What Is Another Way to Say “Heads Up”?

Looking for synonyms for heads up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say heads up.

  • Alert
  • Warning
  • Caution
  • Advisory
  • Notice
  • Forewarning
  • Heads-up
  • Announcement
  • Information
  • Tip-off
  • Update
  • Notification
  • Signal
  • Reminder

Want to learn how to say heads up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Alert

Used for immediate or urgent notifications.
Example: “Please be on alert for the upcoming changes in our IT security policy.”

2. Warning

Appropriate for cautioning about potential risks or dangers.
Example: “This email serves as a warning about potential phishing attempts targeting our company.”

3. Caution

Used to advise careful action or behavior in specific circumstances.
Example: “Exercise caution when sharing sensitive information over unsecured networks.”

4. Advisory

Suitable for formal recommendations or guidance.
Example: “We have issued an advisory to all departments regarding the new compliance regulations.”

5. Notice

Appropriate for general announcements or information.
Example: “Notice: The office will be closed next Friday for a team-building retreat.”

6. Forewarning

Used to inform in advance about something likely to happen, especially something negative.
Example: “Consider this a forewarning that network speeds may be slower due to maintenance tonight.”

7. Heads-up

Ideal for giving a quick, informal warning or information.
Example: “Just a heads-up, the client meeting has been rescheduled to 2 PM tomorrow.”

8. Announcement

Used for formal or official statements or news.
Example: “Announcement: The company has achieved its quarterly sales targets ahead of schedule.”

9. Information

Suitable for conveying facts or news.
Example: “This email contains important information regarding changes in our leave policy.”

10. Tip-off

Appropriate for confidential or inside information, often about something not widely known.
Example: “A reliable tip-off has alerted us to potential disruptions in our supply chain next month.”

11. Update

Used to provide the latest information or news.
Example: “Update: The software system upgrade has been successfully completed.”

12. Notification

Suitable for formal or automated messages informing about something.
Example: “You will receive a notification once your access to the new platform is activated.”

13. Signal

Used metaphorically to indicate a sign or indication of something.
Example: “Consider this email as a signal to start implementing the new workflow process.”

14. Reminder

Appropriate for prompting about something that should be remembered or done.
Example: “Reminder: All team members must complete the cybersecurity training by the end of this week.”

Linda Brown