What Is Another Way to Say “With This Being Said”?

Looking for synonyms for with this being said? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say with this being said.

  • Therefore
  • Consequently
  • Accordingly
  • As a result
  • Thus
  • Hence
  • So
  • For this reason
  • In light of this
  • Bearing this in mind
  • Given this
  • With that in mind
  • On this basis
  • In view of this
  • With this in mind
  • Considering this
  • In consideration of this
  • Taking this into account
  • On account of this
  • By virtue of this

Want to learn how to say with this being said professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Therefore

Used to introduce a logical conclusion or result based on the statement that precedes it.
Example: “The data shows a positive trend, therefore we should increase our investment.”

2. Consequently

Appropriate when indicating a result or outcome that follows logically from the preceding statement.
Example: “The project was underfunded; consequently, it suffered delays.”

3. Accordingly

Used to introduce a statement that is a logical response or conclusion to what has been mentioned.
Example: “Sales have doubled since last year; accordingly, we will expand the production line.”

4. As a result

Appropriate for linking a cause with its direct effect.
Example: “As a result of the new marketing strategy, our customer base has grown significantly.”

5. Thus

Used to indicate a logical conclusion or inference.
Example: “Our competitors are expanding, thus we must also innovate to stay ahead.”

6. Hence

Appropriate for drawing a conclusion based on something that has just been stated.
Example: “The market is shifting rapidly, hence the need for a more flexible business model.”

7. So

Used to introduce a conclusion that follows from the previous statement.
Example: “The demand is high, so we should increase our production capacity.”

8. For this reason

Appropriate when explaining the rationale or reasoning behind a decision or action.
Example: “For this reason, the company is focusing more on renewable energy sources.”

9. In light of this

Used to introduce a statement that is influenced by or based on a previous statement.
Example: “In light of this discovery, we need to revise our project approach.”

10. Bearing this in mind

Appropriate when considering or keeping in mind the previously mentioned information.
Example: “Bearing this in mind, we should tailor our services to better meet customer needs.”

11. Given this

Used when taking into account the information or situation just mentioned.
Example: “Given this feedback, we need to make significant changes to our plan.”

12. With that in mind

Appropriate for considering or remembering something when making a decision or thinking about a matter.
Example: “With that in mind, we should focus our efforts on more sustainable practices.”

13. On this basis

Used to indicate that the following statement is grounded on the preceding information.
Example: “On this basis, we can confidently predict a successful outcome for the project.”

14. In view of this

Appropriate for making a statement that considers what has just been mentioned.
Example: “In view of this data, we must adjust our strategy accordingly.”

15. With this in mind

Used to introduce a statement that directly considers or is influenced by the previous information.
Example: “With this in mind, we will allocate more resources to research and development.”

16. Considering this

Appropriate when taking into account the previously mentioned facts or details.
Example: “Considering this, it’s clear that we need to invest more in employee training.”

17. In consideration of this

Used to introduce a conclusion or action that takes into account the preceding information.
Example: “In consideration of this trend, we should diversify our product range.”

18. Taking this into account

Appropriate for indicating that the following statement or decision considers the previous information.
Example: “Taking this into account, our focus should be on enhancing digital infrastructure.”

19. On account of this

Used to indicate a response or decision based on what has previously been stated.
Example: “On account of this evidence, the committee decided to approve the proposal.”

20. By virtue of this

Appropriate for introducing a statement that follows as a result of what has been mentioned.
Example: “By virtue of this agreement, we will gain access to new international markets.”

Linda Brown