What Is Another Way to Say “Whatever “?

Looking for synonyms for whatever? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say whatever.

  • Anything
  • Regardless
  • Anyhow
  • No matter what
  • Nonetheless
  • Nevertheless
  • Irrespective
  • In any case
  • Regardless of what
  • Despite everything
  • At any rate
  • In any event
  • For all that
  • All the same
  • Be that as it may

Want to learn how to say whatever professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Anything

Appropriate Use: Suitable for indicating a range of options or possibilities.
Example: “We can explore anything that might improve our efficiency.”

2. Regardless

Appropriate Use: Ideal for showing that something is true despite other things that might happen or be true.
Example: “Regardless of the challenges, we must meet our quarterly targets.”

3. Anyhow

Appropriate Use: Used for shifting the topic or to return to a previous point.
Example: “Anyhow, let’s return to the main agenda of our meeting.”

4. No matter what

Appropriate Use: Suitable for emphasizing determination despite difficulties.
Example: “We are committed to this project, no matter what.”

5. Nonetheless

Appropriate Use: Refers to doing something despite the situation; nevertheless.
Example: “The task was difficult, but she completed it nonetheless.”

6. Nevertheless

Appropriate Use: Ideal for indicating something contrasts with a previous statement.
Example: “The plan was risky; nevertheless, it was the best course of action.”

7. Irrespective

Appropriate Use: Used for saying that something happens or is true despite something else.
Example: “Irrespective of market fluctuations, we must stay focused on long-term goals.”

8. In any case

Appropriate Use: Suitable for discussing a conclusion or outcome that is true in every situation.
Example: “In any case, we need to diversify our investment portfolio.”

9. Regardless of what

Appropriate Use: Refers to an action or outcome being certain, no matter what happens.
Example: “Regardless of what happens in the market, we must maintain our product quality.”

10. Despite everything

Appropriate Use: Ideal for indicating that something happened or is true in spite of difficulties.
Example: “Despite everything, the company maintained a positive growth trajectory.”

11. At any rate

Appropriate Use: Used for moving a conversation along, or to emphasize a point.
Example: “At any rate, we need to decide on this before the end of the day.”

12. In any event

Appropriate Use: Suitable for covering all possibilities in a situation.
Example: “In any event, we should be prepared for changes in consumer preferences.”

13. For all that

Appropriate Use: Refers to despite something that has been mentioned.
Example: “For all that, the new software failed to meet our expectations.”

14. All the same

Appropriate Use: Ideal for indicating a conclusion is the same despite reasons it might not be.
Example: “The conditions were tough, but all the same, we achieved our goal.”

15. Be that as it may

Appropriate Use: Used for acknowledging a fact but suggesting it is not important.
Example: “Be that as it may, we still have to focus on meeting our deadlines.”

Linda Brown