What Is Another Way to Say “Give Rise To”?

Looking for synonyms for give rise to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say give rise to.

  • Generate
  • Cause
  • Lead to
  • Bring about
  • Produce
  • Provoke
  • Elicit
  • Induce
  • Result in
  • Create
  • Spawn
  • Engender
  • Prompt
  • Catalyze
  • Trigger

Want to learn how to say give rise to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Generate

Appropriate Use: Suitable for causing something to arise or come about.
Example: “The new marketing campaign helped to generate a lot of interest in the product.”

2. Cause

Appropriate Use: Ideal for something that brings about an effect or result.
Example: “The sudden shift in market trends caused a reevaluation of our strategy.”

3. Lead to

Appropriate Use: Used for situations where one action or event makes another happen.
Example: “Effective teamwork can lead to greater productivity and success.”

4. Bring about

Appropriate Use: Suitable for causing something to happen.
Example: “Implementing new technologies can bring about significant improvements in efficiency.”

5. Produce

Appropriate Use: Refers to causing or bringing into existence.
Example: “The company’s investment in research and development produced several innovative products.”

6. Provoke

Appropriate Use: Ideal for inciting or stimulating a reaction or emotion.
Example: “The controversial policy changes provoked a lot of discussion among the staff.”

7. Elicit

Appropriate Use: Used for evoking or drawing out a response from someone.
Example: “The manager’s unique approach to problem-solving elicited creative ideas from the team.”

8. Induce

Appropriate Use: Suitable for bringing about or giving rise to.
Example: “The incentive program induced a significant increase in sales.”

9. Result in

Appropriate Use: Refers to having something as an outcome or consequence.
Example: “The new training program resulted in higher employee satisfaction rates.”

10. Create

Appropriate Use: Ideal for bringing something into existence.
Example: “The collaboration between the departments created a more cohesive business strategy.”

11. Spawn

Appropriate Use: Used for giving rise to a large number of something.
Example: “The successful ad campaign spawned a series of similar projects.”

12. Engender

Appropriate Use: Suitable for causing a feeling, situation, or condition to arise.
Example: “The CEO’s leadership style engendered a culture of innovation within the company.”

13. Prompt

Appropriate Use: Refers to causing someone to take a course of action.
Example: “The client’s feedback prompted a complete redesign of the product.”

14. Catalyze

Appropriate Use: Ideal for being the cause of or accelerating a change.
Example: “The emerging technologies catalyzed changes in the industry’s standard practices.”

15. Trigger

Appropriate Use: Used for causing an event or situation to happen or exist.
Example: “The merger triggered a series of organizational restructuring.”

Linda Brown