What Is Another Way to Say “At Risk”?

Looking for synonyms for at risk? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say at risk.

  • Endangered
  • Vulnerable
  • In jeopardy
  • In danger
  • Exposed
  • Threatened
  • At stake
  • Imperiled
  • In peril
  • On the line
  • Susceptible
  • Under threat
  • In harm’s way
  • Open to attack
  • Precarious
  • Unprotected
  • Risk-prone
  • In a vulnerable position
  • In the line of fire
  • On thin ice

Want to learn how to say at risk professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Endangered

Used to describe a situation where someone or something is facing a serious threat.

Example: “The endangered species in the area may not survive without immediate conservation efforts.”

2. Vulnerable

Appropriate for situations where there is susceptibility to harm or attack.

Example: “Without proper cybersecurity, our data is vulnerable to breaches.”

3. In Jeopardy

Used when someone or something is in a position of potential loss or danger.

Example: “The project is in jeopardy if we don’t meet the deadline.”

4. In Danger

Appropriate for situations where there is a threat of harm or adverse consequences.

Example: “Employees are in danger of exposure to harmful chemicals without proper safety gear.”

5. Exposed

Used to describe a state of being unprotected and potentially open to harm.

Example: “The unencrypted files left the company exposed to data theft.”

6. Threatened

Appropriate for situations where there is an imminent risk of harm or adverse effects.

Example: “The coastal areas are threatened by rising sea levels.”

7. At Stake

Used when something important is at risk of being lost or adversely affected.

Example: “Thousands of jobs are at stake if the factory closes.”

8. Imperiled

Appropriate for situations of serious and imminent danger.

Example: “The imperiled financial state of the company required immediate action.”

9. In Peril

Used to describe a situation of great danger or risk.

Example: “The crew was in peril during the severe storm at sea.”

10. On the Line

Appropriate when something is at risk, especially in a critical situation.

Example: “Their reputation is on the line with this high-profile project.”

11. Susceptible

Used to describe being likely to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing.

Example: “The outdated system is susceptible to technical failures.”

12. Under Threat

Appropriate for situations where there is an impending danger or risk.

Example: “The ancient monuments are under threat due to the new construction.”

13. In Harm’s Way

Used to describe being in a position where harm or danger is likely.

Example: “Journalists often put themselves in harm’s way to report the truth.”

14. Open to Attack

Appropriate for being vulnerable to criticism, challenge, or physical harm.

Example: “The network’s security vulnerabilities left it open to attack.”

15. Precarious

Used to describe a situation that is dangerously unstable or uncertain.

Example: “The company’s finances are in a precarious position.”

16. Unprotected

Appropriate for a situation where there is a lack of protection or defense.

Example: “The unprotected witnesses feared retaliation.”

17. Risk-prone

Used to describe a tendency to be exposed to risk or danger.

Example: “The risk-prone industry requires stringent safety measures.”

18. In a Vulnerable Position

Appropriate for being in a state where one is open to harm or attack.

Example: “The whistleblower found themselves in a vulnerable position.”

19. In the Line of Fire

Used to describe being in a position where one is likely to receive criticism or face danger.

Example: “The CEO was in the line of fire during the scandal.”

20. On Thin Ice

Appropriate for a situation where one is in a risky or dangerous position, especially in relation to behavior.

Example: “The manager is on thin ice with the board after the recent failures.”

Linda Brown