What Is Another Way to Say “Let Me Know”?

Looking for synonyms for let me know? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say let me know.

  • Inform me
  • Keep me posted
  • Update me
  • Notify me
  • Advise me
  • Fill me in
  • Brief me
  • Apprise me
  • Give me a heads up
  • Report back to me
  • Communicate to me
  • Alert me
  • Enlighten me
  • Share with me
  • Loop me in

Want to learn how to say let me know professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Inform Me

Appropriate Use: Suitable for formal and professional communication requiring specific information.
Example: “Please inform me of any changes to the project timeline.”

2. Keep Me Posted

Appropriate Use: Best for less formal or ongoing situations where regular updates are needed.
Example: “Keep me posted on the progress of the marketing campaign.”

3. Update Me

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations requiring periodic reports or new information.
Example: “Update me on the client’s feedback after the presentation.”

4. Notify Me

Appropriate Use: Suitable for scenarios where you need to be alerted, especially for specific events or changes.
Example: “Notify me as soon as the financial report is ready.”

5. Advise Me

Appropriate Use: Appropriate for situations where guidance or recommendations are expected along with information.
Example: “Advise me on the best course of action once you have the market analysis.”

6. Fill Me In

Appropriate Use: Best used in informal settings where you need to be brought up to date on details you may have missed.
Example: “Fill me in on what was discussed during the meeting I missed.”

7. Brief Me

Appropriate Use: Ideal for situations requiring a concise and specific update or summary.
Example: “Please brief me on the outcomes of today’s conference call.”

8. Apprise Me

Appropriate Use: Suitable for formal contexts where you need to be made aware of certain information.
Example: “Apprise me of any shifts in the company’s strategic direction.”

9. Give Me a Heads Up

Appropriate Use: Ideal for casual or colloquial contexts where prior notice is needed.
Example: “Give me a heads up before you finalize the contract terms.”

10. Report Back to Me

Appropriate Use: Best for authoritative or managerial positions requiring detailed feedback or information.
Example: “Report back to me with the results of the customer satisfaction survey.”

11. Communicate to Me

Appropriate Use: Suitable for a range of professional settings where information transfer is required.
Example: “Communicate to me any issues you encounter with the new software.”

12. Alert Me

Appropriate Use: Appropriate in situations where immediate or urgent information is necessary.
Example: “Alert me if there are any unexpected dips in website traffic.”

13. Enlighten Me

Appropriate Use: Best used in contexts where detailed or clarifying information is required.
Example: “Enlighten me about the new regulations affecting our industry.”

14. Share with Me

Appropriate Use: Suitable for collaborative environments where information sharing is encouraged.
Example: “Feel free to share with me your ideas for the upcoming project.”

15. Loop Me In

Appropriate Use: Ideal for informal contexts where inclusion in communications or decisions is requested.
Example: “Loop me in on the email chain regarding the event planning.”

Linda Brown