What Is Another Way to Say “In My Opinion”?

Is it appropriate to say in my opinion in a paper, or would this subjective statement be frowned upon in the world of academia?

We’ll discuss this question below and show you how to say in my opinion in an essay.

Moreover, we’ll look at what to use instead of in my opinion in an essay when you want to diversify your writing or use more objective phrasing.

7 Alternative Ways to Say “In My Opinion” in an Essay

Below, you’ll find 7 other ways to say in my opinion when you’re writing an essay:

  • From my perspective
  • It is my view
  • I would argue
  • It could be argued
  • It is my belief
  • As I see it
  • It would appear to me

1. From My Perspective

The phrase from my perspective lets the reader of your essay know that you have come to a conclusion based on your subjective experience of the world.

This is valuable if you want the reader to understand your point of view.

Some academics may argue that the author’s point of view is secondary to the objective facts they have compiled.

However, if you are a learned student, academic, or expert in your field, your point of view is highly valuable and worth mentioning.

Have a look at how we’ve used this phrase in an example:

The recent attempts at rectifying the past have been, from my perspective, nothing more than purely performative.

2. It Is My View

The phrase it is my view comes across as very reasonable and circumspect in an essay.

After all, this phrase makes it plain to the reader that you are expressing your opinion and not making any sweeping statements about a topic recklessly.

Although this makes your paper more subjective, it may actually have the effect of making you more trustworthy to the reader.

Namely, readers would prefer that a writer state their subjective opinions clearly as opinions rather than presenting them as facts.

See the example below:

It is my view that access to electronic resources for all will greatly bridge this gap in the workforce.

3. I Would Argue

Another way to say in my opinion in an essay is to say I would argue.

This phrase works well in an argumentative essay.

Namely, it directs the reader very clearly and concisely to what argument you wish to make in your paper.

For instance:

My colleague has stipulated that this transition will be seen in Europe first. However, I would argue that it has already taken place, in many ways, in what he refers to as “third-world countries.”

4. It Could Be Argued

Perhaps you want to set out a potential argument in your paper without expressing it as your own opinion.

In this instance, you can say it could be argued instead of I would argue.

This phrase is a great way to introduce a counterpoint to the overall topic of your paper.

Providing possible counterpoints to your argument in an essay will help to prove the strength of your argument.

After all, it shows that you have already considered how someone may try to counter your propositions.

Thus, you already have a response prepared.

Check out how you can use this phrase in an example:

It could be argued that King Louis XVI was a failure of a leader. However, I would suggest that it was the monarchical system itself that led to this collapse.

5. It Is My Belief

The phrase it is my belief allows the author of an essay to clearly present their subjective thoughts about an issue without stating them as fact.

Stating your beliefs as an academic is valuable for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the world is very complicated, and we will rarely find concrete evidence for complicated and multifaceted issues.

Secondly, stating what you believe based on certain facts and evidence allows the reader to see how you have drawn logical connections between the evidence and what you believe about it.

This allows readers to consider your stance and come to their own conclusions.

Let’s see an example that includes this phrase:

It is my belief that the fires in these areas were not a result of any natural phenomenon. I would draw attention to the “chemical smell” reported by residents to reinforce this suggestion.

6. As I See It

When considering how to write an opinion piece, the tone of your paper is just as important as your diction.

Therefore, you can use the phrase as I see it instead of in my opinion as a more formal and creative alternative.

This phrase implies that you are giving the reader insight into the lens through which you see a topic. This may be either as a student or an expert.

This will let the reader know that you are sharing an opinion or a personal point of view.

For example:

As I see it, the reign of the emperor may have lasted over a decade if not for the unprecedented illness that swept her nation.

7. It Would Appear to Me

Our final alternative to in my opinion is it would appear to me.

This phrase allows you to point out what you have observed from a set of facts or data without making any hard statements about it.

This makes your writing more trustworthy. After all, you are simply pointing out what you, as the researcher, believe is observable in your evidence.

See how we’ve used this phrase in our final example:

Having cultivated several specimens, all of which are thriving in their new environment, it would appear to me that it was the conditions of the lab which led to our initial failure.

Can I Say “In My Opinion” in an Essay?

You can use the phrase in my opinion in an essay in some circumstances.

There’s a lot of contention between academics when it comes to whether it is correct to use personal pronouns like “my” in academic writing, particularly in argumentative essays.

Some academics strictly disallow the use of phrases like in my opinion.

Namely, they believe this makes an author’s writing too subjective.

However, other academics believe that essays will always inevitably contain the writer’s opinions, so stating these opinions for what they are is more intellectually honest.

So, if you want to express your opinion in your paper, make sure it suits your topic.

Moreover, if you’re in school, you should make sure that the person grading your essay agrees with your use of personal pronouns!

Have a look at these two faux essay snippets below to see how you can use in my opinion in your paper:

In my opinion, the present research on the topic does not go far enough in identifying the underlying cause of corruption in the country.

Artificial intelligence will never be sophisticated enough to threaten the livelihoods of creative writers, in my opinion.

Although you can use the phrase in my opinion in some academic essays, it is good to mix up your phrasing throughout your paper and avoid repetition.

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