What Is Another Way to Say “Team Player”?

The ability to work well with other people is essential in any industry. But is it appropriate to call yourself a team player on your resume?

In this article, we’ll discuss the suitability of this phrase. In addition, we’ll show you 10 alternative ways to say that you work well in a team.

10 Synonyms for “Team Player” on Your Resume

Below, you’ll find 10 phrases and words to describe a team player to keep your job application fresh and interesting:

  • Strong collaborator
  • Personable
  • Enjoy working with others
  • Team-oriented
  • Dedicated team member
  • Thrive in a team environment
  • Embrace teamwork
  • Supportive
  • Work well in a team
  • Team leader

1. Strong Collaborator

A great way to show that you’re a team player in your resume or cover letter is to provide examples of when you’ve been a strong collaborator.

This phrase makes clear that you thrive when working with colleagues or others on projects. Therefore, you can carry this ability with you into the new role you’re applying for.

Strong collaboration skills are essential in all kinds of jobs, particularly in marketing, design, or corporate positions.

Therefore, let’s see a snippet from a sample resume that includes this phrase:

My experience in graphic design has made me a strong collaborator, as I have learned to work with clients to turn their ideas and concepts into something more concrete.

2. Personable

If you’re applying for a role in customer service or any other job that requires frequent interactions with peers or clients, you can describe yourself as personable.

Being personable and friendly are great soft skills that employers look for in every industry. After all, a good work culture is built on the interpersonal skills of every team member.

Let’s see the term personable in a couple of examples:

I am highly personable and have always enjoyed interacting with customers.

I excelled in my role as a call center operator on account of my personable nature and keen problem-solving skills.

3. Enjoy Working With Others

Another way to say team player in your resume is to say that you enjoy working with others.

This will exhibit your friendly and enthusiastic personality, which is a great quality in an employee, whatever the role you are applying for.

Furthermore, it makes clear that you aren’t just willing to work with others in the best interest of your company or project. Rather, you derive joy from working with others and feel elevated in your ability to do so.

Have a look at the following example:

I am confident that I will thrive in this role since I enjoy working with others and strongly believe that better work is produced through collaboration.

4. Dedicated Team Member

You can call yourself a dedicated team member to express that you are loyal and committed to working alongside your peers to bring about the best possible outcomes to any assigned tasks.

This phrase sounds suitably formal for an application to a corporate role. However, it also manages to show your enthusiasm and interpersonal skills.

For example:

I was a dedicated team member at [Company Name], and I intend to utilize all the skills I acquired in this role to contribute to your organization and its pursuits.

5. Team-Oriented

A good formal synonym for team player is team-oriented.

This phrase has a more serious tone than the others on our list. Therefore, it’s great to use in an application to a more formal role. For example, an executive or higher position for a large corporate company or organization.

The phrase team-oriented implies that you prioritize the best interests of your team over your individual pursuits.

This is an essential quality in a leader or senior member of an organization. After all, the best interests of your team and organization should always come first.

See how we’ve used this phrase in a sample cover letter:

I take a team-oriented approach at all times, and I believe this will be valuable in a managerial role of this nature.

6. Embrace Teamwork

You can use the phrase embrace teamwork to make it clear that you are willing to work with others when a project calls for it. Therefore, this is a more low-key synonym for those of us who prefer to work independently.

In short, this is a great phrase to use if you are applying for a role that would only require collaboration from time to time. After all, it’s great to be honest about what you prefer in your application.

Moreover, saying that you embrace teamwork shows that you are adaptable and willing to step outside your comfort zone as needed.

To see what we mean, have a look at the following example:

I enjoy working independently, but I am happy to embrace teamwork as needed.

7. Thrive in a Team Environment

Another synonym for team player is to say that you thrive in a team environment.

This phrase uses great professional terminology to say that you’re a people person. Therefore, you can use it in a CV or cover letter when you are applying for a role that will involve teamwork and cooperation.

Check out the example below:

I am extremely high-energy, and I thrive in a team environment where ideas can flow and progress is made through unity.

8. Work Well in a Team

You can say that you work well in a team to let a prospective employer know that you produce quality work in a team environment.

Moreover, this is a good phrase to use if you want to imply that you prefer to work independently. However, you’ll still do a good job when it’s necessary to work with others.

In short, this phrase helps you set out your preferences while showing your soft skills of being adaptable and able to collaborate as needed.

Have a look at the example below:

On account of my experience at [Company Name], I work well in a team when needed but enjoy working independently as well.

9. Supportive

A good one-word synonym for team player is supportive. This term shows that you will make every effort to uplift your fellows and drive your team and company toward success.

Those of us who choose to take support roles for our colleagues are an essential component of a thriving business. Therefore, calling yourself supportive in your resume will be a big green flag for potential employers.

This is especially the case if you are applying for a role as a personal assistant or as a member of the human resources department.

After all, these roles require that you balance the needs and interests of your colleagues and assist them in their respective roles.

Let’s see this alternative in an example:

I am an amiable and supportive team member who prioritizes the well-being of my colleagues and the success of my organization.

10. Team Leader

It’s great to include the term team leader in your application if you are applying for a managerial role or any position that would require you to lead a group of employees.

Team leadership skills include giving direction to your team members and acting as a mediator when conflict arises.

All of these skills are encapsulated in the phrase team leader. So, be sure to illustrate how you have led in your past roles if you want to include this phrase in your CV.

I am a strong team leader and have found ways to encourage and direct my staff toward successful and lasting solutions.

Should You Say You’re a “Team Player” on a Resume?

The phrase team player is fairly generic. Nevertheless, working well in a team environment is a very sought-after soft skill in the business world.

So, there’s nothing wrong with mentioning that you’re a team player on your resume. But it’s important to back this claim up. Namely, by illustrating how you have worked well in a team in your prior experiences.

Have a look at the examples below:

I have always been a strong team player, as illustrated by my experience at [Former Company]. During my time there, I was tasked with managing multiple projects in collaboration with the rest of my department.

My greatest strength is that I am a team player. I believe that working with a diverse group of people will only serve to challenge my viewpoints and broaden my horizons.

Although it is suitable to include the phrase team player in your CV, this phrase is a tad standardized. Therefore, if you want to stand out to your prospective employers, you can use one of the alternative phrases from our list.

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