How to Say “By Way of Introduction” in an Email

If you’re unsure how to introduce yourself at work, this article is here to help!

Below, we discuss the correctness of the phrase by way of introduction in a professional context.

Moreover, we’ll look at 6 alternative examples of how to introduce yourself at work, so that you have a great starting point for any professional exchange.

Is It Correct to Say “By Way of Introduction”?

By way of introduction is a perfectly correct phrase that you can use when introducing yourself, your colleagues, or a topic during a presentation or in any prelude to an in-depth discussion.

This phrase is also a good way to introduce yourself in a professional email to a new client, a new colleague, or a fellow professional in your industry.

Essentially, you can use this phrase to briefly talk about yourself and your intent before getting into the body of your email.

Below, we’ve drafted two email examples to illustrate how you can use this phrase in your work correspondence:

Dear Miss Chandran,

By way of introduction, I am the senior project manager of the company and will therefore be your primary contact for the duration of this project.

Kind regards,
Adjoa Gemmel

Dear Clyde,

I hope this email finds you well.

By way of introduction, my name is Julie and I will be handling your case.

Kind regards,
Julie Bridge

Next, let’s look at a slight variation of the phrase by way of introduction and discuss its correctness.

Variation: The inclusion of an

  • Correct: By way of an introduction.
  • Correct: By way of introduction.

Saying by way of an introduction does not change the overall meaning of this phrase. Therefore, you can use either variation interchangeably.

So, we know that by way of introduction is a correct phrase that you can use at the start of an announcement or statement.

However, this phrase is rather standardized and may become worn out with overuse. Therefore, it would hurt to shake up your phrasing using one or more of the synonyms from our list.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “By Way of Introduction”

Below, you’ll find 6 alternative ways to say by way of introduction in a professional email.

  • Before we begin
  • To start
  • As a preliminary remark
  • We will begin with
  • Let me preface
  • Let’s start with

1. Before We Begin

You can use the phrase before we begin in your client acquisition emails.

For example, if you would like to present your company and services to a new client, you can use the phrase before we begin to first introduce yourself and your position in your organization.

This will make the email more personable and put the client at ease while also allowing you to set out your expertise.

To see how to introduce yourself to a client using this phrase, consider the email sample below:

Dear Mr. Rosheuval,

It is my pleasure to represent my company in discussing your brand redesign.

Before we begin, however, I would like to briefly explain who I am and my role in the company.

Kind regards,
Florence Dodd

2. To Start

The phrase to start comes across as a touch more casual.

Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend using this phrase in every business email, particularly if you are addressing a client.

However, this is a good phrase to use if you have recently been hired at a company and want to introduce yourself in an email as a new employee.

After all, it makes sense to employ a respectful but friendly tone when reaching out to your new team members.

Therefore, let’s see a sample email that includes this phrase:

Dear IT Team,

I am the new intern, and I wanted to introduce myself.

To start, my name is Bella, and I will be working in Room 16, should you need any assistance from me.

Kind regards,
Isabella Cole

3. As a Preliminary Remark

As a preliminary remark is another way to say by way of introduction in a more formal email to your new boss or supervisor at work.

For instance, you may need to introduce yourself to your higher-up if a new person has replaced your previous supervisor.

Alternatively, a company may have a separate hiring manager, meaning you would only meet your true employer or the person you are working under once you have already started a new role.

In either situation, you can briefly set out who you are and your relevant qualifications using the phrase as a preliminary remark before you proceed with the rest of your email.

For example:

Dear Miss Sachs,

It is my pleasure to begin my role as your PA, and I look forward to learning more about how I can assist you each day.

As a preliminary remark, I would like to introduce myself […]

Simon Barrow

4. We Will Begin With

If you are a senior member of your team and you are unsure how to present yourself in a way that is reasonably authoritative to your staff, you can try the phrase we will begin with.

This phrase comes across as a touch more instructive than the others on our list.

Thus, it’s a good option if you want to direct the topic of an email exchange with your team.

In addition, this allows you to set out the content of your email in an organized manner from start to finish.

This will make your email easier to follow, which will help you communicate key points more effectively.

Consider this email example:

Dear Staff,

Our quarterly business review is set out below.

We will begin with a brief introduction of our senior team […]

Geraldine Barnett

5. Let Me Preface

You can use the phrase let me preface to introduce yourself and your qualifications in a job application email to a hiring manager.

It’s essential to build connections in your industry while you are job hunting.

However, it can be a stressful endeavor to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met, especially when you want to express interest in that person’s company.

The phrase let me preface comes across as professional without being overly formal and stiff.

This makes it a good option when you are trying to break the ice with a prospective employer.

To see what we mean, take a look at this email sample:

Dear Mr. Ashbourne,

I am writing to you to express my interest in the Data Analyst role currently being advertised on LinkedIn.

Let me preface my application with some information about who I am and my qualifications in this area […]

Kind regards,
Calam MacAllan

6. Let’s Start With

Our final alternative to by way of introduction is let’s start with.

This is another good phrase to include in an introduction message to a colleague or in a group message to multiple colleagues.

It comes across as a touch more casual than some of the other phrases on our list. However, its phrasing is still suitable for a professional setting.

Thus, have a look at how we’ve used it in our final email example:

Hi All,

I have attached a few drafts of the event poster below for us to discuss.

Let’s start with a quick acknowledgment of the key contributors to this design […]

All the best,

Kahlan House