What Is Another Way to Say “House”?

Looking for synonyms for house? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say house.

  • Home
  • Residence
  • Abode
  • Dwelling
  • Habitat
  • Habitation
  • Place
  • Property
  • Building
  • Shelter
  • Lodging
  • Domicile
  • Accommodation
  • Household
  • Quarters
  • Living quarters
  • Homestead
  • Hearth
  • Villa
  • Bungalow

Want to learn how to say house professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Home

Appropriate Use: ‘Home’ is used to describe a place of residence that carries emotional significance and a sense of belonging.
Example: “After a long day at work, returning to my home always brings a sense of comfort.”

2. Residence

Appropriate Use: ‘Residence’ is a formal term for a place where someone lives, often used in legal or official contexts.
Example: “The company provides a temporary residence for employees on international assignments.”

3. Abode

Appropriate Use: ‘Abode’ is a slightly old-fashioned or literary term for a house or home.
Example: “He maintains a humble abode near the outskirts of the city.”

4. Dwelling

Appropriate Use: ‘Dwelling’ is a formal term for a place where people live, often used in technical, legal, or statistical contexts.
Example: “The new housing policy focuses on affordable dwellings for low-income families.”

5. Habitat

Appropriate Use: ‘Habitat’ is typically used in the context of natural environments but can be used metaphorically for human living spaces, especially in discussions about lifestyle and environment.
Example: “The architect’s design philosophy emphasizes creating habitats that harmonize with nature.”

6. Habitation

Appropriate Use: ‘Habitation’ refers to a place where people live, often used in a broader context to describe areas of human settlement.
Example: “The area has been marked for urban habitation development.”

7. Place

Appropriate Use: ‘Place’ is a very general term for a living space, used informally.
Example: “I’ve finally found a new place closer to the office.”

8. Property

Appropriate Use: ‘Property’ is a formal term that refers to land and the buildings on it, often used in legal, real estate, and business contexts.
Example: “The company is planning to invest in commercial property this fiscal year.”

9. Building

Appropriate Use: ‘Building’ is used when referring to a structure with a roof and walls, especially in a commercial or institutional context.
Example: “The new office building will accommodate all our departments under one roof.”

10. Shelter

Appropriate Use: ‘Shelter’ is used to refer to a place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger, often in the context of emergency housing.
Example: “Emergency teams are working to provide adequate shelter for the disaster-affected population.”

11. Lodging

Appropriate Use: ‘Lodging’ refers to a temporary place to stay, often used in the context of hotels, hostels, or rented accommodation.
Example: “The company will cover your lodging expenses during the conference.”

12. Domicile

Appropriate Use: ‘Domicile’ is a formal term often used in legal contexts to refer to the country or state where a person has their permanent residence.
Example: “For tax purposes, her domicile is still in France, although she works in the United States.”

13. Accommodation

Appropriate Use: ‘Accommodation’ refers to a room or building for someone to stay in, often used in the context of temporary living situations or travel.
Example: “We need to ensure that the visiting delegates have suitable accommodation.”

14. Household

Appropriate Use: ‘Household’ refers to the people who live in a house, especially as a unit of society. It is often used in demographics and sociology.
Example: “Our new product targets households with young children.”

15. Quarters

Appropriate Use: ‘Quarters’ refers to living spaces, often used in the context of military or institutional housing.
Example: “The staff quarters are located adjacent to the main office building.”

16. Living Quarters

Appropriate Use: ‘Living Quarters’ is a term used to describe the area within a building where people reside, often in the context of shared or compact spaces.
Example: “The astronauts will spend six months in the living quarters aboard the space station.”

17. Homestead

Appropriate Use: ‘Homestead’ is used to refer to a house, especially a farmhouse, and outbuildings. It is often associated with rural settings.
Example: “They run a sustainable agriculture practice on their family homestead.”

18. Hearth

Appropriate Use: ‘Hearth’ is a literary or symbolic term for home, referring to the comfort and warmth it provides.
Example: “During the holidays, there’s nothing like gathering at the family hearth.”

19. Villa

Appropriate Use: ‘Villa’ is used to describe a large and luxurious country house, often in vacation contexts.
Example: “The CEO owns a private villa in the south of France.”

20. Bungalow

Appropriate Use: ‘Bungalow’ refers to a low house, often with a broad front porch. It’s used in architectural and real estate contexts.
Example: “We’ve just listed a charming bungalow in the historic district.”

Linda Brown