What Is Another Way to Say “Such As”?

Looking for synonyms for such as? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say such as.

  • For example
  • Like
  • Including
  • Namely
  • Particularly
  • Especially
  • As exemplified by
  • As demonstrated by
  • As shown by
  • To illustrate
  • In particular
  • As an illustration of
  • Evidenced by
  • Exemplified by
  • Illustrated by
  • As evidenced by
  • As indicated by
  • As revealed by
  • As suggested by
  • Characterized by

Want to learn how to say such as professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. For example

Used to introduce a specific instance or example within a broader category.

  • Example: Renewable energy sources, for example, solar and wind power, are essential for sustainable development.

2. Like

Informal and often used in spoken language to introduce examples.

  • Example: There are several strategies to improve efficiency, like streamlining the workflow.

3. Including

Indicates that the examples are part of a larger group.

  • Example: The report covers many critical issues, including climate change and environmental conservation.

4. Namely

Used to specify particular items or examples in detail.

  • Example: The committee focuses on several key areas, namely, innovation, sustainability, and community engagement.

5. Particularly

Emphasizes specific examples more significant than others.

  • Example: The study addresses several challenges, particularly the need for clean water in developing countries.

6. Especially

Highlights examples of particular importance or relevance.

  • Example: There are many factors to consider, especially the project’s long-term sustainability.

7. As exemplified by

Used in formal contexts to introduce a clear, specific example.

  • Example: Effective leadership is crucial in crisis management, as exemplified by the CEO’s response during the financial crisis.

8. As demonstrated by

Introduces examples that have proven or shown something.

  • Example: The importance of cybersecurity is increasing, as demonstrated by recent data breaches.

9. As shown by

Used when referring to examples that provide evidence or proof.

  • Example: As shown by the recent survey, employee satisfaction is closely linked to workplace flexibility.

10. To illustrate

Used to introduce examples that clarify or explain a point.

  • Example: To illustrate the need for innovation, consider the rapid changes in the tech industry.

11. In particular

Highlights a specific example or group of examples as especially important.

  • Example: Several factors contribute to climate change, in particular, carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

12. As an illustration of

Formal way to introduce an example that exemplifies a broader concept.

  • Example: As an illustration of our commitment to quality, we have implemented rigorous testing protocols.

13. Evidenced by

Used when the example serves as proof or evidence.

  • Example: The success of the strategy is evidenced by the company’s growth in the last quarter.

14. Exemplified by

Introduces an example that is a typical or ideal representation.

  • Example: Good corporate governance is exemplified by transparent communication and ethical decision-making.

15. Illustrated by

Used when an example visually or conceptually explains something.

  • Example: The trend towards remote working is illustrated by the increase in virtual meetings.

16. As evidenced by

Similar to “evidenced by,” it introduces an example that supports or proves a statement.

  • Example: The need for digital literacy in the workforce is as evidenced by the growing demand for IT professionals.

17. As indicated by

Introduces an example that signals or suggests a larger trend or fact.

  • Example: As indicated by the recent study, there is a strong correlation between employee engagement and productivity.

18. As revealed by

Used when an example uncovers or discloses something not previously known.

  • Example: As revealed by the financial audit, there were discrepancies in the company’s accounting records.

19. As suggested by

Introduces an example that proposes or implies a broader concept or idea.

  • Example: The rise in freelance and contract work, as suggested by employment statistics, indicates a shift in the job market.

20. Characterized by

Used to introduce examples that define or describe a particular feature or quality.

  • Example: The current era of technological innovation is characterized by advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Linda Brown