What Is Another Way to Say “Interestingly”?

Looking for synonyms for interestingly? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say interestingly.

  • Fascinatingly
  • Intriguingly
  • Remarkably
  • Notably
  • Curiously
  • Captivatingly
  • Engagingly
  • Impressively
  • Strikingly
  • Astoundingly
  • Surprisingly
  • Uniquely
  • Enticingly
  • Alluringly
  • Compellingly
  • Astonishingly
  • Stimulatingly
  • Interestingly enough
  • Wonderfully
  • Enthrallingly

Want to learn how to say interestingly professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Fascinatingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Fascinatingly’ is used when describing something that is extremely interesting or captivating.
Example: “Fascinatingly, the new software can predict market trends with high accuracy.”

2. Intriguingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Intriguingly’ implies that something arouses curiosity or interest.
Example: “Intriguingly, the recent study contradicts earlier assumptions about consumer behavior.”

3. Remarkably

Appropriate Use: ‘Remarkably’ is used when something is worthy of attention or notice, often surprisingly so.
Example: “Remarkably, the small startup has outperformed its larger competitors.”

4. Notably

Appropriate Use: ‘Notably’ is used to emphasize something important or unusual.
Example: “Notably, the company has doubled its revenue in just two years.”

5. Curiously

Appropriate Use: ‘Curiously’ is used when something is interesting because it is unusual or unexpected.
Example: “Curiously, the data shows a decline in sales every third quarter.”

6. Captivatingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Captivatingly’ suggests something is very attractive or absorbing.
Example: “The CEO presented the new vision for the company captivatingly.”

7. Engagingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Engagingly’ is used when describing something that is charming and holds one’s attention.
Example: “The speaker discussed the topic engagingly, maintaining audience interest throughout.”

8. Impressively

Appropriate Use: ‘Impressively’ indicates that something is done in a way that evokes admiration.
Example: “The team completed the project impressively ahead of schedule.”

9. Strikingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Strikingly’ is used to describe something that is very unusual or noticeable in an interesting way.
Example: “Strikingly, the new approach resulted in a 50% reduction in costs.”

10. Astoundingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Astoundingly’ suggests that something is surprisingly impressive or remarkable.
Example: “Astoundingly, the new algorithm has improved efficiency by 80%.”

11. Surprisingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Surprisingly’ is used when something unexpected happens or is the case.
Example: “Surprisingly, the market research indicated a shift in consumer preferences.”

12. Uniquely

Appropriate Use: ‘Uniquely’ suggests something is distinctive or special in some way.
Example: “Uniquely, their business model focuses exclusively on sustainable practices.”

13. Enticingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Enticingly’ is used to describe something that attracts or tempts greatly.
Example: “The company enticingly marketed its new product line.”

14. Alluringly

Appropriate Use: ‘Alluringly’ implies something is attractive or appealing in a captivating way.
Example: “The offer was alluringly structured to attract new clients.”

15. Compellingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Compellingly’ is used when something is very convincing or persuasive.
Example: “The report compellingly argued for the need for digital transformation.”

16. Astonishingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Astonishingly’ suggests something is amazing or extremely surprising.
Example: “Astonishingly, the company recovered from the financial crisis in less than a year.”

17. Stimulatingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Stimulatingly’ implies something is exciting or invigorating.
Example: “The conference was stimulatingly rich in innovative ideas and discussions.”

18. Interestingly enough

Appropriate Use: ‘Interestingly enough’ is a phrase used to introduce an interesting or surprising fact.
Example: “Interestingly enough, the most successful products were those initially considered high-risk.”

19. Wonderfully

Appropriate Use: ‘Wonderfully’ is used to describe something done in an extremely pleasing manner.
Example: “The team worked together wonderfully to achieve the project goals.”

20. Enthrallingly

Appropriate Use: ‘Enthrallingly’ indicates something is so fascinating that it holds one’s complete attention.
Example: “The new technology was introduced enthrallingly at the global summit.”

Linda Brown