What Is Another Way to Say “Food and Drink”?

Do you want to know how to say food and drink on an invitation or when describing the industry?

Perhaps you’re looking for one word that covers the whole phrase, as you think food and drink is a bit wordy.

Well, we’re here to help.

This article will show you a creative word for food and drink to help you mix things up.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “Food and Drink”

You should check out the following six alternatives to learn another way to say food and drink:

  • Cuisine
  • Refreshments
  • Provisions
  • Victuals
  • Nourishment
  • Sustenance

1. Cuisine

Let’s start with cuisine. This is an excellent one-word alternative to food and drink that will help you to spice things up.

Generally, you can use this when writing about the industry. It’s effective in an essay, as it allows you to simplify things and use one word to talk about a much broader idea.

Also, people know what cuisine means in English. Therefore, it won’t need further explanation when you include it in your writing.

Native readers will understand that you’re covering both food and drink (not just one or the other).

You should also review these examples to learn more about it:

I’ve looked deeper into the cuisine industry to learn more. I’m quite surprised by some of the things I found out.

As a cuisine manager, it’s my duty to ensure the right refreshments go out for different events.

2. Refreshments

One of the most common alternatives to food and drink is refreshments.

People know what you mean when you say refreshments. They expect to see both food and drink on the menu, which is why this works so well.

So, it’s a good one to include in an invitation. People will appreciate it because it lets them know that both food and beverages will be provided to them when they attend your event.

For instance, you can use it when inviting colleagues to a private event. You might be hosting a dinner party or a small birthday affair, and this is a good word to include.

Check out these examples to learn more about how it works:

I’d like to invite you to my party. I will be providing you with plenty of refreshments, so don’t feel like you need to bring anything.

There will be loads of refreshments at my event. I would much rather see you there, knowing you’ll be fed and looked after.

3. Provisions

A fancy word for food and drink is provisions. So, it’s worth including it when writing about the industry or the position you hold in a business.

For example, instead of saying you’re a food and drink supplier, you could be a provisions supplier.

It’s a simpler and more direct way to show what you do for a living. It lets people see that you cover both food and drink in your job role.

Also, it’s quite a common replacement for food and drink. Therefore, most readers will understand what you mean by it when including it in your writing.

You should review the following email sample to learn a bit more about it if you still need help:

I’m a provisions supplier by trade. Therefore, I know a lot about this industry and the things that make it work.

As a provisions expert, I always know what to look for. I don’t like people thinking they’re getting a good deal when they’re not.

4. Victuals

You can also write victuals in some cases. Now, this is a more old-fashioned word for food and drink, so people might not be as familiar with it.

It’s interesting and unique, though. While readers might not understand it, it’s still worth using if you’re looking to push the boundaries in your invitations.

Of course, being more old-fashioned also makes this a more professional word. Therefore, you’ll probably find it’s most effective when hosting a party in the workplace or a business event.

You can check out these examples to learn more about how it works:

There will be complimentary victuals for everyone involved. So, we really hope to see you there.

The victuals will be plentiful. Please don’t hesitate to come along, as I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy.

5. Nourishment

You can also write nourishment as another way to say food and drink.

This is a good choice if you consider yourself an expert on food and drink. It suggests that you know the ins and outs of what to expect, and you’re good at picking up on small nuances.

People know what nourishment means, as well. It refers to both things you can eat and drink, so it makes it easier for readers to follow what you’re saying when you include it.

Don’t forget to review these examples to learn a bit more about how it works:

I’m a nourishment expert. I’ve learned a lot in my time here, and I’m willing to share more of it with you.

As a nourishment specialist, I’m sure I’ll be able to teach you a few things. I look forward to opening your mind.

6. Sustenance

Try writing sustenance as the last synonym for food and drink.

It’s an effective way to show that you’d like people to sustain themselves. So, it can work well when providing complimentary refreshments at a party or event.

You can write this in a formal invitation. It’s a great choice because it lets people know that you plan to feed them and ensure they’re going to be treated well when attending your parties.

Also, you can review these examples before you go:

We’re proud to provide you with all the sustenance you could need for the day. And we’re excited to see you come along.

There will be plenty of sustenance for every guest. We certainly hope you can make it to see what we’ve got planned.

Is It Correct to Say “Food and Drink”?

Food and drink is correct to say in invitations and other professional contexts.

The phrase itself does exactly what you ask of it. It suggests that food and drink will be available, or you are discussing the industry itself.

You can refer to the following example to learn how to use it in more professional contexts:

I want to talk about the food and drink industry. After all, there are plenty of changes coming to it that will mix things up.

But it’s probably more common to use it in an invitation. Generally, your guests will want to know whether you’re providing them with food and drink before they attend.

So, check out the following invitation sample to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Guests,

There will be complimentary food and drinks at the event.

We certainly hope to see you all there, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Best regards,
Sammy Ryker

Sometimes, you might see the phrase hyphenated. However, this is a common mistake that people make because they think they need to group food and drink together before a noun.

Mistake: Hyphenating the phrase

  • Correct: The food and drink industry.
  • Incorrect: The food-and-drink industry.

So, you can’t go wrong with food and drink in invitations or when speaking about the industry.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore some alternatives to see what else might be available. We’ve gathered some of the best alternatives to show you what other options you might have.

George O'Connor