What Is Another Way to Say “Entry Level”?

Looking for synonyms for entry level? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say entry level.

  • Beginner
  • Basic
  • Introductory
  • Fundamental
  • Starter
  • Novice
  • Initial
  • Primary
  • Foundational
  • Rudimentary
  • Trainee
  • Commencement
  • Grassroots
  • Threshold
  • Junior
  • Opening
  • Ground-level
  • First-step
  • Preliminary
  • Inceptive

Want to learn how to say entry level professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Beginner

Use “beginner” for roles or positions suited for individuals with no prior experience in a specific field.

  • Example: “We are offering a beginner position in our marketing department for recent graduates.”

2. Basic

“Basic” is appropriate for positions that require minimal or foundational skills in a particular area.

  • Example: “This basic training course is designed for new employees in the IT sector.”

3. Introductory

Use “introductory” for roles or levels that serve as an initial step into a field or subject.

  • Example: “She is enrolled in an introductory course in graphic design.”

4. Fundamental

“Fundamental” is suitable for positions that involve essential skills or knowledge in a field.

  • Example: “The position requires understanding the fundamental principles of engineering.”

5. Starter

Use “starter” for roles or positions that are designed for individuals at the start of their career.

  • Example: “Our firm offers starter positions to help young lawyers gain practical experience.”

6. Novice

“Novice” is used for roles intended for individuals who are new to a field or activity.

  • Example: “Novice programmers are encouraged to apply for this internship.”

7. Initial

Use “initial” in contexts where the position or level is the first in a series or progression.

  • Example: “He is working at the initial level of the company’s management trainee program.”

8. Primary

“Primary” is suitable for positions that represent the first or most basic level of professional involvement.

  • Example: “This primary role in our research team requires no prior experience.”

9. Foundational

Use “foundational” for roles that provide the base knowledge or skills in a particular area.

  • Example: “The course offers foundational skills in digital marketing.”

10. Rudimentary

“Rudimentary” is appropriate for positions requiring basic, elementary knowledge or skills.

  • Example: “This role requires rudimentary knowledge of web development.”

11. Trainee

Use “trainee” for positions designed for learning and acquiring skills in a particular field.

  • Example: “We are hiring trainees for our new hospitality management program.”

12. Commencement

“Commencement” can be used in contexts where a position or level marks the beginning of a career or profession.

  • Example: “The commencement role in our engineering team is ideal for recent graduates.”

13. Grassroots

Use “grassroots” for positions that are at the most basic, initial level of a professional field.

  • Example: “Our grassroots program in community organizing is open for applicants.”

14. Threshold

“Threshold” is suitable for positions that signify the starting point of a professional journey.

  • Example: “The threshold position in our architecture firm requires no prior experience.”

15. Junior

Use “junior” for roles that are entry-level or for individuals who are at the beginning of their career path.

  • Example: “We are seeking a junior analyst to join our financial team.”

16. Opening

“Opening” can be used to describe a position that is available for newcomers or beginners in a field.

  • Example: “There is an opening in our IT department for entry-level support staff.”

17. Ground-level

Use “ground-level” for positions that are at the very start of a professional hierarchy or system.

  • Example: “This ground-level opportunity in our company is perfect for those who are just starting out.”

18. First-step

“First-step” is appropriate for positions or roles that represent the initial stage in a career or field.

  • Example: “Our first-step program in sales is designed for individuals with no prior experience.”

19. Preliminary

Use “preliminary” for roles that serve as an initial stage or introduction to a field.

  • Example: “The preliminary position in our laboratory is aimed at new science graduates.”

20. Inceptive

“Inceptive” is suitable for positions or roles that are at the very beginning or inception of a professional path.

  • Example: “She has secured an inceptive role in the field of environmental policy.”

Linda Brown