What Is Another Way to Say “Get Up”?

Looking for synonyms for get up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say get up.

  • Rise
  • Stand up
  • Arise
  • Get to one’s feet
  • Stand
  • Uprise
  • Ascend
  • Climb
  • Mount
  • Bestir oneself
  • Stir
  • Become vertical
  • Elevate
  • Upstand
  • Come to a stand
  • Hoist oneself
  • Erect oneself
  • Spring up
  • Come upright
  • Upthrust

Want to learn how to say get up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Rise

Used to describe standing up or increasing in height or level.

  • Example: “All attendees, please rise for the national anthem.”

2. Stand Up

A general term for moving to a standing position from sitting or lying down.

  • Example: “During the presentation, please stand up to ask questions.”

3. Arise

Suitable for moving from a sitting, kneeling, or lying position to a standing position.

  • Example: “He arose from his desk to greet the new clients.”

4. Get to One’s Feet

Used when someone stands up from a sitting or lying position.

  • Example: “After the long meeting, everyone was relieved to get to their feet.”

5. Stand

Refers to being in an upright position on the feet.

  • Example: “The speaker asked the audience to stand while introducing the guest of honor.”

6. Uprise

Formal or literary term for standing up or rising.

  • Example: “The participants began to uprise as the CEO entered the room.”

7. Ascend

Suitable for moving upward or to a higher position.

  • Example: “She ascended the podium to deliver her speech.”

8. Climb

Used when moving upward, especially by using the hands and feet.

  • Example: “He climbed to his feet after sitting on the low couch.”

9. Mount

Appropriate for getting up on something, like a platform or stage.

  • Example: “The director will mount the stage to present the awards.”

10. Bestir Oneself

An idiomatic expression meaning to begin to move or become active.

  • Example: “He bestirred himself early to prepare for the conference.”

11. Stir

Used for beginning to move or become active, especially from a state of rest.

  • Example: “As the alarm rang, she stirred and prepared for her day.”

12. Become Vertical

A descriptive way to say stand up.

  • Example: “After the crash, he struggled to become vertical.”

13. Elevate

Suitable for raising to a higher position or level.

  • Example: “Please elevate the screen so all participants can view it.”

14. Upstand

A less common term for standing up.

  • Example: “She upstood quickly when her name was called.”

15. Come to a Stand

Means to stop moving and stand still.

  • Example: “The group came to a stand as the CEO entered the room.”

16. Hoist Oneself

Used to describe the effort of moving oneself into an upright position.

  • Example: “He hoisted himself out of the chair after the long meeting.”

17. Erect Oneself

Formal or literary term for standing up straight.

  • Example: “The guard erected himself as the dignitaries passed.”

18. Spring Up

Suitable for quickly or suddenly standing up.

  • Example: “She sprang up to welcome the surprise visitor.”

19. Come Upright

Means to move into an upright position from sitting or lying down.

  • Example: “He came upright when the judge entered the courtroom.”

20. Upthrust

A less common term for pushing oneself up to a standing position.

  • Example: “With an upthrust, he stood to address the committee.”

Linda Brown