What Is Another Way to Say “Familiar With”?

Applying for a job can be stressful, and you always want to show that you have the skills and knowledge that you need to excel.

But is the phrase familiar with suitable to include in your resume?

We’ll discuss the appropriateness of this phrase below.

Moreover, we’ll show you how to say you’re familiar with something using 8 unique alternative phrases.

8 Synonyms for “Familiar With” on Your Resume

Below, you’ll find 8 synonyms for the phrase familiar with that you can use in your resume:

  • Trained in
  • Well-versed in
  • Experience working with
  • Keen understanding
  • General knowledge
  • Have used
  • Have worked with
  • Acquainted with

1. Trained In

A good way to show that you have some past experience in your field is to say that you are trained in something as opposed to just familiar with it.

After all, being familiar with something can simply mean that you’ve heard of it before. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have actively engaged with a product or tool.

Thus, if you want to be more specific in showing that you have developed some skills in a field, you can say that you are trained in something instead.

Consider the example resume snippet below:

I am trained in Python coding and have created several popular web applications in the past five years.

2. Well-Versed In

If you say you are well-versed in something, this means that you have quite a lot of knowledge or skills in relation to that thing.

Therefore, this is an appropriate phrase to use if you have more than just a basic knowledge of something.

 Rather, you are quite proficient in it.

Well-versed can apply to either a theoretical knowledge of the thing or sound practical skills.

Therefore, you can use this phrase when you know quite a lot about a field, even if you have yet to gain any practical experience.

For example:

My pro bono experiences in law school have rendered me well-versed in negotiation and drafting.

3. Experience Working With

If you say you have experience working with something, this will give any prospective employer confidence in your ability to carry out a particular job.

Thus, you could use this phrase if you are certain that you would need no further training when it comes to working with a tool or using a procedure.

Alternatively, you can use this phrase to talk about experience you may have that would serve you well in a specific role.

To see what we mean, have a look at how we’ve used this synonym in the example below:

Although I have not taught in a classroom, I have experience working with children as an online tutor.

4. Knowledge

Another word for familiar with is knowledge.

If you have knowledge about something, this can mean that you understand the broader concepts surrounding it on a theoretical level.

Therefore, you can use this phrase to let a prospective employer know that you have some awareness about a particular topic.

However, it may be worth pointing out in your cover letter that you may require more training to understand it on a practical level.

See the example below:

I have some knowledge about liquidation procedures due to my bookkeeping experience with small companies. However, I would require training on the step-by-step process.

5. Keen Understanding

Having a keen understanding of something means that you are very competent in your use or knowledge of it.

Moreover, the inclusion of “keen” creates the connotation that you take an active interest in a particular topic.

In short, the phrase keen understanding is great to include in your cover letter, as it will show your interest and abilities in the role to which you are applying.

My portfolio will demonstrate my keen understanding of Microsoft Office tools. In particular, how they can be used in both the planning, creation, and editing stage of any literary piece.

6. Have Used

Have used is another way to say familiar with on your resume.

You can use it when you want to expound upon some of your practical experience.

This phrase works particularly well when you are discussing tools or programs you have used before that would be relevant to the job in which you are interested.

Consider this example:

I have used Excel for over four years in my capacity as a data analyst.

You can also use the phrase have used to list all the tools or programs you are familiar with on account of your past experience.

For example:

Throughout my time as a translator, I have used Fluency Now, MemoQ, and Linguee to meet the needs of my clients.

7. Have Worked With

Have worked with is a great alternative to familiar with if you want to talk about your experience working with people, groups of people, or organizations.

Consider this example, for instance:

I have worked with a number of charitable organizations over the past thirteen years.

However, you can also use it to discuss the various mechanisms relevant to your industry for which you have a great deal of practical experience.

For example:

I have worked with a plethora of AI and algorithmic tools in order to perfect this program.

8. Acquainted With

The phrase acquainted with essentially means that you have been introduced to an idea or concept in the past.

You can use this phrase to suggest that you have some knowledge in a particular field. After all, you have been introduced to it before.

However, this phrase implies that you know less about the topic than you would if you were familiar with it. Thus, they aren’t direct synonyms.

Check out this example to see what we mean:

I was acquainted with Baldwin’s work during my time in academia. I believe I have the experience to teach his literature at a University level.

Should You Write That You Are “Familiar With” Something on a Resume?

It is perfectly acceptable to write that you are familiar with certain tools or procedures that relate to a field of work on your resume.

Showing that you have a basic knowledge of the mechanisms you will use to complete a job is essential.

Therefore, you should certainly put this phrase in your resume if it accurately reflects your abilities.

It’s important to remember that being familiar with something implies that you have some knowledge about it but are not yet proficient.

Thus, the phrase familiar with allows you to be clearer and more honest in your resume about your level of knowledge or expertise.

Below, we’ve drafted two faux resume snippets to illustrate how you can use the phrase familiar with in a job application:

I am familiar with the AI coding tools specified in the job requirements and have used several in my freelancing work.

My experience in carpentry will assist me in this role, as I am presently familiar with all the tools and techniques required for the construction of your product.

Although familiar with is a perfectly suitable phrase to include in your CV, it may be a tad standardized.

Therefore, you can use one or more of the alternative phases from our list to diversify your resume and show your uniqueness in any job application.

Kahlan House