Another Way to Say “Congratulations to Both of You”

You want to commend two people for an achievement or positive personal experience.

But is the phrase congratulations to both of you a suitable way to do this?

In this article, we’ll discuss the correctness of this phrase.

Moreover, we’ll look at 7 alternative phrases that you can use when this phrase starts to feel worn out.

7 Alternative Ways to Say “Congratulations to Both of You”

Below, you’ll find 7 examples of how to say congratulations to both of you in a plethora of circumstances:

  • I’m so happy for you both
  • You both deserve this
  • Well done to both of you
  • Nicely done, you two
  • Good job, you two
  • Best wishes to both of you

1. I’m So Happy for You Both

Another way to say congratulations to both of you to two of your friends is I’m so happy for you both.

This phrase signifies the closeness of your relationship with the two recipients. After all, it implies that their success or joy brings you immeasurable joy as well.

Therefore, this is a good phrase to use if you have known the recipients for a long time and are invested in their well-being.

Consider this example:

I heard about your engagement yesterday and I just wanted to say that I’m so happy for you both!

2. You Have Both Made Me Very Proud

The phrase you have both made me very proud comes across as rather parental and runs the risk of being patronizing if you aren’t very close with the two receivers.

Therefore, you should only use this phrase if you are in a position of authority and know that the two recipients of your statement value your opinion.

For instance, this is something you could say to your children, students, or people you have guided or mentored in some way.

For example:

I know how hard you have worked to reach this stage of the competition, and you have both made me very proud.

3. You Both Deserve This

The phrase you both deserve this signifies your high regard for the receivers.

After all, this phrase doesn’t simply let them know that you are proud of their achievements or happy for their success.

Rather, it implies that you have the utmost faith in their abilities and that you believe they have earned everything they have achieved.

This could relate to success as a result of hard work. However, it may also have to do with the characters of the receivers.

For instance, you could express that you are glad that something good has happened to them because they are good people of sound moral character.

Consider how we’ve used this phrase in a sample letter:

Dear Petra and Reagan,

I am so happy to hear of your pregnancy.

You both deserve this, and I know in my heart that you will make tremendous parents to your baby.

With love,

4. Well Done to Both of You

Well done to both of you is another good alternative to congratulations to both of you when you want to be supportive but not overly familiar in your message.

You can use this phrase when speaking to family friends or acquaintances, for instance.

In addition to being slightly less personal and effusive than some of our other synonyms, this phrase pays homage to how the two receivers have earned what they achieved.

After all, the phrase “well done” suggests that they must have done something to bring about this result.

See the example below:

Well done to both of you on your graduation. I saw how hard you both worked during your exams.

5. Nicely Done, You Two

Nicely done, you two is a better way to say congratulations to both of you when you want to come across as more friendly and casual in your phrasing.

This is a great phrase to use when two of your friends have achieved something exciting or reached some important life goal.

This phrase signifies, once again, that the two recipients must have worked hard or done something right to bring about this result.

Check out this example to see what we mean:

It was a pleasure to witness your marriage, and everything about the wedding itself was stunning. Nicely done, you two.

6. Good Job, You Two

Good job, you two is just a slightly less casual variation of the phrase above.

It would be appropriate to use this phrase in all kinds of settings, including at work when two colleagues or staff members have done particularly well at a task.

However, this phrase is also suitable for a private setting. Like the phrase above, it acknowledges that the two receivers have done well and deserve praise for what they have jointly created.

For instance:

The house looks incredible! Good job, you two.

7. Best Wishes to Both of You

If you’re looking for how to formally congratulate someone without using the term “congratulations” directly, try the phrase best wishes to both of you.

The phrase “best wishes” is a popular choice for more formal or professional letters or emails to a recipient.

Therefore, this is a safe option to go with if you want to encourage the receivers even though you aren’t particularly close.

Let’s see this phrase in our final example:

Dear Mark and Clive,

It would be my pleasure to join you both on your special day.

Best wishes to both of you.


Is It Correct to Say “Congratulations to Both of You”?

The phrase congratulations to both of you is perfectly correct.

You can use this phrase to congratulate two people for a shared achievement or a special occasion.

This phrase is suitable for a card or letter to a friend or family member. However, it is also sure to be appreciated by an acquaintance or a distant family friend.

In short, congratulations to both of you is a kind and supportive sentiment that won’t come across as overly familiar.

To see how you can use this phrase in a letter, have a look at the example below:

Dear Moira and June,

Congratulations to both of you on your wedding.

I hope you enjoyed a splendid day surrounded by love and that you enjoy your honeymoon all the more!

Warm regards,
Caleb Greene

Next, let’s look at some common variations of the phrase congratulations to both of you and discuss their correctness.

Variation: To both of you vs. to you both

  • Correct: Congratulations to you both.
  • Correct: Congratulations to both of you.

The variation above is perfectly grammatically correct, and you can use it interchangeably with the original phrase.

It is worth noting that these variations are also perfectly correct:

  • Correct: Congratulations to the both of you.
  • Correct: Congratulations, both of you.

So, we know that the phrase congratulations to both of you is correct and suitable to say in response to any shared, happy occasion.

However, this phrase is rather standardized and may come across as insincere if you use it too frequently.

Therefore, you can use our list of synonyms to mix up your phrasing and avoid repetition in your cards and letters to friends and family.

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