What Is Another Way to Say “Among Other Things”?

Looking for synonyms for among other things? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say among other things.

  • Inter alia
  • Including
  • Along with
  • As well as
  • Together with
  • In addition to
  • Plus
  • Accompanied by
  • Not to mention
  • Alongside

Want to learn how to say among other things professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Inter Alia

When to use: Suitable for formal or academic texts to indicate ‘among other things.’
Example: “The study focuses on, inter alia, the impact of social media on consumer behavior.”

2. Including

When to use: Appropriate for listing items as part of a larger group.
Example: “Our services, including consulting and training, cater to a wide range of industries.”

3. Along With

When to use: Ideal for mentioning additional items or elements in conjunction with others.
Example: “He will be responsible for managing the team, along with overseeing project budgets.”

4. As Well As

When to use: Used to add one or more items to a list.
Example: “The software offers data analysis, as well as predictive modeling capabilities.”

5. Together With

When to use: Suitable for emphasizing the combination or addition of items or elements.
Example: “The report, together with the financial statements, provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s performance.”

6. In Addition To

When to use: Appropriate for indicating an extra item or fact beyond what has already been mentioned.
Example: “In addition to her role as CEO, she also chairs the industry advisory committee.”

7. Plus

When to use: Informal, used for adding items or information to a list.
Example: “Our new health plan covers dental and vision care, plus wellness programs.”

8. Accompanied By

When to use: Suitable for indicating something that is present or occurs at the same time as another thing.
Example: “The software launch was accompanied by a series of training workshops for staff.”

9. Not to Mention

When to use: Ideal for emphasizing an important point in addition to what has been said.
Example: “He brings extensive experience in digital marketing, not to mention his strong leadership skills.”

10. Alongside

When to use: Used to indicate something happening or existing together with another thing.
Example: “The company is expanding its product line, alongside entering new international markets.”

Linda Brown