What Is Another Way to Say “Fall in Love”?

Looking for synonyms for fall in love? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say fall in love.

  • Become smitten
  • Develop affection
  • Grow fond
  • Be infatuated
  • Feel affection
  • Be charmed
  • Be captivated
  • Be enamored
  • Become enamored
  • Be bewitched
  • Be taken
  • Be struck
  • Find oneself enamored
  • Be entranced
  • Be enthralled

Want to learn how to say fall in love professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Become smitten

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing a sudden, intense affection for someone.
Example: “He became smitten with the new team leader’s passion and drive.”

2. Develop affection

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing a gradual growth of fondness towards someone.
Example: “Over the years, she developed a deep affection for her mentor and guide.”

3. Grow fond

Appropriate Use: Used when affection or liking for someone increases over time.
Example: “The more they worked together, the more he grew fond of his colleague’s dedication and humor.”

4. Be infatuated

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a strong but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.
Example: “She was initially infatuated with the charismatic presenter at the conference.”

5. Feel affection

Appropriate Use: Refers to having a gentle feeling of fondness or liking.
Example: “He began to feel a deep affection for the team he had been part of for so long.”

6. Be charmed

Appropriate Use: Ideal for finding someone extremely attractive or delightful.
Example: “The entire staff was charmed by the new manager’s friendly and open demeanor.”

7. Be captivated

Appropriate Use: Used when someone is very attracted or fascinated by another person.
Example: “During the collaboration, she was captivated by her partner’s innovative ideas.”

8. Be enamored

Appropriate Use: Suitable for having a strong feeling of love or admiration.
Example: “He was completely enamored by his coworker’s commitment to social causes.”

9. Become enamored

Appropriate Use: Refers to the process of falling in love or growing very fond of someone.
Example: “She became enamored with the company’s ethos and values.”

10. Be bewitched

Appropriate Use: Ideal for being utterly enchanted or fascinated by someone.
Example: “The team was bewitched by the new project leader’s vision and enthusiasm.”

11. Be taken

Appropriate Use: Used for being very attracted to or fond of someone.
Example: “He was taken with the consultant’s sharp wit and intelligence.”

12. Be struck

Appropriate Use: Suitable for being suddenly impressed or charmed by someone.
Example: “She was struck by her colleague’s kindness and professionalism.”

13. Find oneself enamored

Appropriate Use: Refers to realizing that one has developed strong feelings of love or admiration.
Example: “He found himself enamored with the company’s innovative culture.”

14. Be entranced

Appropriate Use: Ideal for being filled with wonder and delight, capturing one’s entire attention.
Example: “She was entranced by her mentor’s ability to solve complex problems effortlessly.”

15. Be enthralled

Appropriate Use: Used when being captivated or absorbed by someone’s presence or actions.
Example: “The new intern was enthralled by the team’s creativity and unity.”

Linda Brown