What Is Another Way to Say “Tech Savvy”?

You want to tell prospective employers that you know your way around a computer. But is the phrase tech savvy suitable for your resume?

In this article, we’ll show you how to say you’re good with computers on your resume using 10 distinct terms and phrases. Furthermore, we’ll discuss the appropriateness of this phrase.

10 Synonyms for “Tech Savvy” on Your Resume

Check out this list of other ways to say tech savvy on your CV:

  • Computer literate
  • Technically proficient
  • IT literate
  • Seasoned tech user
  • Familiar with technology
  • Techie
  • Technophile
  • Technically competent
  • Digital skills
  • Tech cognoscente

1. Computer Literate

Computer literate is a good formal synonym for tech savvy. Thus, it is generally preferred for a resume or cover letter.

Essentially, being computer literate means that you have a basic understanding of how to operate a computer and all the usual software.

Therefore, you can use this phrase for any job application, whatever the nature of the role or organization that you are applying to.

Let’s see a snippet from a sample resume:

I am computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

2. IT Literate

Being IT literate means you have the basic skills and knowledge to operate a computer and any relevant technology for a given role.

Therefore, this is a safe choice to go with if you can manage scheduling tools and send emails on a computer but don’t have a tech-related background.

This is a good phrase to use in an application to an office role or any other position that would require a basic understanding of how to draft documents or create presentations on a computer.

Therefore, have a look at how we’ve used this phrase in an example:

My bookkeeping experience has rendered me IT literate and even proficient at using most forms of accounting software.

3. Technically Proficient

A good professional way to say tech savvy on your resume is to call yourself technically proficient.

However, since this synonym includes the word “proficient,” you should only use it if you have a high level of skill or knowledge in relation to computers, technology, or any digital field.

Moderate familiarity with Microsoft tools probably won’t count as “technical proficiency”!

Nevertheless, let’s see an example making use of this phrase:

On account of my years of experience in software engineering, I am technically proficient and highly adaptable to the ever-changing digital landscape.

4. Seasoned Tech User

You can use the phrase seasoned tech user in your CV if you are familiar with most standard operating systems that are relevant to your industry.

This is a good phrase to use if you have worked in your profession for a number of years and are confident that you can manage any technical systems that you would need to in order to carry out a specific role or task well.

In short, this isn’t an ideal phrase if you have only recently entered into the working world, so use it with caution!

See the example below:

I am a seasoned tech user and can troubleshoot any IT issues that might arise throughout my workday.

5. Familiar With Technology

If you have a moderate understanding of how to use basic tools and software on a computer, you can use the phrase familiar with technology.

This phrase will come across as more honest if your skills are fairly basic when it comes to using tech. This is perfectly suitable if the role doesn’t require a high degree of computer literacy.

In addition, you can add that you are receptive to training. This should quell any concerns from your prospective employer about your technical abilities.

For instance:

I am familiar with technology and can manage most general administrative tasks on a computer, although I would be receptive to further training in relation to my IT skills.

6. Techie

Another synonym for tech savvy is techie. You can use this phrase in your resume or cover letter if you are a tech enthusiast and have a high degree of skill and knowledge about technology and digital software.

Like the original phrase, this term is considered informal. Therefore, it’s not the best choice for every job application.

However, there are instances where more casual phrasing will be received perfectly well by a hiring team.

Therefore, if you think the culture of the company you are applying to would allow for your application to be a tad less formal, this is a great phrase to use to exhibit your keen interest in technology.

I have always been an incurable techie with a particular interest in algorithmic biases and SEO tools.

7. Technophile

Like the phrase above, technophile is a word for a person with an interest in and enthusiasm for new technology.

This phrase appears more formal at first glance. However, it is often used in a tongue-in-cheek way to indicate that a person has a particular interest in technology.

You could certainly get away with using this phrase in an application for a tech-related role, as a love for technology will be seen as a huge positive.

However, you can also use your love of technology as an additional attractive skill since most roles are becoming more technical in the modern era.

Therefore, let’s see this phrase in an example:

As an unabashed technophile, I can bring a fresh perspective to this role. After all, I believe that our industry is ripe for change and that the digital realm will be the catalyst.

8. Technically Competent

You can use the phrase technically competent if you have a high degree of technical expertise relevant to the role you are applying for.

Therefore, this phrase is not a direct synonym for tech savvy but can still be used to indicate that you are tech savvy if the role you are pursuing is based in IT or another tech-related field.

Have a look at the following example:

Throughout my time as a freelance computer engineer, I found a way to provide services to my clients in a technically competent manner.

9. Digital Skills

Another way to say tech savvy on your resume is to talk about your digital skills.

Rather than simply mentioning that you are good with computers, recruiters would like to see this illustrated when you list your prior experience or training.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to provide a detailed list of all of your tech-related talents and capabilities in your CV or cover letter.

For example:

My digital skills include a comprehensive understanding of social media marketing, search engine optimization, and data analytics.

10. Tech Cognoscente

Finally, you can describe yourself as a tech cognoscente in your resume if you have expert knowledge of technology and can illustrate this through your years of experience.

A “cognoscente” is a person with superior knowledge in a particular field. Therefore, you should only use this phrase if you have above-average technical capabilities.

Let’s see this phrase in our final example:

I would describe myself as a fervent tech cognoscente, and I have studied the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our industry over the past eight years.

Is “Tech Savvy” a Good Resume Phrase?

The phrase tech savvy comes across as too informal for a resume in general. Moreover, many hiring managers advise that it is better to illustrate your computer skills in your resume rather than simply announcing your “tech savviness.”

However, tech savvy is a common term for someone with moderate to advanced IT skills. Therefore, there are a number of places where you could use this term.

For instance, you could use this term in your LinkedIn summary, where more personal and casual phrasing is standard.

Below, we’ve drafted two examples showing how you could use this phrase in your job portal summary:

I’m tech savvy with a keen interest in SEO.

Although I greatly enjoy the sensory experience of jotting down my work on a typewriter, I’m very tech savvy.

Next, let’s look at a common variation of the phrase tech savvy that you’re likely to come across:

Variation: Hyphenating tech savvy

  • Correct: I am very tech savvy.
  • Correct: I am a tech-savvy person.

Although tech savvy is a popular phrase that means you have general computer skills, it’s too casual for a formal CV and is probably too standardized, even in less formal settings.

Therefore, you can mix up your phrasing or keep your resume formal using one of the alternatives we’ve compiled.

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