What Is Another Way to Say “On the Same Page”?

You want to express that you and another person completely agree about a work-related matter.

But is it suitable to use the phrase on the same page in a professional setting?

In this article, we’ll discuss the correctness of this phrase. In addition, we’ll consider 6 alternative phrases that you can use to keep your work emails diverse.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “On the Same Page”

Below, you’ll find 6 examples of how to say on the same page professionally:

  • In accord
  • See eye to eye
  • Of the same mind
  • Found a common ground
  • In agreement
  • Of the same opinion

1. In Accord

A great formal synonym for on the same page is in accord.

Essentially, when two or more people are in accord, it means that they agree with one another and that there is no point of conflict or contention between them.

You can use this phrase in more formal emails to your boss or fellow professionals in your industry.

For example, this is a great term to use if you are in the midst of negotiating a collaboration or business deal with another organization.

You can use this synonym to confirm that you have reached a consensus with the receiver of your email using professional and sophisticated phrasing.

To see what we mean, have a look at the email example below:

Dear Ms. Riedle,

I can confirm that our respective teams are in accord concerning the collaboration.

I look forward to receiving your draft of the task plan.

Kind regards,
Samuel Lowe

2. See Eye to Eye

See eye to eye is another idiomatic phrase that essentially means that two or more people are in full agreement about an issue.

As this is a figurative expression, it may not be suited for all formal email exchanges.

Thus, we would recommend that you use a more explicitly formal alternative in an email to a client or your boss.

However, it’s a perfectly safe choice if you are emailing a colleague, regardless of how close you are at work.

You can use this phrase in a casual, inter-office email to a coworker you are friendly with. However, it is also tonally neutral enough for an email to a colleague you don’t know particularly well.

For instance:

Hi Heo,

I’m glad we see eye to eye on the recycling idea.

I will bring the issue up to our manager next week.

All the best,

3. Of the Same Mind

Another professional way to say on the same page is of the same mind.

This phrase comes across as a touch formal in most instances. Therefore, it is suitable to use it when you are speaking to a superior at work.

You can use this phrase in an email to your boss to express an idea or opinion that you share with one or more of your colleagues.

Consider this sample email:

Dear Mr. Fimmel,

Having discussed this matter with the rest of my department, I can confirm that we are of the same mind with respect to this proposed strategy.

Talijah Baker

4. Found a Common Ground

Found a common ground is another figurative phrase.

Essentially, the “common ground” in this phrase refers to a topic or opinion that two or more people agree about.

As this phrase is idiomatic, it should not be your first choice in formal emails to your boss or clients.

However, it’s a suitable phrase to use in an email when you want to employ a friendly or amenable tone to a colleague or a fellow professional in your industry.

After all, this phrase creates the image of two or more people uniting for a common cause or sharing a common essential belief.

Therefore, let’s see an email example that includes this phrase:

Dear Jemmason,

I think it’s fantastic news that our clients have found a common ground thanks to your mediation.

I look forward to finalizing the details of this agreement in due course.

Kind regards,

5. In Agreement

In agreement is another way to say on the same page when you want to be concise and professional in an email.

This alternative has the benefit of being diverse and suitable for all kinds of professional circumstances on account of its plain phrasing.

In addition, this phrase is clear and easily understandable to any receiver. After all, it uses no figurative language or industry-specific jargon.

Therefore, in agreement is a safe choice for an email to a client when you want to keep your exchange polite and tonally neutral.

For example:

Dear Ms. McGrath,

If you and your spouse are in agreement about this loan, we can draft a contract as early as noon tomorrow.

Kind regards,
Sandra Kauahi

6. Of the Same Opinion

Our final alternative to on the same page is of the same opinion.

Like the original phrase, this one simply confirms that you and the other person hold the same belief or viewpoint on a topic.

This phrase is suitably formal for an email to your boss. After all, it uses plan and clear phrasing without leaning into figurative speech.

This makes it a good option if you want to maintain an especially professional register in your correspondence.

Have a look at how we’ve used this phrase in our final email sample:

Dear Miss Barinholtz,

I have discussed this matter with the marketing manager, and it would appear that we are of the same opinion when it comes to the target audience.

Yours sincerely,
Cheyenne Sakura

Is It Correct to Say “On the Same Page”?

It is perfectly correct to say that you are on the same page as someone else in a professional setting.

This metaphor essentially means that you and the other person understand each other and have reached some kind of consensus.

Although this expression Is figurative, it is a common idiom that is perfectly suitable to use at work, whatever the size or nature of your business.

Therefore, let’s see a couple of email samples illustrating how you can use this phrase in practice:

Dear Naila,

I can see from your memo that we are on the same page about the Grant case.

I will forward our suggestions to the client.

Kind regards,

Dear Julika,

We can have a meeting this afternoon to get everyone on the same page.

Let me know a time that would suit you.


Next, let’s look at a common grammar mistake people make when using this phrase so that we can avoid it in the future:

Mistake: In vs. on

  • Incorrect: In the same page
  • Correct: On the same page

On the same page is the only correct version of this phrase, as it implies that you and the other person are on the same page of a figurative book.

Therefore, you are both aware of the same information contained on the figurative page.

Although the phrase on the same page is correct, it is rather standardized and may feel like somewhat of a cliché, especially if you use it all the time.

Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to diversify your professional emails using a couple of the synonyms from our list.

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