How to Thank Your Professor in an Email (With Examples)

You want to express your appreciation to the professor that has guided you through your studies. But what is the right way to go about this? Is it even appropriate to write a thank-you email to your lecturer?

If you’re unsure how to say thank you to your professor, this article is here to help! In fact, we’ll provide some email examples showing what to say in a variety of different circumstances.

Should I Send a Thank-You Email to My Professor?

It never hurts to write a thank-you email to one or all of your professors. It’s an especially good idea if you think that their guidance was essential to your academic development.

College professors play a greater role in our lives than simply teaching us the course materials. Many go above and beyond to help students achieve their academic goals and even figure out their career paths.

They provide letters of recommendation to programs and jobs, and they invent creative ways to enable our studies. In addition, when disaster strikes, they learn to do it all online so that our progress isn’t interrupted!

So, if your professor has helped you in any of the ways mentioned above, they will surely appreciate a kind message thanking them for their efforts.

This isn’t to say you need to write an effusive message to all your lecturers. Just the ones that you think really made an impact on your experience at college.

In short, we now know that it’s a good idea to write a thank-you email to our hard-working professors. But what’s the right way to go about this?

Below, we’ll show you how to write a thank-you email to your professor for the array of help they’ve provided throughout the school year.

Thank-You Email after Acceptance

Subject line: Letter of Acceptance

Dear Ms. Portland,

Having recently received a letter of acceptance to [College Name], I wanted to express my eagerness to accept this offer and my utmost appreciation for the opportunity.

The moment I started high school, I knew that chemistry was my passion. That’s not to say it was a subject that came easily to me. In fact, I spent many sleepless nights with my head in my books, trying to understand the nature of the subject and, in turn, the matter that makes up the whole world around me.

I knew that [College Name] offered the best chemistry courses in the whole country, so I gave every effort to become the student that you would want on your premises. I can’t wait to step foot in your labs and show you what I can contribute to your prestigious school.

In accepting me for this course, you have helped me follow my passions. For that, I will always be exceedingly grateful.

Yours sincerely,
Ashley Mouton

Thank-You Email at the End of the Semester

Subject line: Expressing My Appreciation

Dear Professor Quartz,

As the semester finally comes to an end, I wanted to express my appreciation for the tremendous efforts you gave to ensure that I, and other students, excelled in our final exams.

Your lectures have been the most comprehensible out of any subject. Moreover, it is evident how much care and time you put into making the content of your classes accessible to all of us.

I, in particular, always needed a little extra help. But your patience and understanding made me feel comfortable approaching you for assistance, whatever the circumstances. I wanted you to know that your students have not overlooked your clear passion for teaching and for the subject of History.

It has been a great semester, and I hold you personally responsible for my personal growth, the boost in my confidence, and my newfound proficiency in my chosen subject.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Edward Towers

Thank-You Email for Extension

Subject line: Thank You for Allowing an Extension

Dear Miss Lambert,

I wanted to express my thanks for your wiliness to extend the deadline for this essay. As you know, I have been struggling to keep up with my classes recently on account of my health and my financial circumstances.

I enjoy your classes very much, and I would like to contribute to the extensive research involved in this course. Therefore, this extension will allow me to reorganize my time and get the valued rest that I need to ensure that the content of my essay is well-researched and thoroughly considered.

Once again, your understanding in this matter is much appreciated. Furthermore, I am confident that the work that I will produce as a result of this extension will meet your standards.

Yours sincerely,
Eric Swallow

Thank-You Email for Reference

Subject line: Thank You for Your Reference Letter

Dear Professor Chadwick,

I am writing to express how appreciative I am that you were willing to write such a positive letter of recommendation.

I am pleased to inform you that I got the job, and I am beyond excited to begin my new career path. The content of your reference was expressly mentioned during the interview. Thus, there is no doubt that your opinion was taken very seriously as they considered me for the role.

I cannot express enough what a difference this has to my life. I only hope that I can prove the truth of your letter by giving my best efforts to this position.

Thank you very much.

Jivika Patel

Thank-You Email for Feedback

Subject line: Thank You for Your Feedback

Dear Ms. Fullman,

Thank you very much for your prompt response. Your suggestions were a great help, and I found that I was able to finish my report fairly quickly, thanks to your guidance.

As I start my final assignment for the semester, I would greatly appreciate your advice on some of my data-collection techniques. I will reach out in due course.

Until then, thank you very much once again for all your assistance.

Kind regards,
Leonard Bolt

Thank-You Email for Meeting

Subject line: Thank You for Meeting With Me

Dear Professor Crumb,

Thank you for your time today. I feel that it was a very good meeting, and I obtained a lot of clarity regarding your expectations for this assignment.

I now feel confident that I can proceed with my research with no further interruptions, thanks to your detailed and rigorous guidance.

Moreover, I want to express thanks in general for the fact that you have been so willing to advise me throughout the semester. I know I am a student who needs just a little extra help, and your patience has allowed me to keep up.

Thank you again.

Yours sincerely,
Chelsey Brimm

Thank-You Email for Changing Grade

Subject line: Thank You for Altering My Grade

Dear Mr. Coole,

I am writing to thank you very much again for being willing to slightly alter my grade.

I am aware that a two percent increase seems like a silly thing to worry about. However, the change from a B to an A has allowed me to maintain my perfect record. This is essential for my scholarship.

Please note that I would be happy to take on an extra-credit task to make up for this change. Alternatively, I assist in the lab in any way needed.

Nevertheless, this small alternation has made a big difference in my continued schooling here, and your understanding is much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Bella Lyle

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