What Is Another Way to Say “My Availability Is as Follows”?

If you’re looking for how to email your availability to someone, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 alternative phrases that you can use to keep your emails diverse.

Additionally, we’ll discuss whether it’s correct to use my availability is as follows in a work email.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “My Availability Is as Follows”

Below, you’ll find 10 examples of how to share your availability in an email:

  • I am available
  • I am free
  • I will have some time
  • Here is my availability
  • My schedule is open
  • I can make time
  • I can fit this in
  • My free hours are
  • I can do
  • My available time slots include

1. I Am Available

I am available is a more straightforward way of saying my availability is as follows. This phrase is neither particularly formal nor informal.

As such, you can use it in a variety of situations. For instance, if you have recently landed an interview, you can use this phrase to let the interviewer know when you will have time to meet.

Consider the email example below:

Dear Ronald,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview.

I am available any day next week.

Kind regards,

2. I Am Free

I am free is essentially a more informal variation of the phrase above. You can use this phrase in casual exchanges with your colleagues, especially if you have a friendly dynamic in your office.

If you are in a more senior role at your place of work, it would also be suitable to use this phrase with an equal or a more junior member of the team. It is very straightforward and to the point, which is ideal in a busy office setting.

Have a look at how we’ve used this phrase in a sample email:

Dear Trisha,

I would be keen to discuss this further in person.

I am free tomorrow afternoon if you would like to schedule a meeting.


3. I Will Have Some Time

When you’re making plans with a coworker, especially one that you are friendly with, you can generally do away with formal email etiquette.

Therefore, the phrase I will have some time is a perfectly suitable way to set out your future availability for a meeting, a discussion, or a team project.

Let’s see this phrase in an email sample:

Hi Len,

I am pretty busy today, but I will have some time later in the week if you want to meet up then.

Let me know when would suit you.


4. Here Is My Availability

When you are scheduling a consultation with a client, you can use the phrase here is my ability to list the dates and times that they can book to meet with you.

This alternative way of saying my availability is as follows has a professional tone while keeping clear and concise. This is ideal if you run your own practice and speak to an array of clients each day. After all, being overly flowery in your emails can be alienating.

See how we’ve used this phrase in an example:

Dear Mr. Hargrove,

Here is my availability for the month of July.

Please select a day and time each week that would suit your schedule.

Kind regards,
Amy Sedate

5. My Schedule Is Open

You can use the phrase my schedule is open in a number of circumstances, including when you are planning a collaboration with a member of another company.

This phrase is very clear and straightforward, which works well to avoid any confusion when you are scheduling. Moreover, it comes across as suitably professional for a corporate or business setting.

Check out the email sample below:

Dear Alistair,

I would be keen to meet and discuss this in person.

My schedule is fairly open this week, so let me know when would be most convenient for you.


6. I Can Make Time

A different way to say my availability is as follows in more casual circumstances is I can make time.

As this phrase is rather informal, we wouldn’t recommend using it in an email to a client or your superior. However, it is perfectly suitable to use when making plans with a colleague you are close to.

This phrase has a rather friendly tone, as it implies that you will make an effort to find time in your schedule. This is a great quality in a coworker and should help to maintain a friendly rapport with your colleague, especially when you collaborate on tasks.

Therefore, let’s see this phrase in an email example:

Hi Dominik,

Things are a little crazy right now, but I can make time to work on this next week if that would suit you.

Let me know,

7. I Can Fit This In

Another informal way to say my availability is as follows is I can fit this in.

You can use this phrase when a colleague has requested that you carry out a specific task. Essentially, you are letting them know when you can fit their task into your schedule.

For instance:

Hi Marlin,

I’d be happy to help!

I can fit this in on Wednesday. Would that be soon enough?

My best,

8. My Free Hours Are

My free hours are is a suitably professional phrase to use when you are booking a consultation with a client, particularly if you run your own practice.

You can follow this phrase with a list of your hours for the client to consider. Alternatively, you could provide an organized chart or calendar setting out when you are available so that the client can book a time that suits their own schedule.

Have a look at how we’ve used this phrase in a sample email:

Dear Miss Abboud,

My free hours are attached below for you to consider.

Kind regards,
Samantha Jade Lee

9. I Can Do

If you have a very friendly dynamic with one of your colleagues, you can use a more casual phrase when planning tasks or meetings together.

I can do is a very informal phrase that wouldn’t be suitable for most professional circumstances. However, you can use it for social plans outside of work or when you are talking to a coworker whom you are friends with.

For instance:

Hi Beck,

I can do Friday if that works for you.

Let me know,

10. My Available Time Slots Include

Another way to set out your availability to a client is using the phrase my available time slots include.

This is another great option if you run your own practice and schedule consistent weekly meetings with your clientele. Perhaps you are a therapist or a masseuse, for example.

Let’s see this phrase in our final email example:

Dear Mr. Roy,

My available time slots include Thursdays between 2 pm and 4 pm and Fridays before noon.

Please let me know whether any of those times would suit your schedule.

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Is It Correct to Say “My Availability Is as Follows”?

It is correct to say my availability is as follows when you would like to set out the dates and times at which you are available for a meeting or task at work.

This phrase is suitably formal to use in professional correspondence, regardless of the size or nature of your organization.

Below, we’ve drafted two email samples illustrating how you can use this phrase in practice:

Dear Marriam,

My availability is as follows:
– Wednesday at 12:00
– Friday at 1:30.

Let me know if either of these times would suit you.


If you have a standard day and time that you are free, you can do away with the addition of “as follows” and write out this phrase like so:

Dear Mr. Hartman,

My availability is limited to Thursday afternoons.

Let me know if there is a date on which you are available.

Gene Noman

Next, we’ll look at some common grammar mistakes people make when using this phrase to avoid any embarrassment in the future.

Mistake 1: Writing follow instead of follows

  • Incorrect: My availability is as follow.
  • Correct: My availability is as follows.

“As follows” is an established expression in English. Therefore, it remains in plural form regardless of whether the subject of the sentence is singular or plural.

Mistake 2: Using the preposition are instead of is

  • Incorrect: My availability for the next two weeks are as follows.
  • Correct: My availability for the next two weeks is as follows.

In this context, the noun “availability” in the sentence is in the singular form. Therefore, the verb in the sentence should follow suit. Thus, we use “is” instead of “are.”

So, we know that my availability is as follows is a correct phrase. However, it is used commonly in business emails and may come across as a tad standardized.

Therefore, you can use one of the alternative phrases from our list to zest up your language from time to time.

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