How to Say “Have a Great Weekend” in an Email

You want to wish your colleagues well for the upcoming weekend, but is have a great weekend the right phrase to use in a work setting?

In this article, we’ll show you how to say have a great weekend in an email. In addition, we’ll show some great alternative phrases you can use to keep your correspondence fresh!

Is It Correct to Say “Have a Great Weekend”?

Have a great weekend is a perfectly correct and polite phrase that you can use to wish your coworkers well for the upcoming weekend.

It is a standard phrase to use no matter the size and nature of your organization, and you may even include it in emails to clients.

Below, we’ve drafted three example emails to illustrate how you can use this phrase at work:

Dear Paulette,

Thanks for all your help.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Hi Freya,

I’ll get these back to you on Monday.

Have a good weekend.


Dear Sanele,

I appreciate your hard work this week.

Have a nice weekend when you get there.

All the best,

So, we know that have a good weekend is correct and used very commonly in the workplace. The only downside is that it may come across as a little bit standardized.

Therefore, if you want to avoid repetition in your emails and zest up your phrasing, you can try one of the alternatives from the list we’ve compiled below.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “Have a Great Weekend”

Check out these 10 other ways to say have a great weekend in a work email:

  • Enjoy your weekend
  • I hope you have a restful weekend
  • Until next week
  • Enjoy your time off this weekend
  • Have a good one
  • Have fun this weekend
  • Happy Friday
  • Wishing you a splendid weekend
  • Please enjoy your weekend
  • I hope you get some good rest over the weekend

1. Enjoy Your Weekend

Another way to say have a great weekend is enjoy your weekend. In fact, these phrases can be used pretty much interchangeably.

This is a suitable phrase to use in an email to a colleague or client. The only slight difference between this phrase and the original is that someone can still enjoy their weekend even if it isn’t “great” per se. Some of us enjoy a calm, quiet weekend, after all!

Have a look at how we use this phrase in a sample email:

Dear Grant,

Thank you for your suggestions this morning – they were a great help.

Enjoy your weekend!

Kind regards,

2. I Hope You Have a Restful Weekend

You can say I hope you have a restful weekend to a coworker if you know that they have been working particularly hard all week.

This phrase comes across as rather formal and tentative, so you can use it with a colleague you aren’t especially close to. Even a superior would probably deem this a perfectly appropriate message!

Therefore, let’s see it in an example email:

Dear Marcel,

I appreciate all of your efforts this week, and I hope you have a restful weekend.

Kind regards,

3. Until Next Week

A nice informal way to end off an email to your team is until next week.

This phrase is essentially short for “I won’t see you until next week” and “let’s not think about this work again until next week.” Therefore, it’s an indirect way of expressing that all your colleagues should have a good, work-free weekend.

You can use this phrase in a group message, so long as everyone involved is an equal in the work hierarchy. If you have a high-end corporate job, you’ll want to keep things more professional in your emails to your boss, after all!

Check out the email sample below:

Hi All,

I’ve finalized all the data we needed, so now it’s just about getting it down in the report.

But, that’s a problem for Monday.

Until next week, everyone!

4. Enjoy Your Time off This Weekend

You can write enjoy your time off this weekend to close off an email to an employee.

This phrase is polite and suitably professional to end off a work email. Moreover, it drops in a little hint, reminding your employee not to work too hard and to use their weekend for rest and recuperation. An essential sentiment in the bustling business world!

Let’s see an example with this phrase in tow:

Dear Bridget,

I’ll add my comments to the document soon.

Until then, enjoy your time off this weekend.

All the best,

5. Have a Good One

Have a good one is a more informal alternative to have a great weekend that you can use in an email to a colleague, especially if you have a fairly casual dynamic in your office.

The “one” in this phrase refers to the weekend, but it can refer to other things in a different context. Therefore, the rest of your email will have to make it clear that the weekend is what you mean.

For instance:

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks, I’ll get those files to you after the weekend.

Have a good one!


6. Have Fun This Weekend

You can say have fun this weekend to a co-worker if you know that they have some special plans that they’ve been looking forward to.

Perhaps it’s their anniversary, or they’re going on a trip. Whatever the case may be, this phrase will let them know that you’ve been paying attention when they’ve spoken about their plans. Thoughtful!

Let’s see this phrase in an example:

Hi Lauryn,

Have fun this weekend, and send my regards to Ted and the kids!


7. Happy Friday

Happy Friday is a friendly little interjection that you can put at the start of an email at the end of the work week.

It isn’t a direct synonym for have a great weekend. However, this phrase shows excitement at the fact that the week is almost over. Moreover, it expresses the same good wishes to the receiver.

You can use this phrase in an email to a co-worker with whom you have a friendly relationship. After all, you may not want to remind your superiors how keen you are to get away from the office!

Check out the email example below:

Dear Rob,

Happy Friday!

I’ve attached the research you asked for below.

All the best,

8. Please Enjoy Your Weekend

You can use the phrase please enjoy your weekend to urge a colleague or employee to take it easy and get some rest.

The inclusion of “please” makes this phrase polite. But it can also be used to imply that some time off would do the recipient good. Perhaps they have been stressed about a project or staying long hours in the office.

It never hurts to support your fellows by reminding them to rest!

Therefore, let’s see an example making use of this phrase:

Dear Paige,

Thank you for all your hard work. We can finalize this on Monday.

Until then, please enjoy your weekend!

Kind regards,

9. Wishing You a Splendid Weekend

To show your appreciation to your employees, you can end off a single or group email with wishing you a splendid weekend. This is essentially a more formal way to say have a great weekend.

This phrase will keep things in a professional register, but it still expresses a very nice sentiment! Therefore, it’s a great option for making your employees feel valued and keeping morale high.

Let’s see this phrase in an email sample:

Dear Team,

The conference this week was a huge success. I’m very grateful for your efforts, and you should all be very proud.

Wishing all of you a splendid weekend ahead.

Warm regards,
Chester Feline

10. I Hope You Get Some Rest Over the Weekend

If you know a colleague or employee has been pushing themselves at work, it never hurts to encourage some rest.

Therefore, you can say I hope you get some good rest over the weekend to remind them to take time for themselves.

This phrase expresses a kind sentiment in a tonally neutral way, so you can use it with anyone who is an equal or lower down in the work hierarchy.

We wouldn’t recommend saying this to your boss, though, unless you work in a small, close-knit business.  In a big office job, they may find it overly familiar and patronizing!

Finally, let’s see this phrase in an email example:

Dear Emmett,

Great job on this report.

I hope you get some rest over the weekend. You’ve earned it!

All the best,

Kahlan House