What Is Another Way to Say “Wake Up”?

Looking for synonyms for wake up? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say wake up.

  • Arise
  • Awaken
  • Rouse
  • Stir
  • Come to
  • Bestir
  • Waken
  • Revive
  • Get up
  • Emerge
  • Become alert
  • Come alive
  • Open one’s eyes
  • Shake off sleep
  • Regain consciousness
  • Spring to life
  • Return to the world
  • Come around
  • Snap out of it
  • Gain awareness

Want to learn how to say wake up professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Arise

Use when getting up from bed or starting to act.
Example: “He had to arise early for the important meeting.”

2. Awaken

Appropriate for coming out of sleep or making aware.
Example: “The news about the merger served to awaken interest among the shareholders.”

3. Rouse

Used when causing to stop sleeping or to become active.
Example: “The emergency drill was a sudden rouse for the night shift workers.”

4. Stir

Ideal for beginning to move or wake up.
Example: “The office began to stir as employees arrived for the day.”

5. Come to

Use when regaining consciousness or returning to a normal state.
Example: “After fainting, she quickly came to and resumed her presentation.”

6. Bestir

Appropriate for making oneself active or getting going.
Example: “He had to bestir himself early to prepare for the product launch.”

7. Waken

Used for waking up or causing to wake up.
Example: “The security alarm wakened the entire building.”

8. Revive

Ideal for regaining life, consciousness, or strength.
Example: “After a short break, the team revived and tackled the project with new energy.”

9. Get up

Use when rising from bed or a seated position.
Example: “She got up early to finish the report before the deadline.”

10. Emerge

Appropriate for coming out into view or becoming apparent.
Example: “New trends started to emerge in the industry.”

11. Become alert

Used when becoming fully aware or attentive.
Example: “The team became alert to the new challenges as the project progressed.”

12. Come alive

Ideal for becoming active or lively.
Example: “The conference room came alive with discussions and debates.”

13. Open one’s eyes

Use metaphorically for becoming aware of something.
Example: “The market analysis opened our eyes to new opportunities.”

14. Shake off sleep

Appropriate for quickly becoming fully awake and active.
Example: “She had to shake off sleep to prepare for the unexpected early meeting.”

15. Regain consciousness

Used when recovering awareness after being unconscious.
Example: “He quickly regained consciousness after the mild fainting episode during the workshop.”

16. Spring to life

Ideal for suddenly becoming active or lively.
Example: “The office sprang to life upon receiving news of the successful deal.”

17. Return to the world

Use metaphorically for becoming active and engaged after a period of inactivity.
Example: “After the holiday break, employees returned to the world of work with renewed vigor.”

18. Come around

Appropriate for changing one’s opinion or starting to feel better.
Example: “The CEO finally came around to the idea of remote working arrangements.”

19. Snap out of it

Used when quickly becoming alert or overcoming a state of distraction.
Example: “The project manager had to snap out of it to address the urgent issue.”

20. Gain awareness

Ideal for becoming conscious of something.
Example: “Through the training, employees gained awareness of the company’s new policies.”

Linda Brown