What Is Another Way to Say “Relate To”?

Looking for synonyms for relate to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say relate to.

  • Connect with
  • Identify with
  • Empathize with
  • Understand
  • Resonate with
  • Associate with
  • Sympathize with
  • Comprehend
  • Correspond to
  • Echo
  • Reflect
  • Share a connection with
  • Be on the same wavelength as
  • Find common ground with
  • Commiserate with
  • Be in tune with
  • Harmonize with
  • Be akin to
  • Empathize
  • Engage with

Want to learn how to say relate to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Connect with

Use when: Indicating a sense of understanding or forming a bond.
Example: “The brand’s new campaign aims to connect with a younger audience.”

2. Identify with

Use when: Referring to feeling a sense of identification or similarity with someone or something.
Example: “Many employees identify with the company’s values, which boosts morale.”

3. Empathize with

Use when: Indicating a deep understanding of another’s feelings or situation.
Example: “As a manager, it’s important to empathize with your team’s challenges.”

4. Understand

Use when: Referring to comprehending or grasping the meaning of something.
Example: “She understands the customer’s needs better than anyone else in the team.”

5. Resonate with

Use when: Indicating that something is meaningful or impactful to someone.
Example: “The keynote speaker’s message resonated with the audience.”

6. Associate with

Use when: Referring to a connection or relationship with someone or something.
Example: “Our brand is strategically associating with environmentally friendly initiatives.”

7. Sympathize with

Use when: Indicating a feeling of pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune.
Example: “We sympathize with those affected by the market changes.”

8. Comprehend

Use when: Referring to understanding something fully.
Example: “The team needs to comprehend the complexities of the project to succeed.”

9. Correspond to

Use when: Indicating a similarity or compatibility with something.
Example: “Their goals closely correspond to the objectives of our organization.”

10. Echo

Use when: Referring to something that reflects or resembles another thing.
Example: “Her views on innovation echo the company’s ethos.”

11. Reflect

Use when: Indicating mirroring or representing something.
Example: “The new policy reflects the feedback received from our employees.”

12. Share a connection with

Use when: Describing having a mutual link or bond with someone or something.
Example: “We share a connection with this cause due to our company’s history.”

13. Be on the same wavelength as

Use when: Referring to thinking in a similar way or having similar ideas as someone else.
Example: “It’s crucial for the team to be on the same wavelength as the project leader.”

14. Find common ground with

Use when: Indicating discovering shared interests or opinions with someone.
Example: “The negotiators were able to find common ground with the stakeholders.”

15. Commiserate with

Use when: Referring to expressing or feeling sympathy or pity for someone.
Example: “The CEO commiserated with the employees who were affected by the restructuring.”

16. Be in tune with

Use when: Indicating being in harmony or agreement with something.
Example: “The marketing campaign is in tune with current consumer trends.”

17. Harmonize with

Use when: Referring to matching or synchronizing well with something.
Example: “Our company’s values harmonize with the community’s expectations.”

18. Be akin to

Use when: Indicating being similar or related in some way.
Example: “The challenges faced by our branch are akin to those of our overseas divisions.”

19. Empathize

Use when: Referring to understanding and sharing the feelings of another.
Example: “Effective leaders empathize with their employees’ perspectives and concerns.”

20. Engage with

Use when: Indicating interacting or becoming involved with something.
Example: “Our social media strategy is to actively engage with our audience.”

Linda Brown