How to Say You “Collaborate” on a Resume

Collaboration and teamwork is often the key to a successful workplace.

So, if you want to say you collaborate in a resume, you’ll need to know how to do so without sounding repetitive and generic.

Well, we’re here to help!

This article has gathered some synonyms, teaching you another word for collaborate.

Can You Say “Collaborate” on a Resume?

You can say collaborate on a resume. It’s a great formal word that shows you’re happy working as part of a team.

Generally, you should put it on your resume. We think it’s most effective when applying for a role centered around teamwork.

The more collaborative you can show you are, the better you’ll look to employers. That’s what makes it such a useful term to include in cover letters.

Here are two example sentences showing you how to use collaborate on your resume:

I collaborate with other departments frequently. It helps me to understand the inner workings of this business.

I collaborate cross-functionally. Getting together with the team helps us to achieve our goals. 

Of course, collaborate is a great word to include in a CV. It’s not the only good word, though. This article will share some other great options with you to mix things up!

So, keep reading to learn another way to say collaborate on your resume. There are some great options available, and we recommend trying them!

7 Synonyms for “Collaborate” on Your Resume

Here are 7 great alternatives showing you how to say collaborate on a resume:

  • Cooperate
  • Work as part of a team
  • Coordinate
  • Partner
  • Contribute
  • Engage
  • Work in tandem

1. Cooperate

You might want to try cooperate instead of collaborate. It’s another synonym that shows you how to say you work well with others.

Generally, this is a popular buzzword on a resume. It’s a great way to entice the reader and show them that you know what you’re talking about.

It’s sure to impress the recruiter reading your cover letter.

The more cooperative you are, the easier it’ll be for you to fit into most teams when the time comes.

Also, check out the following cover letter samples:

We cooperate cross-functionally at my old workplace. It’s how I’ve learned so much about teamwork over the years.

I cooperate with other departments frequently. I’ve learned a lot about dealing with issues outside of my comfort zone.

2. Work as Part of a Team

Collaboration is very important in the workplace. That’s why work as part of a team is such a good formal synonym.

It’s a phrasal alternative, but it’s highly effective.

You can use it to show you’re a good team player. It lets an employer know you work well with others and will do what you can to make yourself known to the rest of your team.

Of course, it won’t be long before you need to prove yourself if you say you work as part of a team. Then again, it’s quite easy to prove you’re good at collaborative working when necessary.

These CV samples should clear a few things up:

I work as part of a team frequently with my current employer. Therefore, I know I’m a good team player when it counts.

I’m good at working as part of a team. I’m certain that this will be reflected in my ability when you hire me.

3. Coordinate

Another great buzzword to include in a resume is coordinate. This works well in place of collaborate because it shows you’re happy to arrange team projects or meetings.

Generally, if you coordinate something, it shows you’re a team leader rather than just a team player.

It implies that people rely on you or come to you when they need help.

Team leaders that coordinate well often work best in supervisor or managerial roles. So, you should take this into account before using it in your resume.

Here are some great examples to help you with it:

I’m very good at coordinating with team members. They tend to put me in charge because I know the most.

I often coordinate with cross-functional teams. It helps me to put my ideas out there and see what works.

4. Partner

To make things sound personal and genuine, try partner as another way to say collaborate.

It’s good to use a phrase like this if you value your teams and work well with others.

Teamwork is key in most companies, after all! So, if you can prove that you value it above all else, you’ll often set yourself up for success moving forward with a new company.

You should also review these examples if you’re still unsure:

I partner with stakeholders to find out what’s doing well at my current company. I’m ready to explore new ventures, though.

I partner with other team members and clients to help further my understanding of these things.

5. Contribute

It’s also worth using contribute as another way to say collaborate.

If you contribute to something, it means you put your thoughts and ideas into it.

Therefore, you can use this when joining new teams. It’s a great way to integrate yourself into a team and show that you’re willing to put ideas forward.

Employers will like seeing this kind of forward-thinking. That’s why we think it’s such a great word to include.

Here are some great examples to show you more about how it works:

I tend to contribute with team members and put myself forward for open discussions. It’s a great way to learn new ideas.

I contribute a lot in the workplace. Without me, I doubt most of the projects we have in motion would be there.

6. Engage

Feel free to try writing engage instead of collaborate.

It’s not quite as common, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective.

In fact, it shows that you work with others well. Employers will appreciate this and see that you get stuck in with team projects.

If you engage with people, it means you often lead the discussion. Therefore, it’s a great way to let people know you’re a brilliant team player.

We also recommend reviewing the following cover letter examples:

I engage with outside teams and clients frequently. This helps me to put myself out there and learn from external sources.

I engage with other stakeholders when possible. It’s a great way for me to learn more about the inner workings of this business.

7. Work in Tandem

We’d like to finish with a phrasal alternative. In this case, work in tandem.

It’s a great way to show you’re a real team player. We recommend using it because it’s formal and to the point.

It doesn’t beat around the bush, which works wonders in a CV. Most of the time, recruiters are looking for the simplest answers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your resume should be boring. However, simple answers like work in tandem allow recruiters to follow what you’re saying without confusing them.

Also, these CV samples should help you to understand it:

I work in tandem with the cross-functional team. It’s a great way for me to expand my understanding of these things.

I work in tandem with multiple groups. I’ve learned a great deal, and I look forward to learning a lot more.

George O'Connor