What Is Another Way to Say “Helped”?

Looking for synonyms for helped? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say helped.

  • Assisted
  • Aided
  • Supported
  • Facilitated
  • Contributed
  • Benefited
  • Served
  • Cooperated
  • Backed up
  • Boosted
  • Strengthened
  • Promoted
  • Enhanced
  • Relieved
  • Bolstered

Want to learn how to say helped professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Assisted

Appropriate Use: Refers to giving help or support, especially in a practical sense.
Example: “She assisted in organizing the company’s annual conference.”

2. Aided

Appropriate Use: To provide help or assistance, often in achieving a task.
Example: “The new software significantly aided in streamlining our workflow.”

3. Supported

Appropriate Use: To give assistance, encouragement, or backing to someone or something.
Example: “He supported the junior staff during the project’s critical phase.”

4. Facilitated

Appropriate Use: To make an action or process easier or more convenient.
Example: “The manager facilitated communication between the different departments.”

5. Contributed

Appropriate Use: To give something (such as time, effort, or resources) to help achieve or provide something.
Example: “Her insights greatly contributed to the success of the marketing campaign.”

6. Benefited

Appropriate Use: To have a beneficial effect on someone or something.
Example: “The training sessions benefited the team’s overall performance.”

7. Served

Appropriate Use: To be useful or of service to.
Example: “His expertise served the company well in the transition period.”

8. Cooperated

Appropriate Use: To work jointly towards a common end.
Example: “The two companies cooperated to achieve a common goal.”

9. Backed up

Appropriate Use: To provide support or reinforcement.
Example: “The IT specialist backed up all the important data before the system upgrade.”

10. Boosted

Appropriate Use: To help or encourage to increase or improve.
Example: “The positive feedback boosted the team’s morale.”

11. Strengthened

Appropriate Use: To make or become stronger.
Example: “The collaboration strengthened the relationship between the two departments.”

Appropriate Use: To support or actively encourage.
Example: “The initiative promoted innovation within the organization.”

13. Enhanced

Appropriate Use: To improve the quality, value, or extent of something.
Example: “Her contributions enhanced the effectiveness of the project.”

14. Relieved

Appropriate Use: To cause a lessening or alleviation of something burdensome or distressing.
Example: “His intervention relieved the team from unnecessary administrative tasks.”

15. Bolstered

Appropriate Use: To support, strengthen, or fortify.
Example: “The additional resources bolstered the success of the research project.”

Linda Brown