How to Say “Let’s Keep in Touch” Professionally

It’s an open secret that business is all about who you know. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain business relationships with others if you want to succeed. But is let’s keep in touch the right phrase to use when you do this?

We’ll address this question below. Moreover, we’ve compiled a list of great phrases that you can use to keep those important lines of communication open!

Is It Correct to Say “Let’s Keep in Touch”?

The phrase let’s keep in touch is correct to use in professional settings. In fact, its level of formality makes it fairly standard in most kinds of organizations. Therefore, you should have no problem using this phrase when speaking to a client or colleague.

Below, we’ve drafted two email examples showing you how to use this phrase in practice:

Dear Troy,

I will be out of the office next week, but my personal number is below.

Let’s keep in touch about this story in case there are any new developments.

Kind regards,

Replacing keep with stay is also perfectly suitable, and you can use these variations interchangeably, as illustrated below:

Dear Karla,

I will be relocating to the Chicago office next week, but let’s stay in touch regarding Mr. Hutton’s case regardless.

All the best,

Although let’s keep in touch is correct, it is phrased rather casually, and it may come across as standardized.

Therefore, you can find a more distinctly professional alternative in the list we’ve compiled below.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “Let’s Keep in Touch”

To see how to tell someone to keep in touch professionally, check out the 10 phrases below:

  • Let’s stay in contact
  • I would like to keep in touch
  • Please keep in touch
  • I would be keen to discuss this further
  • I’ll keep you updated
  • Let’s keep in communication 
  • Would you like to keep in touch?
  • Please call me
  • Let’s keep talking
  • I’ll follow up with you

1. Let’s Stay In Contact

You can use the phrase “let’s stay in contact” in a formal email to one of your colleagues.

This alternative is appropriately formal for correspondence at a corporate job. Moreover, you can use it with a colleague that you aren’t particularly close with.

After all, you should always start out with a more formal register and only become more casual once your work relationship has developed.

Let’s see this phrase in an email example:

Dear Priya,

Let’s stay in contact regarding the McKenzie case until further notice.


2. I Would Like to Keep in Touch

If you’ve made a new potential connection, perhaps online or out in the world, you can say I would like to keep in touch to let them know that you mean business.

After all, when you’ve met someone that you’d like to work with in the future, it never hurts to maintain that relationship. Therefore, this phrase tells the other person candidly that you’d like to stay connected.

Have a look at the email sample below:

Dear Katlego,

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.

If possible, I would like to keep in touch and possibly further develop the ideas you spoke about.

All the best,

3. Please Keep in Touch

Please keep in touch is just another way to say let’s keep in touch with some additional politeness.

You can use this phrase when you’re instructing an employee to maintain a connection with a client or a person from another organization.

To see what we mean, check out this example:

Dear Thandi,

Please keep in touch with their team so we can collaborate again for future opportunities.


4. I Would Be Keen to Discuss This Further

You can use the phrase I would be keen to discuss this further if you’ve added a new connection to your network and you think you may like to collaborate with them.

Firstly, this phrase makes it clear that you want to keep communicating with this person. Secondly, the inclusion of “keen” lets them know that you are enthusiastic about a potential partnership or business venture.

Let’s see this phrase in a sample email:

Dear Zayn,

Thank you for such an interesting chat the other day.

I would be keen to discuss this app idea further, so please let me know when you have time to meet.

All the best,

5. I’ll Keep You Updated

When you’re speaking to your employer, you may choose a phrase that is more one-sided than let’s keep in touch.

After all, you and your boss are not equals. So, rather than acting like you have a give-and-take relationship, you can simply promise to maintain contact with them using the phrase I’ll keep you updated.

See the example below:

Dear Mr. Yolk,

I have reached out to Mr. Connor, and I’ll keep you updated regarding his plans.

Kind regards,
Abby James

6. Let’s Keep in Communication

Let’s keep in communication is a good example of how to say let’s keep in touch in a formal way.

You can use this phrase when emailing a coworker with whom you have a distant and professional dynamic. For example, it’s suitable to use in a message to someone from a different department.

Have a look at the following email example:

Dear Matthew,

I can see the predicament you’re in.

Let’s keep in communication about the issue until it’s resolved.


7. Would You Like to Keep in Touch?

If you’re networking and have met someone that you think has potential, you can ask to stay in contact using the phrase would you like to keep in touch? This phrase comes across a bit more casually, but it is still very polite.

Since this alternative is a question rather than a statement, it comes across as less demanding than let’s keep in touch.

This shows your respect for the other person and their boundaries. After all, you are asking whether they would be interested in pursuing a business relationship with you.

See how we’ve used this phrase in an email sample:

Hi Leanne,

I really enjoyed our conversation the other night, and I think we may work well together.

Would you like to keep in touch for the future?

Kind regards,

8. Please Call Me

Another way to maintain a potential business relationship is to say, please call me.

In particular, you can ask someone to call you should they ever want to solicit your skills or collaborate on a project.

For example:

Dear Trisha,

Please call me if you would like to commission a cover for the novel you’re working on.

Of course, I’d offer you a very fair price for my work.

All the best,

9. Let’s Keep Talking

If you would like to maintain a potential business relationship with someone, you can use the phrase let’s keep talking to show that you would be keen to further develop your ideas.

You can use this phrase with someone in your network. Alternatively, you can use it in an email to a colleague if you’d like to work with them on a project.

Consider the example below:

Dear Cory,

I think you may be on to something with the logo.

Let’s keep talking about it throughout the week.

All the best,

10. I’ll Follow Up With You

If you’ve made a new connection and you’re very keen to pursue a business relationship with them, you can say I’ll follow up with you.

Firstly, this phrase takes the burden off the other person to maintain your relationship. After all, it sets out clearly that you will be the one to follow up with them.

Secondly, it shows how serious you are about maintaining a connection with them. If you’re trying to collaborate for future work, it’s good to show that you aren’t all talking!

Have a look at the sample email below to see this phase in action:

Dear Mike,

Thank you for meeting with me the other day. I have been looking into some of the ideas you brought up and it all looks very possible.

I’ll follow up with you in the coming weeks so we can hopefully get together again.

Warm regards,

Kahlan House