What Is Another Way to Say “At the Same Time”?

Looking for synonyms for at the same time? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say at the same time.

  • Concurrently
  • Simultaneously
  • In tandem
  • Alongside
  • Together
  • Coextensively
  • Concurrent with
  • In unison
  • In parallel
  • As one
  • Meanwhile
  • While
  • During
  • At once
  • Coevally
  • Synchronously
  • Concomitantly
  • Along with
  • In conjunction with
  • In sync

Want to learn how to say at the same time professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Concurrently

Used to indicate events happening at the same time, often in a formal or technical context.

  • Example: The two conferences were held concurrently in different cities.

2. Simultaneously

Indicates that two or more activities are occurring at the same time.

  • Example: The system updates data simultaneously across all platforms.

3. In tandem

Refers to two or more entities working together in coordination.

  • Example: The marketing and sales teams are working in tandem to boost revenue.

4. Alongside

Used when two or more processes or events occur together, often in a cooperative manner.

  • Example: The new policy was developed alongside ongoing market research.

5. Together

Indicates joint action or occurrence.

  • Example: The departments will present their findings together at the meeting.

6. Coextensively

A formal term indicating that two or more things span the same period or area.

  • Example: The new regulations apply coextensively in all EU countries.

7. Concurrent with

Used to show that one event or process occurs at the same time as another.

  • Example: The software upgrade will happen concurrent with the hardware installation.

8. In unison

Indicates actions or events happening together, harmoniously or simultaneously.

  • Example: All branches will launch the campaign in unison.

9. In parallel

Refers to two or more processes occurring at the same time, often independently.

  • Example: The two studies were conducted in parallel to compare results.

10. As one

Implies a unified action or movement at the same time.

  • Example: The committee members voiced their agreement as one.

11. Meanwhile

Indicates something happening at the same time as another event.

  • Example: The new product was launched; meanwhile, the marketing campaign was already underway.

12. While

Shows that one thing is happening at the same time as another.

  • Example: While the meeting took place, the team prepared the presentation.

13. During

Indicates that something happens within the same time frame as another event.

  • Example: During the seminar, several workshops were held simultaneously.

14. At once

Suggests immediacy and simultaneous action.

  • Example: All systems must be updated at once to ensure network security.

15. Coevally

A formal term used to describe events or processes occurring at the same time.

  • Example: The economic growth and technology development in the region happened coevally.

16. Synchronously

Indicates that actions or events happen at the same time and often in coordination.

  • Example: The global offices communicate synchronously during weekly video conferences.

17. Concomitantly

A formal or technical term for events or conditions happening together.

  • Example: The increase in sales occurred concomitantly with the expansion of the distribution network.

18. Along with

Used to mention something happening together with another thing.

  • Example: Along with the software update, a new user manual was released.

19. In conjunction with

Refers to things happening or being used together, often in collaboration.

  • Example: The survey was conducted in conjunction with the market analysis.

20. In sync

Indicates two or more elements operating or happening together harmoniously.

  • Example: The team worked in sync to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Linda Brown