10 Synonyms for “In This Essay, I Will”

It’s time to write that dreaded essay that makes up 50% of your grade. Knowing how to start is the most difficult part, but is in this essay, I will a suitable way to introduce your topic?

In this article, we’ll show you what to say instead of in this essay, I will. In particular, we’ll provide 10 suitable ways to start an academic paper, so read on!

Is It Correct to Say “In This Essay, I Will”?

The phrase in this essay, I will is perfectly correct, and it is not a bad way to start off an academic paper, particularly at a high-school level.

You can use this phrase in college essays as well. However, some academics prefer that an essay doesn’t contain any personal pronouns like I.” Therefore, you should check with the person marking your paper before using this phrase.

Let’s look at a couple of examples illustrating how you can use this phrase:

In this essay, I will discuss the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on the publishing industry.

In this essay, I will argue that using more sustainable modes of energy will have no negative impacts on a country’s economy.

Although in this essay, I will is a correct phrase that students use commonly in academic papers, it may be rather standardized. Furthermore, many academics disagree with the use of personal pronouns in essays.

If your professor is one of these academics, you may need to find an alternative phrase to use. Luckily, we’ve provided a list of great alternative ways to introduce the topic of your paper, both with personal pronouns and without.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “In This Essay, I Will”

Below, you’ll find 10 other ways to say in this essay, I will in an academic paper:

  • The aim of this essay
  • The following essay will
  • The purpose of this paper is
  • In this paper, I intend to
  • This essay will
  • The following paper shall
  • This study will
  • The following dissertation will
  • This thesis will
  • This paper aims

1. The Aim of This Essay

You can use the aim of this essay to introduce your topic without including the personal pronoun “I.”

This phrase is perfect for a research paper in which you are trying to prove some hypothesis with your data. This would be the “aim” mentioned in this phrase.

Check out the examples below to see what we mean:

The aim of this paper is to prove the existence of the majestic yeti using thorough data collected from the Himalayan mountains.

With the above in mind, the aim of this paper is to reformulate human conceptions of justice with a particular focus on Western legal systems.

2. This Paper Aims

This paper aims is simply a more concise version of the phrase above. You can use either version interchangeably.

However, if you’re close to reaching your maximum word count, you should probably go for this variation instead.

Let’s see it in an example or two:

This paper aims to disprove Shrier’s claims and offer a less detrimental alternative to the issues she addresses.

In addition to providing an alternative viewpoint on the matter of “gentle parenting,” this paper aims to direct parents to more modern resources on the topic of parenting in general.

3. The Following Essay Will

Like in this essay, I will, another phrase that removes the need for personal pronouns is the following essay will.

You can use this phrase in any kind of essay, but you will see it most frequently in the introduction of a discursive essay. By that, we mean it suits an essay that argues a particular point using facts and logical reasoning.

Consider the examples below:

The following essay will be discussing the impacts of deforestation on the African Tree Toad.

Although it is commonly argued that modern news outlets are “no longer trustworthy,” the following essay will demonstrate how political agendas have influenced the content of newspapers throughout history.

4. The Purpose of This Paper Is

It is also possible to set out not what your paper intends to do, but what its overall purpose is. You can state this using the phrase the purpose of this paper is.

This is a great phrase to use in a research paper where you are trying to exhibit a particular point using data.

For instance:

The purpose of this paper is to exhibit the link between childhood exposure to lead paint and the inability to regulate emotions in adulthood.

Having set out the parameters of this experiment, I will now discuss the purpose of this paper, which is to disprove Peterson’s brash statements about the nature of masculinity.

5. This Essay Will

Instead of stating that you will address something in a paper, you can remove the personal pronouns and simply state that this essay will address something.

This is a very quick and easy way to remove the personal pronouns in in this essay, I will if you already had a draft done that included the original phrase.

Check out the examples below:

This essay will consider the similarities between Brontë’s Heathcliff and the classic Byronic hero.

In addition to arguing for the inclusion of critical thinking classes at primary school level, this essay will demonstrate the benefit of these classes on the overall cognitive abilities of children aged 8 and upwards.

6. The Following Paper Shall

The following paper shall is just a more formal version of the phrase above.

Therefore, you can use it if you believe a very formal register would be preferred by your professor. Or, if you want to sound especially sophisticated for no particular reason.

Have a look at these examples:

The following paper shall discuss the importance of exposure to music in a child’s formative years.

I shall address the key concerns raised by congress members in the following paper.

7. This Study Will

A “study” is essentially a compilation of research and a report that relates to said research. Therefore, if the paper you are working on is very research-based, you could call it a “study” and make use of the phrase this study will.

This phrase has the same effect as the others on our list, in that it removes any personal pronouns and focuses on what the paper itself will demonstrate.

Let’s see an example making use of this phrase:

This study will probe into the question of whether the Earth could survive without mosquitoes.

 This study will address how historical atrocities create a lasting legacy for previously disempowered groups.

8. In This Paper, I Intend to

If your professor is happy for you to use personal pronouns in your essay, you can switch up your wording with the phrase in this paper, I intend to.

This is an especially good phrase if you feel that in this essay, I will is starting to feel a bit worn out.

See how we’ve used it in an example:

In this paper, I intend to address the psychological impacts of social media on pre-pubescent youths.

In the first half of this paper, I intend to define my terms and my parameters before moving on to the crux of my topic in the second half.

9. The Following Dissertation Will

A “dissertation” is a lengthy paper that you write in order to obtain a Ph.D. Therefore, you could use the following dissertation will if your paper fits the parameters of a dissertation.

This may simply be a more accurate way to describe the nature of your paper, although it is normal to call a dissertation an “essay” as well.

See this phrase in a few examples:

The following dissertation will address the key issues facing the American court system and discuss both views regarding whether the Constitution should be capable of alteration.

Although research in this area has pointed to aggressive behavior being linked to neurology, the following dissertation will argue that most manifestations of aggression are socialized.

10. This Thesis Will

A “thesis” is a long paper that students frequently write to complete a degree program. Therefore, you can use the phrase this thesis will instead of this essay will to be more specific.

Have a look at the examples below:

This thesis will discuss public reactions to Milton’s representation of Lucifer at the time of the epic poem’s publishing.

After a brief unpacking of the terms used herein, this thesis will argue for an increased focus on sustainable fashion in North America.

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