How to Say You’re “Easy to Work With” on a Resume

You want to impress a prospective employer but aren’t sure how to say you’re easy to work with on a resume.

Well, you’ve come to just the right place!

In this article, we’ll show you some useful ways to use the phrase easy to work with in your CV.

Moreover, we’ll look at 7 alternative phrases that you can use to keep your applications varied and unique.

Should You Write That You Are “Easy to Work With” on a Resume?

It certainly doesn’t hurt to say that you are easy to work with on your resume.

In fact, this is a good phrase to include if being easy to work with was expressly mentioned in the requirements for the job to which you are applying.

However, you shouldn’t use this as a standalone phrase.

In other words, the only thing better than saying you are easy to work with is to illustrate this with a variety of examples relating to your past work experiences.

Thus, it’s appropriate to say you are easy to work with, but you should be prepared to justify this statement.

For instance, you can say you are easy to work with because you tend to get along with others and have an easy time adapting to different circumstances.

Then, you can list more explicit examples of when you worked well in a team or with a colleague or client.

Below, we’ve drafted two faux resume examples to show you how you can use the phrase easy to work with in your job applications:

I have always been easy to work with, which becomes clear when one considers the variety of long-lasting relationships I have formed with my clients.

I strive to be adaptable and easy to work with. Thus, in my prior role as a designer, I prioritized thorough communication with my coworkers at all times.

Although the phrase easy to work with is suitable to include on your resume, it is rather standardized.

Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to mix up your phrasing now and then using one or more of the alternative phrases from our list below.

7 Synonyms for “Easy to Work With” on Your Resume

Check out these 7 other ways to say that you’re easy to work with on your resume.

  • Work well in a team
  • Flexible
  • Strong collaborator
  • Highly cooperative
  • Agreeable
  • Personable
  • Levelheaded

1. Work Well in a Team

The phrase work well in a team is a very popular choice for a resume or cover letter for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this phrase can be even more effective than easy to work with.

After all, it implies that you are not just capable of working with others but that you thrive in a team environment.

Secondly, employers are often looking for people who excel in a group setting. This phrase will illustrate your capacity to do so all the more effectively.

Finally, let’s see an example that includes this phrase:

I work well in a team, as illustrated by the many employee awards I received at my last place of work.

2. Flexible

A good one-word alternative to easy to work with is flexible.

In a professional setting, being flexible means that you are able to adjust to your circumstances, no matter how quickly or frequently they may change.

It also suggests that you are willing to compromise to manage the expectations of your clients or colleagues.

In short, a person who is flexible will inevitably be easy to work with since they will be willing to accommodate the needs and schedules of those around them.

Consider the example below:

I would describe myself as very flexible. I am willing to adjust my own needs and schedule to best suit the parameters of any task put before me.

3. Strong Collaborator

Another way to say easy to work with on your resume is strong collaborator.

To “collaborate” means to work jointly on a project or assignment at work, either with a colleague, a client, or members of another organization.

Therefore, being a strong collaborator is a very sought-after trait in any employee.

After all, it suggests that you produce good work when you collaborate with others and that you have a proven track record of collaborating well.

By implication, you must be easy to work with!

See how we’ve used this synonym in an example:

My referees would describe me as a strong collaborator. I did my best work when I was working alongside fellow professionals in my industry.

4. Highly Cooperative

Highly cooperative is essentially a more formal term for someone who is easy to work with.

Therefore, you can use this term in your CV before providing numerous examples of occasions in which you cooperated with others in order to bring about a desired result.

This phrase also implies that you are quick to carry out instructions and keen to participate at all times.

These qualities will be attractive to any employer, especially in a corporate or commercial setting.

Therefore, let’s use this phrase in a resume snippet:

I aim to be highly cooperative at all times. I believe that inter-office cohesion is essential to achieve the common goals of our organization.

5. Agreeable

In a professional context, to be agreeable means to be a generally pleasant person that’s easy to get along with.

It also means that you are keen to get involved and will frequently agree to participate in the ongoings of your organization.

In short, this is a great adjective to include in your CV or cover letter. Employers are often looking for high-energy and positive individuals for their companies.

Check out this example:

I would describe myself as agreeable and enthusiastic. I am confident that this side of myself would flourish if I were to work at this company.

6. Personable

Another word for easy to work with is personable. In fact, this term is a direct synonym of agreeable.

Generally, to be personable means to be easy-going, charming, and generally a people person.

This kind of personality type is great in the corporate world, in which lasting connections with clients and other professionals are essential.

Therefore, calling yourself personable in your resume will show your easy-to-work-with personality and strong interpersonal skills.

For instance:

My personable nature makes me a great candidate for this role. After all, I will undoubtedly act as the face of our organization in many client interactions.

7. Levelheaded

Being easy to work with doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a charming people pleaser.

Some people are easy to work with due to their capacity for calmness and rationality.

After all, if a problem occurs at work, people will turn to someone who is able to keep a clear head and come up with sensible solutions.

Therefore, another great alternative to easy to work with for your CV is the term levelheaded.

See how we’ve used it in our final example:

In my past experience, I have found that I am extremely levelheaded, even in high-stress situations. This trait would suit a role of this nature, in which high-stakes issues will need to be met with clarity and rationality.

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