What Is Another Way to Say “Built On”?

Looking for synonyms for built on? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say built on.

  • Founded on
  • Based on
  • Constructed on
  • Established on
  • Grounded in
  • Rooted in
  • Developed from
  • Derived from
  • Predicated on
  • Resting on
  • Built upon
  • Supported by
  • Anchored in
  • Originating from
  • Stemming from
  • Erected on
  • Centered on
  • Dependent on
  • Formulated on
  • Relying on

Want to learn how to say built on professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Founded On

Used to describe something established based on certain principles or ideas.
Example: “The company’s culture is founded on trust, transparency, and teamwork.”

2. Based On

Refers to something that is derived from or built using something as a foundation.
Example: “The novel is based on true events that happened in the early 20th century.”

3. Constructed On

Indicates something physically built on top of something else or figuratively built on certain concepts.
Example: “The new bridge was constructed on innovative engineering principles.”

4. Established On

Describes something formally set up or created based on certain grounds or foundations.
Example: “The scholarship fund was established on the principle of supporting underprivileged students.”

5. Grounded In

Used to describe something that is firmly based in or on a particular set of ideas or facts.
Example: “Their approach is grounded in the latest research on cognitive development.”

6. Rooted In

Indicates something that originates in or is deeply influenced by a particular context or set of beliefs.
Example: “The festival’s traditions are rooted in ancient customs.”

7. Developed From

Refers to something that has evolved or been elaborated from a particular source or idea.
Example: “The software was developed from a need to improve data security in small businesses.”

8. Derived From

Used to indicate that something originates from a specific source or material.
Example: “The medication is derived from a compound found in tropical plants.”

9. Predicated On

Indicates that something is based on or established from a certain premise or idea.
Example: “The theory is predicated on data collected from numerous experiments.”

10. Resting On

Suggests that something is supported or based on a particular foundation or set of conditions.
Example: “The success of the project is resting on the timely completion of each phase.”

11. Built Upon

Describes something that is extended or developed further from an existing foundation.
Example: “The second edition of the book is built upon the feedback received from readers.”

12. Supported By

Indicates that something is upheld or reinforced by a particular basis or support.
Example: “The hypothesis is supported by extensive field research.”

13. Anchored In

Describes something that is firmly held in place by a particular principle or fact.
Example: “The teaching methodology is anchored in the principles of active learning.”

14. Originating From

Refers to the source or beginning of something.
Example: “The cuisine is originating from the coastal regions of the country.”

15. Stemming From

Used to describe something that is the result of or caused by a particular source.
Example: “The current economic policies are stemming from recommendations made by international experts.”

16. Erected On

Typically used in a literal sense to describe physical structures, but can also be used figuratively.
Example: “The monument was erected on the site of a historic battle.”

17. Centered On

Describes something that is focused or revolves around a particular theme or issue.
Example: “The conference is centered on the theme of sustainable urban development.”

18. Dependent On

Indicates that something relies on or needs something else to be true, valid, or effective.
Example: “The project’s funding is dependent on the approval of the grant proposal.”

19. Formulated On

Describes something that is designed or created based on a specific set of ideas or theories.
Example: “The policy was formulated on the basis of extensive stakeholder consultation.”

20. Relying On

Indicates a dependence or trust in something for support or the basis of something.
Example: “The success of the operation is relying on the accuracy of the intelligence gathered.”

Linda Brown