreement amicably.

12. Take care of

Refers to dealing with a matter effectively.

  • Example: Please take care of the client’s request before the end of the day.

13. Face

Indicates confronting and dealing with a difficult situation.

  • Example: We must face the challenges of digital transformation head-on.

14. Negotiate

Refers to dealing with a situation by discussing and reaching an agreement.

  • Example: Our team is skilled at negotiating contracts with suppliers.

15. Overcome

Suggests succeeding in dealing with or controlling a problem.

  • Example: She overcame many obstacles to bring the project to completion.

16. Approach

Indicates dealing with something in a particular way.

  • Example: We need a new approach to handle customer feedback.

17. Work on

Refers to actively dealing with or trying to improve a situation.

  • Example: We are currently working on enhancing our cybersecurity measures.

18. Respond to

Involves reacting to or addressing a situation or problem.

  • Example: The government responded to the economic crisis with a stimulus package.

19. Deal with the issue of

Used to specify addressing a particular problem or subject.

  • Example: The seminar will deal with the issue of workplace diversity.

20. Take on

Refers to agreeing to handle or deal with something.

  • Example: The team leader agreed to take on the responsibility of the new project.

Linda Brown