How Do You Say “You Can Reach Me At” in an Email?

You want to provide your contact details at work. But is the phrase you can reach me at appropriate for a professional setting?

In this article, we’ll answer that question. Additionally, we’ll provide 10 alternative phrases that you can use in all kinds of work scenarios.

Is It Correct to Say “You Can Reach Me At”?

The phrase you can reach me at is perfectly correct and a suitably professional phrase to use in the workplace. It is common for professionals to use this phrase in correspondence with clients, whatever the size of their organization.

Therefore, let’s see two email examples that include the phrase you can reach me at:

Dear Mr. Barnell,

Your account information is attached below.

If you have any further questions, you can reach me at this number: _________

Yours sincerely,
Amber Lillith

You can also rephrase you can reach me at to you can contact me at, as illustrated in the example below:

Dear Miss Gershun,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have drafted a detailed response in the document below.

You can contact me at the number included therein for any further questions.

Arnold Cosby

Next, let’s discuss the correctness of another common variation of you can reach me at.

Variation: Replacing at with on

  • Correct: You can reach me on this number.
  • Correct: You can reach me at this number.

Using either preposition is perfectly correct.

So, we now know that you can reach me at is a correct and suitably professional phrase. However, it is very commonplace and may come across as a tad standardized.

Therefore, if you want to mix up your language and keep your work correspondence diverse, you can use one of the alternative phrases from our list below.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “You Can Reach Me At”

To learn how to give someone your number professionally, check out these 10 great phrases:

  • My contact details are
  • I am available at
  • Please call me
  • Here’s my mobile number
  • You can catch me on
  • Call this number
  • Contact us
  • You can call me
  • My phone number is
  • Give this number a ring

1. My Contact Details Are

The phrase my contact details are is a good formal alternative to you can reach me at. Therefore, you can use this phrase in a formal email to a client or a member of another company.

The benefit of this phrase is that you can provide multiple modes of contacting you, including your number and email address. This will certainly help a client who may need to contact you urgently in the future. Moreover, this phrase maintains a very professional register.

In short, my contact details are is most appropriate if you work for a large, corporate company with a broad client base. It keeps things impersonal.

Therefore, let’s see this phrase in an email sample:

Dear Ms. Turrel,

I will be handling your account henceforth.

My contact details are attached below so you can contact me directly.

Astrid Brair

2. I Am Available At

I am available is a polite and somewhat friendly way to provide your details.

Therefore, it’s a good option to go with when you’re speaking to a client if you run a smaller business and want to come across as approachable.

Namely, the wording of I am available at invites communication rather than simply setting out what your contact number is.

To see what we mean, have a look at the email example below:

Dear Mr. Owens,

I am available any time at this number should you need to contact me.

Warm regards,

3. Please Call Me

Please call me is an especially polite alternative that you can use when speaking to a client or customer.

This phrase works for either a larger company or a small business, depending on the surrounding context.

Please call me makes it clear that you are the person to contact if a client has any questions or concerns. However, it is limited since you can only really follow this phrase with a phone number.

See the example below:

Dear Miss Hammond,

If you have any questions, please call me at the number attached below.

Kind regards,
Blake Solis

4. Here’s My Mobile Number

Here’s my mobile number is a more informal version of you can reach me at that you can use when speaking to a colleague.

This phrase is rather casual, but it has the benefit of being very to the point and straightforward. Therefore, you can use it if you work in a fast-paced office setting.

This phrase is especially suitable if you and your colleagues have a friendly dynamic and tend to do away with formalities.

Therefore, look at how we use it in the following sample email:

Hi Callum,

I’ll be out running an errand for Mike this afternoon, but here’s my mobile number in case you get an update on the client’s issue.


5. You Can Catch Me On

Another informal phrase that you can use with a colleague you are close to is you can catch me on.

This phrase is idiomatic and casual, so we wouldn’t recommend using it with a client or a superior.

However, if you have a friendly dynamic in your office, this is a suitable phrase to use in a message to a coworker.

For instance:

Hi Ted,

You can catch me on my mobile while I’m out of the office this afternoon.

All the best,

6. Call This Number

You can use the phrase call this number in a promotional email to your customers.

If you are sending out an ad to your client base, you’ll want to give them clear instructions on how to contact your business. Call this number is very comprehensible.

Moreover, it is more impersonal than you can reach me at, as it does not specify that the number is yours.

In other words, you can use this phrase when you are providing a general customer service line rather than your personal contact details. This makes call this number perfect for a medium-sized business.

Consider the email sample below:

Dear Valued Customer,

As part of our Spring sale, you can get a maintenance check for your car at a fraction of the price.

To book a free consultation, call this number: ______

Phil Harlan of Harlan mechanics.

7. Contact Us

You can add a contact us section to your website and list a variety of contact routes for your clientele. Similarly, you can use this phrase in a general promotional email going out to your clients.

This phrase is a bit more formal, and it is often used by large firms or companies to direct clients to their inquiry box or helpline.

Therefore, let’s see the phrase contact us in a sample email:

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

Did you know you can book a free consultation with one of our specialists in the month of June?

Contact us at the email address above.

Sasha Beloved

8. You Can Call Me

You can use the phrase you can call me when you’re speaking to an employee.

This phrase simply provides clear instructions on how a junior member of your team can get in touch with you for whatever reason.

See the following email example:

Dear Rachel,

For urgent matters, you can call me on my mobile number.

Alternatively, I have provided my personal email address below.


9. My Phone Number Is

My phone number is is simply a straightforward phrase that you can use when speaking to a client.

In particular, if you are a freelancer or operate a very small business, you may give out your personal number so that clients can contact you.

This phrase is limited in that it can only be followed with a personal mobile number or landline. However, it is very clear and leaves no room for interpretation.

Therefore, let’s see this phrase in an email example:

Dear Ms. Murray,

I will get started on your commission promptly.

In the meanwhile, my phone number is down below if you would like to call and make any changes to your specifications.

Kind regards,
Stacy Beaumont

10. Give This Number a Ring

If you run a very small business and speak in an informal way to your employees or team members, you can use the casual phrase give this number a ring.

This phrase has a friendly and approachable tone, so it’s perfect if you like to keep things more casual at work.

Finally, let’s see it in an email sample:

Hi Trent,

I’ll be out of the studio this afternoon.

Give this number a ring if you can’t reach me on the landline: __________

My best,

Kahlan House