What Is Another Way to Say “Check Out”?

Looking for synonyms for check out? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say check out.

  • Examine
  • Inspect
  • Investigate
  • Look over
  • Review
  • Analyze
  • Scan
  • Assess
  • Survey
  • Scrutinize
  • Peruse
  • Study
  • Observe
  • Explore
  • Evaluate
  • Audit
  • Appraise
  • Probe
  • Consider
  • Vet

Want to learn how to say check out professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Examine

Used for a detailed inspection or analysis.

Example: “The engineer will examine the equipment to determine the cause of the malfunction.”

2. Inspect

Appropriate for a thorough and formal evaluation.

Example: “Please inspect the construction site for any safety violations.”

3. Investigate

Used when looking into something systematically or in detail.

Example: “The team was tasked to investigate the market potential for the new product.”

4. Look over

Appropriate for a general, less formal examination.

Example: “Could you look over the report and provide your feedback?”

5. Review

Used for examining or assessing something, often with the intention to make changes.

Example: “The committee will review the proposal before making a decision.”

6. Analyze

Appropriate for examining something methodically and in detail.

Example: “We need to analyze the data to understand customer behavior.”

7. Scan

Used for quickly looking over something to get an overall impression.

Example: “I’ll scan the document for any major issues.”

8. Assess

Appropriate for evaluating or estimating the nature, ability, or quality of something.

Example: “The consultant will assess the company’s financial health.”

9. Survey

Used for a comprehensive inspection or analysis of a situation or area.

Example: “We conducted a survey to gauge employee satisfaction.”

10. Scrutinize

Appropriate for examining something in great detail and very critically.

Example: “The contract was scrutinized for any clauses that could be problematic.”

11. Peruse

Used for reading or examining something, typically in a thorough or leisurely way.

Example: “Please peruse the manual carefully before operating the machinery.”

12. Study

Appropriate for a detailed examination and analysis.

Example: “The researcher will study the effects of the new drug.”

13. Observe

Used to carefully watch, monitor, or record something.

Example: “The supervisor will observe the workflow to identify areas for improvement.”

14. Explore

Appropriate for investigating or examining something in detail.

Example: “We need to explore all potential solutions to this problem.”

15. Evaluate

Used for forming an idea of the amount, number, or value of something.

Example: “The performance of each team member will be evaluated at the end of the year.”

16. Audit

Appropriate for an official examination, especially of financial accounts.

Example: “An external firm was hired to audit the company’s financial records.”

17. Appraise

Used for assessing the value or quality of something.

Example: “The specialist will appraise the antique furniture for insurance purposes.”

18. Probe

Appropriate for a thorough investigation into something, often to uncover information.

Example: “The journalist will probe into the allegations of corruption.”

19. Consider

Used for thinking carefully about something, typically before making a decision.

Example: “The board will consider all options before finalizing the strategy.”

20. Vet

Appropriate for making a careful and critical examination of something.

Example: “The committee will vet all candidates before the interview process.”

Linda Brown