What Is Another Way to Say “Nice to Meet You”?

So, you’ve just met someone new in the workplace.

Whether it was an in-person or virtual meeting, you want to sound happy about speaking with them, right?

If you’re worried that nice to meet you is a bit generic or bland, you’ve come to the right place.

This article has gathered the best synonyms to help you mix things up.

8 Alternative Ways to Say “Nice to Meet You”

Here are the 8 best synonyms to include instead of nice to meet you after an in-person or virtual meeting:

  • Pleasure to make your acquaintance
  • It was great to meet you
  • I’m glad to finally meet you
  • Glad to be introduced to you
  • Wonderful meeting you
  • It was nice to see you
  • I’m glad we got the chance to speak
  • What a pleasure to meet you

1. Pleasure to Make Your Acquaintance

You can include pleasure to make your acquaintance in a formal email. It’s a great alternative that shows you’re happy to meet someone new.

Generally, this works best when meeting someone in person.

Try using it when contacting a new client. It shows you’re happy to work alongside them and are glad to have met them.

We also recommend reviewing this email sample:

Dear Miss Murphy,

Pleasure to make your acquaintance yesterday. Please let me know when you’d like to meet again to discuss more.

All the best,
Dan Bryant

2. It Was Great to Meet You

Another way to say nice to meet you is it was great to meet you.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two phrases, but that’s what makes it work.

You can include great to meet you in an email after a meeting. It works well as a follow-up email because it shows you enjoyed meeting a new coworker.

Feel free to review this example as well:

Dear Martin,

It was great to meet you on Tuesday. Thanks so much for hearing me out and letting me discuss my plans.

Jack North

3. I’m Glad to Finally Meet You

You can use I’m glad to finally meet you instead of nice to meet you. It’s professional and polite, showing you’re happy to finally meet someone.

Generally, including finally shows you were waiting a while before arranging a meeting.

It implies you might have had difficulty figuring out your schedule with the other party.

So, we recommend using it when emailing clients you’ve been trying to arrange something with.

You can also refer to this sample email:

Dear Miss Barnet,

I’m glad to finally meet you. While we had scheduling conflicts at first, it was certainly worth the wait.

Best regards,
Tom Dane

4. Glad to Be Introduced to You

Feel free to try glad to be introduced to you over email. It’s a great way to write about meeting with someone, and it works both in person and virtually.

Generally, introduced to you simply shows you met with someone. It does not need to be a physical meeting, so it’s a well-rounded phrase in most professional settings.

Try it after a business meeting. It’s a great choice that shows you were happy to hear from someone and learn more about them.

Here’s a great email example to help you understand it:

Dear Casey,

I was glad to be introduced to you. I feel like we figured out a good way to move forward with these issues.

All the best,
Sam Bender

5. Wonderful Meeting You

To keep things simple, try wonderful meeting you. It’s a great way to be professional after a meeting via email or video call.

We recommend using it after an e-meeting. It shows you were happy to make someone’s acquaintance and get to know them on a more professional level.

We recommend it because it’s formal and polite. Plus, the word wonderful is a powerful way to show how happy you are to meet someone.

You should also review this example:

Dear Miss Birch,

It was wonderful meeting you virtually. I knew I was going to learn from you, but you exceeded my expectations.

Kind regards,
Scott Panchik

6. It Was Nice to See You

Next, you can use it was nice to see you as another way to say nice to meet you.

It’s a great phrase that works well after an in-person meeting. It shows you had a good time meeting with someone and getting to know them on a more personal level.

Generally, you can include it when emailing a new starter. It shows you’re willing to meet with them to discuss important changes to a business.

Here’s a great sample email to help you with it:

Dear Hillary,

It was nice to see you again. I’m glad we could discuss the matter and figure out what to do next time.

Brandy Shelter

7. I’m Glad We Got The Chance to Speak

You may use I’m glad we got the chance to speak instead of nice to meet you. It’s an effective formal phrase that shows you’re happy to meet someone.

It also applies to both in-person and virtual meetings. Therefore, it’s a useful phrase for any situation, as long as you had a good meeting with someone.

We also recommend the following example:

Dear Miss Clark,

I’m glad we got the chance to speak yesterday. It was very important to clear the air with those matters.

Holly Marchant

8. What a Pleasure to Meet You

Finally, we recommend what a pleasure to meet you.

Now, this one is incredibly professional and sincere. So, it works best in the most formal of situations.

For instance, you can use it when emailing a client. It shows you value them a lot and want them to understand how important they are to you or your company.

If you’re still unsure, check out this example:

Dear Mr. Daniels,

What a pleasure to meet you! I feel like I learned so much from you, and I hope we can meet again soon.

All the best,
Sven Horen

Is It Correct to Say “Nice to Meet You”?

Nice to meet you is correct to use in a professional context.

It’s very common to use it after a meeting. Generally, it’s a great way to appreciate the meeting you had with someone formally.

For that reason, you can use it for in-person or virtual meetings. It is not only reserved for physical meetings but works quite well in virtual settings, too.

This email example will show you how to use it after an in-person meeting:

Dear Mr. Harrington,

It was nice to meet you on Friday. I’m glad we were able to discuss these things in person.

Jon Walter

Or, if you’ve met someone virtually, you may use the phrase in the following way:

Dear Jackson,

I’m glad we got to discuss it during our e-meeting. It helped me to understand what your ideas were.

Nice to meet you,
George Barrowmore

As you can tell, it’s appropriate to use nice to meet you in the main text of the email or as an email closer. Either way, it’s a great phrase that shows you were happy to meet someone.

George O'Connor