What Is Another Way to Say “In Order To”?

Looking for synonyms for in order to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in order to.

  • To
  • For the purpose of
  • With the intention of
  • Aimed at
  • So as to
  • With the aim of
  • With the goal of
  • For the sake of
  • With the objective of
  • To achieve
  • Seeking to
  • As a means to
  • In pursuit of
  • In an effort to
  • To accomplish
  • To facilitate
  • To enable
  • To ensure
  • For
  • Toward the end of

Want to learn how to say in order to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. To

The most direct and common way to indicate purpose.

  • Example: To improve efficiency, the company implemented new software.

2. For the purpose of

Used to explicitly state the intention behind an action, often in formal contexts.

  • Example: For the purpose of increasing market share, we are launching a new advertising campaign.

3. With the intention of

Indicates a clear and planned intention behind an action.

  • Example: The team is undergoing training with the intention of enhancing their skills.

4. Aimed at

Used to specify the target or objective of an action.

  • Example: The program is aimed at developing leadership skills among employees.

5. So as to

A more formal way to express purpose or intention.

  • Example: We have updated our IT infrastructure so as to improve data security.

6. With the aim of

Indicates a specific goal or objective behind an action.

  • Example: The survey was conducted with the aim of understanding customer preferences.

7. With the goal of

Used when referring to a desired outcome or target.

  • Example: The company is restructuring with the goal of increasing operational efficiency.

8. For the sake of

Indicates an action taken for the benefit or interest of something.

  • Example: For the sake of clarity, please provide detailed reports.

9. With the objective of

Specifies a clear goal or aim for an action.

  • Example: The training session is organized with the objective of improving teamwork.

10. To achieve

Indicates an action taken to reach a specific goal or result.

  • Example: To achieve a greater market presence, we are expanding our distribution channels.

11. Seeking to

Shows an attempt or effort to attain a specific goal.

  • Example: The company is seeking to reduce costs through various efficiency measures.

12. As a means to

Describes an action taken as a way to accomplish something.

  • Example: The firm is investing in technology as a means to boost productivity.

13. In pursuit of

Indicates an action undertaken in order to attain a specific objective.

  • Example: In pursuit of excellence, our team continually seeks to innovate.

14. In an effort to

Shows an attempt or endeavor to achieve a particular aim.

  • Example: In an effort to improve customer satisfaction, we are updating our return policy.

15. To accomplish

Indicates an action aimed at achieving a specific task or goal.

  • Example: To accomplish our environmental goals, we are adopting greener practices.

16. To facilitate

Used when an action is taken to make something easier or more achievable.

  • Example: To facilitate smoother transactions, the bank has updated its software.

17. To enable

Indicates that the purpose of an action is to make something possible or easier.

  • Example: To enable faster delivery times, the company has hired additional staff.

18. To ensure

Used to indicate an action taken to guarantee or make certain.

  • Example: To ensure quality, we conduct rigorous testing on all our products.

19. For

A simple and versatile preposition used to explain the reason for an action.

  • Example: The meeting is scheduled for planning the next project phase.

20. Toward the end of

Used to indicate an action taken with a particular aim in sight.

  • Example: The training was conducted toward the end of improving team communication.

Linda Brown