What Is Another Way to Say “With That Being Said”?

You want to counter a statement you’ve made immediately prior in your work email or your academic essay.

But is the phrase with that being said a suitable way to do this?

We’ll address that question below.

Additionally, we’ll show you how to professionally say with that being said using 10 distinct alternative phrases.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “With That Being Said”

Check out these 10 other ways to say with that being said in an email or academic essay:

  • Nevertheless
  • In spite of that
  • All things considered
  • Regardless
  • On the other hand
  • However
  • At the same time
  • Having said that
  • Even so
  • Yet

1. Nevertheless

Nevertheless is a direct synonym for with that being said that you can use in a variety of professional circumstances.

The main benefit of this single-word alternative is that it will keep your business correspondence concise and to the point.

This is always preferred in a fast-paced corporate setting!

You can use this phrase in an email to a colleague or a fellow professional from another organization.

It will show that you have considered both sides of a potential issue and are providing a well-rounded suggestion.

Consider the email example below:

Dear Edward,

We understand your client’s concerns about data privacy.

Nevertheless, our terms of service are in full compliance with the relevant legislation and will remain fixed.

Taran Chalk

2. In Spite of That

You can use the phrase in spite of that when you are reporting certain information to your employer.

In general, if you have been asked to comment on a work-related issue, it’s good to point out all relevant facts and be as transparent as possible.

This alternative allows you to provide both a point and a relevant counterpoint seamlessly, which will keep your emails clear and comprehensible.

In addition, this phrase has a suitably formal tone for an email to a superior.

Let’s see it in a sample email:

Dear Garret,

Our recent attempts to contact the client’s representatives have failed, but we managed to learn more about his affairs in spite of that.

Adepero Muyiwa

3. All Things Considered

The phrase all things considered essentially means that you are making a point after taking all the relevant facts and variables into account.

Therefore, this isn’t always a direct synonym for with that being said. However, you can certainly use it in a similar manner.

This is a good phrase to use in an essay when you want to provide a very rounded and critical viewpoint about a complicated issue.

For example:

All things considered, there are very few arguments that can be made to counter the assertion that capitalism is the main driving force behind what many companies would call “ethical rebranding.”

4. Regardless

Another way of saying with that being said is regardless.

This term is suitable to include in a professional email.

Moreover, it is very tonally neutral, meaning you can use it when speaking to any coworker, whatever the nature of your relationship.

Check out the sample email below to see what we mean:

Dear Dexter,

I haven’t heard anything about this issue from the board.

Regardless I will be sure to look into it.

All the best,

5. On the Other Hand

It is important to be as thorough as possible in your academic writing.

Therefore, it’s always good to include both positive and negative aspects of an issue so as not to come across as biased.

You can state your points and then counter those points using the phrase on the other hand.

This is sure to impress your professor and show your astounding capacity for nuance!

For instance:

On the one hand, the increased frog populations in the inner city could be due to climate change. On the other hand, it is possible that this surge is completely random and cannot be linked to any one cause.

6. However

A good, concise alternative to with that being said is however.

This is a good option to include in professional emails to clients or customers when you want to set out information in a coherent and precise way.

Like the original phrase, you can use this one to qualify something you’ve said previously.

This will allow you to give the client a clear and full picture of the issue they are facing.

Let’s see an email sample that includes this alternative:

Dear Miss Zeigler,

That is correct; we do provide a 12% discount on any items from that designer.

However, I’m afraid this only applies to active members of our rewards scheme.

Kind regards,
Kelvin Proctor

7. At the Same Time

At the same time is a slightly less formal alternative that you can use in an email to a coworker with whom you have a friendly dynamic.

After all, if you generally get along with your fellows at work, you can probably do away with all the formal phrasing in your inter-office email exchanges.

In short, you can use this phrase to express two ideas that are both true at the same time.

Have a look at the email example below to see what we mean:

Hi Deneen,

I am interested in pursuing a business relationship with their firm but, at the same time, I am concerned about how it would look to our environmentally conscious customers.

Kind regards,

8. Having Said That

Having said that is another synonym that you can use to contrast two statements in an email.

This phrase comes across as rather business casual.

Therefore, you can use it when speaking to someone of equal rank to you at work or a fellow professional in your industry.

For example:

Dear Margaret,

I agree that a collaboration would greatly reduce the workload on our respective teams.

Having said that, it may be difficult to define the responsibilities across our organizations.


9. Even So

The phrase even so is a different way of saying with that being said in more casual exchanges with your coworkers.

You can use this phrase to acknowledge a point made by the other person before proceeding to counter it or offer a new point.

Let’s see it in an email sample:

Hi Troy,

I understand your point about the consumer satisfaction guidelines.

Even so, I think we would see far greater engagement from our customers if we publicized their reviews.

Kind regards,

10. Yet

Our final alternative is the short and to-the-point conjunction, yet.

Yet is a good example of how to say with that being said formally, especially when you use it to supply two contrasting statements.

This makes it suitable for an email to your boss in most circumstances.

Thus, check out how we’ve used it in our final example:

Dear Mr. Griffin,

We have noticed an increase in productivity since commencing the flexi-time program, yet the directors are still expressing dissatisfaction with the concept of it.

Andre Holden

Is It Correct to Say “With That Being Said”?

The phrase with that being said is grammatically correct, and you can use this phrase in an email or even an academic essay to provide a counterpoint to a statement you’ve made.

In short, this phrase’s level of formality makes it suitable to include in your correspondence at work or your academic writing at college.

Therefore, let’s see an example of this phrase in each of these circumstances.

First, we’ll look at an email sample illustrating how you can use this phrase in your professional correspondence with your boss.

Note how you can slightly shorten this phrase to that being said to keep your work emails more concise:

Dear Ms. Oduye,

We have seen a slight decrease in sales since we started this new campaign.

That being said, our social media engagement has skyrocketed.

Liza Bennett

Next, let’s see a sample from a faux essay:

Most researchers have attributed the recent surge in middle-class dissatisfaction to the high cost of living in several Northern States. With that being said, scholars have asserted that greater access to education has led to a new stream of class consciousness.

So, we know that the phrase with that being said is correct and suitable to use in both academic and professional circumstances.

However, this phrase is rather standardized and can start to feel worn out if you use it over and over again in your emails or writing.

Therefore, you can use one or more of our alternative phrases to zest up your language and avoid repetition in your writing.

Kahlan House