What Is Another Way to Say “Casing”?

Looking for synonyms for casing? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say casing.

  • Cover
  • Sheath
  • Housing
  • Enclosure
  • Wrapper
  • Sleeve
  • Shell
  • Jacket
  • Skin
  • Coat
  • Armor
  • Shroud
  • Envelope
  • Container
  • Wrap

Want to learn how to say casing professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Cover

Appropriate for a general protective layer or surface.
Example: “The machinery was fitted with a sturdy cover to protect its internal components.”

2. Sheath

Used for a close-fitting cover, typically for something elongated.
Example: “Each cable was secured in a flexible sheath for added durability.”

3. Housing

Suitable for a casing that encloses and protects a mechanical or electrical device.
Example: “The motor’s housing is designed to withstand high temperatures.”

4. Enclosure

Appropriate for a structure that surrounds or encloses something.
Example: “The company developed a custom enclosure for the outdoor equipment to prevent weather damage.”

5. Wrapper

Used for a cover, usually made of paper or plastic, that encases a product.
Example: “The product was delivered in a biodegradable wrapper to align with environmental standards.”

6. Sleeve

Suitable for a tubular piece that covers or protects something.
Example: “The wires were organized with a nylon sleeve for protection and neatness.”

7. Shell

Appropriate for a hard outer covering or framework.
Example: “The smartphone was equipped with a reinforced shell to prevent damage from drops.”

8. Jacket

Used for a cover or outer layer, especially for cables or pipes.
Example: “The pipeline’s jacket was designed to resist corrosion and external impact.”

9. Skin

Suitable for a thin outer layer or covering of an object.
Example: “The aircraft’s skin was meticulously checked for any signs of damage or wear.”

10. Coat

Appropriate for a layer or coating that covers something.
Example: “A protective coat was applied to the metal parts to prevent rusting.”

11. Armor

Used for a strong protective covering, often implying robustness.
Example: “The vehicle was fitted with armor to ensure safety in harsh field conditions.”

12. Shroud

Suitable for a covering that conceals or protects something.
Example: “The machinery was covered with a shroud during the renovation to prevent dust accumulation.”

13. Envelope

Appropriate for a covering or container that completely encloses something.
Example: “The satellite was equipped with a thermal envelope to protect it from extreme temperatures in space.”

14. Container

Used for a casing that holds or contains something, especially for storage or transport.
Example: “The sensitive equipment was shipped in a custom-designed container to ensure its safety during transit.”

15. Wrap

Suitable for a covering that is wrapped or folded around something.
Example: “The fragile items were secured with a cushioned wrap to prevent damage during handling.”

Linda Brown