How to Say You Have a “Can-Do Attitude” on a Resume

So, you’re trying to impress an employer by saying you have a can-do attitude, right?

However, you’re worried the phrase isn’t good on a resume or makes you sound childish.

Fear not!

This article will provide you with the answers and alternatives you need. We’ll teach you how to describe someone with a can-do attitude to help you stand out.

Is “Can-Do Attitude” a Good Resume Phrase?

Can-do attitude is not a good resume phrase.

Unfortunately, it sounds a bit too informal and insincere. So, most of the time, employers won’t like to read it.

Of course, it means you will always put your mind to a task. Even if it seems impossible, you’ll do your best to tackle it head-on.

However, it is not a skill. You should not mention it in a resume because it will turn most recruiters away from you.

You can only use it when applying to casual job roles. It’s also wise to provide examples of when you had a can-do attitude to sell yourself more.

For instance:

My can-do attitude helps me to stay above my peers. I proved that with the last team project I worked on.

You can also amplify the phrase by writing positive can-do attitude. Again, this only works in more casual job applications.

I have a positive can-do attitude that I bring with me everywhere. I hope that comes across.

Beware of the hyphenation mistake, though! Most people forget to hyphenate can-do, which is grammatically incorrect, as it acts as a modifier for attitude.

Mistake: Not hyphenating can-do

  • Correct: Can-do attitude
  • Incorrect: Can do attitude

So, you’re going to want to think of something to replace can-do attitude to make your resume sound as appealing as possible. Luckily, we’re here to help with exactly that!

Keep reading to learn what to say instead of can-do attitude. We’ve gathered the best synonyms to help you explore your options in a CV.

6 Alternative Ways to Say “Can-Do Attitude”

So, you can refer to these 6 alternatives to learn how to say you have a can-do attitude at work:

  • Proactive mindset
  • Positive outlook
  • Solution-oriented
  • Resourceful
  • Eager and willing
  • Determined and motivated

1. Proactive Mindset

You can use proactive mindset as a formal synonym in your resume.

It’s a great way to say you have a can-do attitude. Most of the time, it lets employers know you take your role seriously.

Generally, it’ll help to sell you and what you can do.

Also, being proactive is a great quality to bring to a workplace. It will immediately set you apart from other candidates, which is what makes it such a useful synonym to include.

Also, these examples will help you to understand more about it:

My proactive mindset helps me to stand out from other candidates. I’m certain that I can deliver the goods.

I have a proactive mindset when it comes to my job. That’s why I know I’m a good fit for a role like this.

2. Positive Outlook

You should use positive outlook as another way to say can-do attitude.

It’s highly effective because it shows you treat everything with positivity. Generally, this allows you to work much harder than most, which is helpful when trying to impress.

You can use it when applying for a job that requires positivity and a proactive mindset. It’s a great way to let an employer know you’re serious and want to do what you can to work well with them.

Check out these CV samples to learn more if you still need help with it:

I’ve got a very positive outlook in this field. It’s why I know I’m supposed to be working for a firm such as yours.

My positive outlook helps me to stay on top of the jobs I’m given. I’m very proud of my work ethic.

3. Solution-Oriented

Try using solution-oriented to show how you can solve problems well. It’s highly effective because it aims to impress the recruiter who’s reading through your resume.

Generally, this is an effective way to show that you always try to find solutions. It shows that you won’t pick up a new task or project without considering your options and seeing what you can learn.

Also, the more you focus on outcomes and solutions, the better your work will be. That’s what makes this such a valuable choice when you’re trying to convince someone to hire you.

Feel free to review these samples if you still need help:

I’m very solution-oriented. That’s why I know I’ll be a good fit for this role, as I’ll always know how to tackle a challenge.

It helps to be solution-oriented in these situations. I’m certain that I can fill this position nicely with my abilities.

4. Resourceful

For a one-word alternative, you can write resourceful instead of having a can-do attitude.

It’s a great way to streamline your resume. Using resourceful in a resume is, in itself, a resourceful word to include.

After all, it shows that you value one-word variations and synonyms that’ll help your readers to understand more about you as quickly as possible.

These examples should also help you to understand more about it:

It helps to be resourceful in these situations. I’m certain that I can bring that attribute with me to the workplace.

I’m sure your position is a great fit for me. I’m very resourceful and ready to prove myself to you.

5. Eager and Willing

Next, you can use eager and willing as a synonym to show that you have a positive attitude in the workplace.

It’s a great way to show you’re diligent and hard-working. Generally, this works well when you’re trying to show someone how seriously you take your job.

It’s also a great way to convince an employer to take you up on an interview. That way, you can prove to them just how keen you are to impress them.

You can also check out these resume examples to find out more:

I’m eager and willing to get stuck in. I’m so excited to learn under your tutelage and see what I can do.

It helps that I’m eager and willing in the workplace. I go above and beyond and have a positive attitude to match my spirit.

6. Determined and Motivated

Finally, you may want to use determined and motivated. Both of these buzzwords are helpful ways to prove how much you enjoy working for someone or doing something.

It’s generally best to use phrases like this when trying to show you have a positive attitude towards work.

After all, you’ll find it much easier to sell yourself to a recruiter when using a phrase like this.

Don’t just take our word for it, though! They’re buzzwords for a reason. Include it in your own resume and see how successful they can be for you.

Feel free to refer to these CV samples to learn more about it:

I’m always determined and motivated when given new tasks. That’s why I’m a great fit for this role.

You won’t find another candidate as determined and motivated as I am. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with what I can do.

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