What Is Another Way to Say “Accused”?

Looking for synonyms for accused? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say accused.

  • Charged
  • Alleged
  • Indicted
  • Impeached
  • Prosecuted
  • Arraigned
  • Incriminated
  • Implicated
  • Blamed
  • Suspected
  • Cited
  • Denounced
  • Summoned
  • Fingered
  • Inculpated

Want to learn how to say accused professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Charged

Use when: Formally accusing someone of a crime in a legal context.
Example: “The executive was charged with embezzlement.”

2. Alleged

Use when: Claiming someone has done something wrong, often without proof at the early stages.
Example: “The alleged fraudster will face a court hearing next week.”

3. Indicted

Use when: Formally charging someone with a serious crime after a grand jury review.
Example: “The mayor was indicted for corruption and misuse of public funds.”

4. Impeached

Use when: Charging a public official with misconduct in office.
Example: “The governor was impeached for breaking state law.”

5. Prosecuted

Use when: Legally pursuing charges against someone in a court.
Example: “The company is being prosecuted for environmental violations.”

6. Arraigned

Use when: Bringing someone before a court to answer criminal charges.
Example: “The suspect was arraigned on multiple counts of theft.”

7. Incriminated

Use when: Suggesting that someone is involved in a crime.
Example: “Evidence incriminated several high-ranking officials in the scandal.”

8. Implicated

Use when: Showing that someone is involved in a crime or wrongful act.
Example: “The investigation implicated him in the bribery case.”

9. Blamed

Use when: Assigning responsibility for a fault or wrong.
Example: “The CEO was blamed for the company’s financial mismanagement.”

10. Suspected

Use when: Believing someone is guilty of a crime without conclusive evidence.
Example: “The employee is suspected of leaking confidential information.”

11. Cited

Use when: Formally calling someone to appear in court, usually for a minor violation.
Example: “The driver was cited for traffic violations.”

12. Denounced

Use when: Publicly declaring someone to be wrong or evil.
Example: “The activist was denounced for spreading misinformation.”

13. Summoned

Use when: Ordering someone to appear in court.
Example: “The witness was summoned to testify in the trial.”

14. Fingered

Use when: Informally identifying someone as the perpetrator of a crime.
Example: “He was fingered by an informant as the mastermind behind the heist.”

15. Inculpated

Use when: Accusing or implicating someone in a crime.
Example: “The documents inculpated several officials in the fraud scheme.”

Linda Brown