What Is Another Way to Say “Can’t Stand”?

Looking for synonyms for can’t stand? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say can’t stand.

  • Abhor
  • Despise
  • Loathe
  • Detest
  • Hate
  • Dislike intensely
  • Find intolerable
  • Bear a grudge against
  • Be repulsed by
  • Have an aversion to
  • Be unable to bear
  • Be unable to tolerate
  • Feel hostility towards
  • Feel revulsion towards
  • Have no stomach for

Want to learn how to say can’t stand professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Abhor

Appropriate for expressing a strong, often moral, dislike or hatred.
Example: “I absolutely abhor any form of dishonesty in business dealings.”

2. Despise

Used when there is intense contempt or disdain for something.
Example: “He despises corporate politics and focuses solely on his work.”

3. Loathe

Suitable for a strong feeling of dislike or disgust.
Example: “She loathes inefficiency in the workplace and strives for productivity.”

4. Detest

Appropriate for expressing extreme dislike or aversion.
Example: “I detest the idea of cutting corners to meet project deadlines.”

5. Hate

Used for a very strong feeling of dislike towards something.
Example: “He hates missing deadlines and always plans his work meticulously.”

6. Dislike Intensely

Suitable for a very strong feeling of aversion or disapproval.
Example: “As a team leader, I dislike intensely when team members are not given due credit for their work.”

7. Find Intolerable

Used when something is unbearable or unacceptable.
Example: “I find it intolerable when meetings are unproductive and lack a clear agenda.”

8. Bear a Grudge Against

Appropriate for holding ongoing negative feelings due to past experiences.
Example: “He tends to bear a grudge against departments that have previously delayed project timelines.”

9. Be Repulsed By

Suitable for feeling strong aversion or disgust.
Example: “I am repulsed by unethical business practices and always advocate for transparency.”

10. Have an Aversion To

Used to express a strong dislike towards something specific.
Example: “She has an aversion to office gossip and always steers clear of it.”

11. Be Unable to Bear

Appropriate for something that one finds too difficult or painful to endure.
Example: “He is unable to bear inefficiency in the workflow and always seeks to optimize processes.”

12. Be Unable to Tolerate

Used for an inability to endure or accept a situation or behavior.
Example: “I am unable to tolerate any form of discrimination in the workplace.”

13. Feel Hostility Towards

Suitable for having a strong antagonistic feeling towards something.
Example: “She feels hostility towards any form of nepotism in company hiring practices.”

14. Feel Revulsion Towards

Appropriate for a strong feeling of disgust or repugnance.
Example: “I feel revulsion towards corrupt business practices that undermine fair competition.”

15. Have No Stomach For

Used when one is unable to deal with or confront something because it is too unpleasant or repugnant.
Example: “I have no stomach for unnecessary bureaucracy in administrative processes.”

Linda Brown