What Is Another Way to Say “Looking Forward To”?

Looking for synonyms for looking forward to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say looking forward to.

  • Anticipating
  • Excited about
  • Eager for
  • Awaiting
  • Enthusiastic about
  • Anxious for
  • Keen on
  • Counting the days until
  • Can’t wait for
  • Psyched for
  • Thrilled about
  • Longing for
  • Yearning for
  • Craving
  • Desirous of
  • Hopeful for
  • Optimistic about
  • Preparing for
  • Ready for
  • Geared up for

Want to learn how to say looking forward to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Anticipating

Used when expecting something with excitement or confidence.

  • Example: The team is anticipating the launch of the new product line.

2. Excited about

Shows a high level of enthusiasm and eagerness.

  • Example: We are excited about the upcoming international conference.

3. Eager for

Demonstrates a strong desire or interest in an upcoming event.

  • Example: The marketing department is eager for the new campaign to start.

4. Awaiting

Implies waiting for something with expectation.

  • Example: The company is awaiting the results of the market analysis.

5. Enthusiastic about

Shows intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

  • Example: The team is enthusiastic about the new project collaboration.

6. Anxious for

Indicates a strong eagerness often mixed with anticipation or anxiety.

  • Example: The board is anxious for the quarterly financial reports.

7. Keen on

Shows a strong interest or eagerness in something.

  • Example: The CEO is keen on adopting more sustainable business practices.

8. Counting the days until

Shows an eager anticipation marked by a countdown to an event.

  • Example: We are counting the days until the product launch.

9. Can’t wait for

An informal way to express extreme eagerness or impatience for something.

  • Example: The sales team can’t wait for the new CRM system to be implemented.

10. Psyched for

Informal term showing great excitement and enthusiasm.

  • Example: The development team is psyched for the upcoming hackathon.

11. Thrilled about

Shows an intense level of excitement and happiness.

  • Example: We are thrilled about the company’s expansion into new markets.

12. Longing for

Indicates a strong, persistent desire or craving for something.

  • Example: The manager is longing for the team’s offsite retreat.

13. Yearning for

Shows a deep, sometimes wistful or melancholic longing.

  • Example: The organization is yearning for a return to normal operations.

14. Craving

Indicates a powerful desire for something.

  • Example: The employees are craving more opportunities for professional development.

15. Desirous of

Shows a strong desire or wish for something.

  • Example: The company is desirous of achieving industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings.

16. Hopeful for

Indicates optimism about an upcoming event or outcome.

  • Example: The team is hopeful for positive feedback on the new interface design.

17. Optimistic about

Shows a positive attitude and expectation about the future.

  • Example: Management is optimistic about the company’s growth prospects this year.

18. Preparing for

Indicates getting ready or making arrangements for an upcoming event.

  • Example: The staff is busily preparing for the annual audit.

19. Ready for

Shows readiness or preparedness for something.

  • Example: The organization is ready for the upcoming regulatory changes.

20. Geared up for

Indicates being fully prepared and enthusiastic for something.

  • Example: The marketing team is geared up for the launch of the new advertising campaign.

Linda Brown