What Is Another Way to Say “Thanks for the Reminder”?

There’s nothing worse than forgetting an important meeting. Therefore, it’s essential to express your gratitude when someone at work gives you a reminder. But how can you go about thanking them?

In this article, we’ll show you 9 great synonyms for this phrase that you can use at work.

Thereafter, we’ll show you how to say thanks for the reminder in an email and discuss the appropriateness of this phrase in a professional setting.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “Thanks for the Reminder”

  • Thank you for reminding me
  • Thank you for bringing that up
  • Thanks for letting me know
  • Thank you for notifying me
  • Good of you to remind me
  • Well remembered
  • I appreciate the reminder
  • I’m glad you brought that up
  • Thank you for informing me
  • Let me diarize that

1. Thank You for Reminding Me

Another way to say thanks for the reminder is thank you for reminding me.

This phrase is neither particularly formal nor informal. It uses plain phrasing and can therefore be used in any circumstance.

It is perfectly appropriate to use this phrase in an email to a coworker that you aren’t particularly close to. For example, you may work at the same office but in a different department.

Thank you for reminding me is courteous and, unlike the original phrase, is unlikely to be confused for sarcasm. Therefore, this is a safe option if you want to create a good rapport with the other person.

Let’s see this phrase in an email example:

Dear Eliza,

Thank you for reminding me about that new policy.

I’ll keep it in mind as I draft this agreement.

All the best,

2. Thank You for Bringing That Up

Thank you for bringing that up is a polite and professional phrase that you can use as a response to a helpful email from an employee or team member.

If you are a senior member of your company, you may prefer a slightly more formal and neutral tone in your emails to junior team members.

Therefore, it’s necessary to strike a balance between being approachable and polite but not overly friendly and familiar.

Thank you for bringing that up strikes this balance perfectly. It is courteous but not overly effusive, making it a great option for any work email.

Have a look at the following sample email:

Dear Jaiden,

Thank you for bringing that up.

We will need to adjust my schedule to accommodate this change.


3. Thanks for Letting Me Know

Thanks for letting me know is a common business casual phrase that you will see in almost every industry.

Therefore, this is a suitable response to a coworker when they have informed you of something, regardless of the nature of your relationship.

We would recommend a more formal alternative if you’re speaking to a client or superior in general.

However, this phrase is appropriate if you are speaking to someone equal to you or lower down in your work hierarchy.

See the example below:

Dear Miranda,

Thanks for letting me know.

I’ll ask one of the trainees to make contact.


4. Thank You for Notifying Me

Thank you for notifying me is essentially a more formal alternative to thanks for the reminder. Therefore, this is a better option to use in an email to a client.

To “notify” essentially means to “give notice.” Therefore, this phrase works well if the information a client has provided is important for the carrying out of your services.

For example:

Dear Mr. Du Toit,

Thank you for notifying me about your change of address.

I will update your records accordingly.

Olivia Benson

5. Good of You to Remind Me

You can say good of you to remind me as an expression of praise to a new recruit or trainee at your workplace.

After all, if they were able to recall something you had forgotten, it shows that they are very competent and eager to learn in their new role. This should always be acknowledged and responded to positively!

Check out the following email sample:

Dear Anella,

Good of you to remind me about that meeting.

Please add it to my calendar and call Tarryn to reschedule.


6. Well Remembered

Well remembered is another good phrase when you want to commend someone for remembering something important.

This phrase is very positive and friendly, although it may come across as a tad patronizing if you’re speaking to a client or a superior.

Namely, it may seem as if you didn’t expect them to remember something important.

However, it is a pleasant response to a colleague you are friendly with. After all, they’ll probably know that you are simply impressed and grateful to have been reminded.

Let’s see an email example with this phrase in tow:

Hi Shane,

Well remembered! I’ll mention that to Claire right away.

All the best,

7. I Appreciate the Reminder

Since thanks for the reminder is frequently used sarcastically, you can switch it out with I appreciate the reminder to sound more sincere.

This is a good phrase to use to politely express your gratitude to a coworker you aren’t particularly close to.

They are unlikely to take this alternative the wrong way, so it’s a safe option if you want to build a good relationship with your colleague.

Have a look at this email sample to see this phrase in action:

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you, I appreciate the reminder.

Will you be attending as well?

Kind regards,

8. I’m Glad You Brought That Up

You can say I’m glad you brought that up if a colleague or employee reminded you of something indirectly.

For example, they may have been speaking about a topic and, in doing so, reminded you of something distantly related to that topic.

I’m glad you brought that up is distinct from thanks for the reminder in that it isn’t a clear expression of gratitude. However, it will allow you to direct the conversation toward the pressing matter that you have just recalled.

For instance:

Dear Casper,

I’m glad you brought that up, as I had forgotten to mention the new agreement to their team last week.

I’ll reach out now to rectify that.


9. Thank You for Informing Me

Thank you for informing me is another great formal synonym for thanks for the reminder that you can use when speaking to a client.

If you work for a large company in the corporate industry, you may choose to keep a very professional register in your communications with clients.

After all, you probably have a very wide clientele base and don’t have the opportunity to become overly friendly with each member.

Therefore, let’s see this phrase in a sample email:

Dear Mr. Patten,

Thank you for informing me of this issue.

I will have a word with the relevant department and follow up with you shortly.

Kind regards,
Dylan Peele

10. Let Me Diarize That

You can respond with let me diarize that when your boss has reminded you of something important.

This will let your employer know that you are taking heed of what they say. Moreover, it will reassure them that you won’t forget about the event or task in question.

In short, it is always a good idea to diarize important meetings or projects and mentioning that you have done so will show that you are attentive and proactive. These are great qualities in an employee!

See how we’ve used this phrase in our final email sample:

Dear Adisa,

Thank you, let me diarize that.

Kind regards,

Is It Correct to Say “Thanks for the Reminder”?

It is perfectly correct to say thanks for the reminder when a colleague has brought something to your attention that you would have otherwise forgotten.

This phrase is informal, so it wouldn’t be appropriate in a response to a client, your boss, or any other superior.

Moreover, this phrase can be used sarcastically from time to time. Therefore, you should make sure you maintain a polite tone in your email to avoid causing offense!

Nevertheless, we’ve drafted two email examples illustrating how you can use this phrase in practice.

First, let’s look at a casual email to a coworker you are close to:

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for the reminder!

I’ll see you at 2.

All the best,

If you want to sound slightly less informal, perhaps because you are talking to a colleague you don’t know very well, you can replace thanks with thank you, like so:

Dear Gemma,

Thank you for the reminder.

I will send that through now.


Although thanks for the reminder is a correct phrase, it comes across as rather casual. Moreover, it is a rather standardized phrase and is easy to overuse.

Therefore, you can use one of the alternatives from our list to zest up your language or use a more formal tone as needed.

Kahlan House