What Is Another Way to Say “This Shows”?

Looking for synonyms for this shows? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say this shows.

  • This indicates
  • This demonstrates
  • This reveals
  • This suggests
  • This exemplifies
  • This proves
  • This illustrates
  • This highlights
  • This underscores
  • This confirms
  • This points to
  • This signifies
  • This reflects
  • This implies
  • This evidences
  • This conveys
  • This establishes
  • This portrays
  • This corroborates
  • This manifests

Want to learn how to say this shows professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. This Indicates

Used to show evidence of a trend, fact, or idea.

  • Example: The increased sales this quarter indicates a growing demand for our product.

2. This Demonstrates

Shows clearly through evidence or example.

  • Example: This demonstrates the effectiveness of the new marketing strategy.

3. This Reveals

Used to make known something not previously known or realized.

  • Example: The survey results reveal a high level of customer satisfaction.

4. This Suggests

Implies or infers something as a logical consequence.

  • Example: The data suggests that there is a correlation between advertising spend and sales.

5. This Exemplifies

Serves as a typical example of something.

  • Example: This case study exemplifies the challenges faced by startups in the industry.

6. This Proves

Demonstrates the truth or existence of something by evidence or argument.

  • Example: This proves that our new approach to customer service is working.

7. This Illustrates

Explains or makes something clear by using examples, charts, pictures, etc.

  • Example: This graph illustrates the steady growth of the company over five years.

8. This Highlights

Emphasizes or brings attention to something.

  • Example: This report highlights the need for further research and development.

9. This Underscores

Emphasizes or reinforces an important aspect or detail.

  • Example: This underscores the importance of digital transformation for our business.

10. This Confirms

Establishes the truth or correctness of something.

  • Example: This confirms our hypothesis about the emerging market trends.

11. This Points To

Indicates or suggests a particular conclusion or result.

  • Example: This points to a significant shift in consumer preferences.

12. This Signifies

Represents or is indicative of something.

  • Example: This change in policy signifies a new direction for the organization.

13. This Reflects

Shows, expresses, or is a sign of something.

  • Example: The positive feedback reflects the hard work of our team.

14. This Implies

Indicates or suggests something without explicitly stating it.

  • Example: This implies that there might be further layoffs in the industry.

15. This Evidences

Serves as evidence or proof of something.

  • Example: This evidences the success of our new project management approach.

16. This Conveys

Communicates or makes known a particular idea or feeling.

  • Example: This conveys the company’s commitment to sustainability.

17. This Establishes

Shows something to be true or valid.

  • Example: This establishes the company as a leader in its field.

18. This Portrays

Describes or depicts something in a particular way.

  • Example: This portrays the current market scenario accurately.

19. This Corroborates

Supports or strengthens a theory, argument, or finding.

  • Example: This corroborates the findings from earlier studies.

20. This Manifests

Displays or shows something through one’s actions or appearance.

  • Example: This manifests a clear improvement in the company’s operational efficiency.

Linda Brown